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Hands Z

Hands of Light: The Healing Work of Brennan Healing Science

Combining psychic skills with physical skills is powerful. The client is affected cellularly, energetically, emotionally and mentally. As the client begins to trust the healer, the environment is set for them to go into their deeper feelings, opening the space to receive more authentic love.

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Finding Peace Between Our Sheets

What if one of the largest problems plaguing romantic relationships on the planet is so simple, so subtle, that it can happen 2 or 3 times in one night? In this RS interview I talk to Peace Between the Sheets author Marnia Robinson about why she believes orgasm addiction is responsible for relationship dis-eases.


Fourth-Level Digital Dharma: The Broken Heart of Television

At the fourth level of the digital dharma path, values are held at the heart chakra. This center's work is to integrate the reality of life's
limitations with our dreams of a world of unconditional love. Out in the
Infosphere, these are the same polarities held for us by the medium of

Nietzsche (Ph 5)

Bad Boy Nietzsche: A Play

Friedrich Nietzche "is a man who sees the darkness, where other people think there is a light still shining." The story begins with the philosopher collapsing when he sees a horse being beaten on the street, and explodes as characters identified as the Child, the Cruel Man, and the Beautiful Woman enter the scene. The full text of this "mesmerizing tragicomic fantasia of a play" (The New York Times).


Sixth-Level Digital Dharma: Seeing Deeper, Seeing Wider

Sixth-level thinking is by its nature holographic, holding all levels of the "meta-universe" in awareness and appreciation; it is free to see deeper, to tune across the whole range of consciousness. Now new media technologies can lead to this higher state of awareness.

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