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Superfoods, Superherbs and Super Immunity

When the body has too much to deal with, it stops being able to get rid of its waste efficiently. Fortunately, our immune system can be improved and empowered. A great surge of research is showing that within an empowered immune system are the health solutions and longevity answers we’re looking for.

2012, Climate Change and Permaculture

Shamans and scholars tell us that the close of this
great cycle of the Mayan calendar is not the cue for apocalypse but
rather a new beginning. Yet scientists are now predicting a 4 degree temperature
rise, which will indeed mean the end of civilization as we know it, if
not of human life on earth.  The time we live in is a crucial turning point.  What can we do?

How I Tested the Boundaries of the Two-Party Tyranny

For six weeks in early 2012 I ran for the office of President of the
United States of America.  I was accepted by the Reform Party, created We the
People Reform Coalition, and wrote letters to every single candidate
for President.  This is my report.

Making Cities Smarter Than Their Bankers

The banking
system encircles and ensnares people, buildings and environments,
defining cities, credit-rating some higher, no matter their quality of
life, infrastructure buffers or exposure. This article explores technologies for smart cities to use the system
to better advantage, through more coherent measures, innovation policies
and incentives for livability.

In Goddess We Trust: America’s Spiritual Crossroads

As the world moves into unprecedented upheaval, people turn to spiritual matters to
ease their fears. A case can be made that our
solely patriarchal ideas about the transcendent have been responsible
for many of the ills currently facing our society. Perhaps we need a reaffirmation of allegiance to
our nation's forgotten Goddess.

Response to Charles Eisenstein’s Critique of THRIVE

Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics, has
written a critique
of my film THRIVE: What on Earth Will It Take? that has engendered much discussion. I
welcome this opportunity to have a broad and public conversation to look more
deeply into some very important issues that he and THRIVE raise.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 16, Transition to Gift Economy (Pt.17)

The new
exchange systems we are exploring blur the boundary between the monetary and
nonmonetary realms and therefore the standard definition of the "economy." How would we
measure it in the absence of a common unit of account? Ultimately, underneath money, is the totality of what
human beings do for each other.

Peace Education

The main challenge for
peace educators is to become genuine examples to the children. When we have cultivated the art of being at peace, we will be able to
meet the children without judgment, without fear. Teaching thus becomes a spiritual issue, a process of

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