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An MRI Scanner Darkly

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Ivan “Chip” Frederick, the 40 year-old son of a coalminer and a homemaker from Oakland, Maryland, describes his mother as supportive and caring, and his father as very good to him. All of his life he has attended Baptist church services, and to this day considers himself a spiritual and moral person. But in 2003, Frederick attached electrodes to the left hand of Satar Jabar, the Iraqi prisoner whose hooded spectral image was to become the iconic representation of Abu Ghraib’s atrocious descent into hell. Under Frederick’s watch, prison guards observed or directly participated in the torture or humiliation of numerous prisoners. What drove him into barbarism?

Resurrecting Sophia: John Lash Podcasts

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Hear Lash chat with Joanna Harcourt: "If we can develop Gaia theory in a Gnostic perspective, we have the best chance for a course correction on the planet today."

Party with A Plan in Philly

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Have you heard about The Philadelphia Experiment? No, not that twisted bit of occult paranoia involving extraterrestrials, space-time teleportation, and the US Navy. This Philadelphia Experiment is an arts collective that has embraced the community and philosophy of Burning Man, and has launched an inspired new scene in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Path of Pain: Spiritual BDSM

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Kink. Sadomasochism. Bondage. Dominance and submission. In mainstream society, these things are often associated with a kind of wink-wink nudge-nudge secret sexuality, uncharted territory that surely lies just beyond the fuzzy pink handcuffs and nurses'-uniform lingerie. Within the world of spiritual BDSM practitioners, however, these activities are far from a novelty. 

Transforming Repression of The Divine Feminine


Imagine what the world would look like if there were millions of women who were anchors of ecstatic bliss energy. Imagine millions of women eschewing convention and walking their path towards their authentic nature, letting go the norms of social conformity in favor of following their heart bliss. Imagine if the world was filled with juicy mamas who love to be loved, and love to get loved on. We would live in a world where the top priority is to take care of each other, because taking care of each other is taking care of the whole.

Time for An Upgrade

Moses 2.0

Moses 1.0 – best known as the "5 Books of Moses" – are a set of instructions that are followed by the machine we call society. These instructions are meant to cause that machine to exhibit a set of desirable behaviors and functions. But we know that usage is dropping off. What will make the product more appealing to today’s sophisticated user base?

A World-Altering Paradigm Shift

Electric Jesus 1

[The Electric Jesus] •What does one do after leading an “American Revel-ution” in the largest protest ever against a political convention? Facing a second term of the Bush administration, I decided to abandon electoral politics in search of a “Galileo-type paradigm shift.” In this first podcast of “The Electric Jesus,” I describe the night my world turned upside-down, the strange possibilities of string theory, the meaning of gnosis, and the importance of taking back the mystical Jesus. I also ask you to join this journey by describing your “first titanic aha moment” involving energy work – or for that matter – any major shift in your perception of the world.


Gaia vs. The Off-Planet Father


If there is any real prospect of recovering and reviving Gnosis today, it will require looking closely at problems endemic to the Piscean Age, which the telestai were unable to solve, or denied the opportunity to solve. Deep ecology may well find the spiritual and mythic dimension it lacks in the Sophianic vision of the Mysteries. I cannot predict how this will happen, or even if it will happen, but I can offer a rough sketch of the conditions required for it to happen.

Science Of Soul

DNA John Jay

[Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century] •After-Death Communication (ADC) is the official term now given to what happened to me spontaneously in June 1988 where I was contacted by a “deceased” federal government physicist colleague, George Viguet (pronounced vee-gay). My friend had “died” prematurely at age 40 from a sudden cardiac arrest seven months previously in Huntsville, Alabama, but appeared suddenly “out-of-the-blue” one morning and that invoked a state of trance in me. I slipped into a very unique consciousness that was full-of-information about life and death in fact.

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