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Psychoactive Vibes

Explore humanity’s unfolding understanding of the relationship between physical waves and states of consciousness.


Making Love, Divinity-Style

If you could make love, have sweaty sublime sex, get down and dirty with any past spiritual teacher, deity, angel, god or goddess in the entire universe, who would it be and why?

A Tale of Tantric Initiation

For those just emerging into the first, delicate stages of sexual exploration and maturation, there are few or zero resources readily available for quality teachings, healing, and rites of passage. I marvel that the young man found me. I'm certainly not in the yellow pages.


Trance Dance: Are You Ready for Some Ecstasy?

In the full throes of ecstatic trance the body can shake and convulse almost uncontrollably, and the contemporary seeker experiences a quality of bliss, connection and healing that few other activities can offer. Trance dance practices from the oldest extant cultures in the world allow us to see beyond common appearances into a realm language and thought cannot touch.

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Party with A Plan in Philly

Have you heard about The Philadelphia Experiment? No, not that twisted bit of occult paranoia involving extraterrestrials, space-time teleportation, and the US Navy. This Philadelphia Experiment is an arts collective that has embraced the community and philosophy of Burning Man, and has launched an inspired new scene in the City of Brotherly Love.

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