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At Home in the Dark: Interview with Director Charles Shaw

This is a conversation with Director, Author and Activist Charles Shaw about his current project, “At Home in the Dark: a film about trauma and PTSD” which relates personal journeys towards healing as shared by individuals from New York, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Ibiza.

Snake Medicine: How Shamanism Heals

Animistic perspectives, which hold the cosmos as “a being to whom prayers and offerings are made, who is endowed with understanding, agency and sentience, and responds to the actions of humans,” are often dismissed as primitive, yet this account of a healing within the shamanic traditions of the Native American Church and the vegetalistas of the Peruvian Amazon reminds us of how profound healing can be when it arises from indigenous perception of a sentient, living cosmos.

Japanese Media and Psychedelic Yokai

The popularity of monster hunting culture in the demon blood-soaked West comes from its prehistoric psychedelic origins, when our ancestors freely indulged in visionary plants and found themselves living in the enchanted world of laughing fairies.

Wrong Yoda Was: The Force of Fear

We see in the original Jedi Code an acknowledgment of things like emotion, ignorance, passion, chaos, and death, yet they are to be transcended in order to maintain a state of peace, serenity, harmony, and oneness with the Force.

The madness of falling in love

I remember when he raced up six flights of stairs, twenty minutes after we had parted, knocking on my door, breathless, to give me the gift of a strange potted plant with rubbery, green flowers. I thought the plant was ugly, but found the gesture beautiful.

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