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Somewhere Inside the Rainbow

This year, Radiohead showed us that digital sales empower artists. They also forced the question: Why are we so concerned with the fiscal status of superstars?


Call of The Ringing Cedars

Earth consciousness is rising in Russia, inspired by a collection of books called The Ringing Cedars Series. Purportedly the true account of entrepreneur Vladimir Megre's spiritual awakening during a trip to the Siberian wilderness, the bestselling books are part of a growing eco-village movement – an eco-culture where each person seeks to fulfill his or her role as a Divine Co-Creator.


Gringo Ayahuasca: Meet Carlos Tanner

The debate over westerners and Ayahuasca retreat centers in Iquitos has heated up since the Peruvian Government has begun proposing legislation that would demand that local shamans be certified. After drinking Ayahuasca in Iquitos this past month, I interviewed another lodge owner, Carlos Tanner. We spoke about how the west is beginning to influence traditional Ayahuasca medicine practice in Peru.


Transition Town: A Tonic for the Peak Oil Blues

The days of cheap and plentiful oil are ending, perhaps sooner than we'd like to imagine. To confront the impending crisis known as Peak Oil, communities in the UK have developed models of sustainable local living called Transition Towns. Behind their strategy is the belief that with cooperation and creativity, and under a well-designed civic plan, the future without oil could be preferable to the present.

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Here Comes the Sun

Researchers combine Buckyballs and carbon nanotubes to create organic solar cells that you "paint" onto surfaces.

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Multiple-Choice Reality

Early this month, two sets of photos hit the Internet claiming to be the clearest images of UFOs ever recorded. The furious and multifaceted debate over the authenticity of these photos expresses a crucial turning point in our consciousness: We have learned how to obfuscate reality so well through media technology that it is no longer possible to definitively determine what is "real."


Magickal Healing: Talking with Kala Trobe

The award-winning author and metaphysician reflects upon feminism, New Orleans, Hinduism and how her esoteric concerns have fed her professional life as a novelist, non-fiction writer, and Tarot reader.

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