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Dick’s Shamanic Healing

[Must Not Sleep] • "My mouth touching his chest, I started sucking out the garbage trapped in his heart. I sucked out one image after another and spat them into space until finally nothing remained." The final episode of the novel Must Not Sleep, a transformative ride through shamanic space.


Christopher Williams

[RS Gallery] • Christopher Williams has been devoted to performing and crafting choreographic works in New York City and abroad since 1999. A curious alchemist who naturally dissolves boundaries between various art forms, he has developed a unique style that dovetails rather than eclipses experimental dance with visual art, theater, puppetry, and music.


The Gifts of Boredom

When you make a spiritual practice of boredom, you are creating new neural pathways that allow you to relate to unpleasant stimuli in new ways. The point is to use boredom as a gateway to pure awareness.

Souldish NYC Events 11/21 – 11/27

This week New Yorkers can read between the crop circles, learn rhetoric for radicals, share in some sexy eye gazing, honor the sacred hoop of the North, eat some wild vegan treats, and sweat to electro-house beats.    Remember to email me your events: salma(at)souldish(dot)com.

Until next week,



Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

I talked with the authors of Dying to Get High: Marijuana as Medicine, about medical marijuana's side effects, such as forgiveness, joie de vivre, and personal transformation.

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True Punk: Everything I Say Is a Lie

Two broad streams feed into punk. One is the African stream that since the mid 19th
century has been a wellspring of American popular musics. The other is the
avant-garde stream that since the late 19th century has blurred
the boundaries between art and …

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I Have A Dream Too

Last night I woke up, startled by a B-grade racist dream. It began with me walking down a street, and then I'm making a racist remark about Senator Obama. The dream showed me confronting my shadow. Everyone is having this type of experience right now. It's happening across the culture.


All Hallows Eve

Halloween has roots in the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhuinn, a time of no-time, when order and structure were abolished, when chaos could reign.

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Everybody’s Political What’s What

At this point in American history, the interests of the few have vastly outstripped not only those of the many, but those of the common good. There is an imbalance, and it is going to be corrected.


Too Much Fun?

I think we're meant to stop having fun, at some point, because of a sense of deeper responsibilities. And yet, I still find myself making choices that lead to more juiciness. On good days, I am at peace with this decision.

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