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The original Santa might have been an Amanita muscaria mushroom shaman. Read all about the Santa Shaman and discover untold Christmas origin stories.
This article traces the origins of the Christmas Tree through its pagan roots to the yggdrasil, the cosmic tree of life in Norse mythology.
This week, Walmart came under fire for a "Let it Snow" Christmas sweater depicting Santa with lines of cocaine. Columbia is not merry about it.
Musician David Starfire speaks to Keyframe about his new musical creation Future Self, featuring remixes with SWOON and Dissolv, and upcoming shows.
A shaman is marching 8,000 kilometers to expel Putin, who he believes is a manifestation of dark forces, in order to save Russian from ruin.
What made a Rottweiler rushing ahead of its owner into a crop circle suddenly stop dead, roll over, and fall asleep just before it reached a terrified woman sitting meditating in the center?
Wade Davis, anthropologist and best-selling author, known for his work among indigenous communities in the Amazon, has written on topics ranging from Haitian voodoo to our current climate crisis.
Back in the day, people feared that grandmama might fall victim to a familiar masquerading as a cat or fly. Now, we fear that grandma will fall prey to fake news or a scam spread by a bot. Familiar Shapes, a documentary in production by Heather D. Freeman, explores surprising similarities between bots and familiars.
You awaken from uneasy dreams and reach for your smartphone, its myriad pixels illuminating within Gorilla glass and screen-protective laminates as your awareness resumes inside the Facebook Matrix.
From living next door to the Grateful Dead to a 80s new wave band with iconic guitarist Nels Cline to the psychedelic music, and spoken word stream Radio EarthRites to famed acid blotter art, Gwyllm Lwydd exemplifies a certain kind of renaissance man receiving too little attention in the media, and perhaps in history as well.

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