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Original Wealth and People’s Capitalism

While England and the other European nations saw exploitation as the natural scheme of things, America’s founders had a more enlightened understanding of how to thrive without exploiting or being exploited. What if each nation had a mission for maximizing happiness in the world, in its own unique way?

Glory in the Highest (Part Two)

I'm arguing against the grain, compiling evidence that the cynics' hypothesis is a delusion. I'm insisting that we are not pitiable actors in the most hellish chapter in history. I'm even inclined to entertain the possibility that the re…

The Secessionist Option: Why Now?

In the end, we Americans have been burned. Now it's time to waken. Our dream has ended. It's time to make a new story to guide us forward. In Vermont, many think that secession is the birth channel for that new narrative.

Money and the Turning of the Age

It is time to enter into a new story, and a new kind of money that embodies it. We are in the midst of a transition parallel to an adolescent's transition into adulthood, when physical growth ceases, and vital resources turn inward to foster growth in other realms.

True Punk: Everything I Say Is a Lie

Two broad streams feed into punk. One is the African stream that since the mid 19th
century has been a wellspring of American popular musics. The other is the
avant-garde stream that since the late 19th century has blurred
the boundaries between art and …

Knowledge Reigns Supreme

"Each One, Teach One" is the lesson of the day at The Optimus Academy, a NYC mentoring program rooted in the elements of Hip-Hop. Bear witness to the rise of the B-Boy/B-Grrrl Teacher.

Shifting to a Psychedelic World Culture

This year's World Psychedelic Forum was a massive, beautifully organized affair attended by more than 1,900 people from 37 countries. Topics ranged from cognitive enhancement to aesthetics and art, with speakers including Rick Doblin, Kathleen Harrison, and Dennis McKenna. [videos]

Waiting for the Big One

Why is there such a longing for "the Big One" – the earth-shattering, unmistakable shift? Doomsday predictions resonate deeply within the human psyche.

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