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Evolving Toward Local Credits

The tidal wave of globalization smashes all but the biggest boats. Local communities can regain control over their own welfare by encouraging human solidarity and private, voluntary initiative and creativity. The first step is to organize regional mutual credit clearing associations.

Masculine Spiritualities and the Problem of Patriarchy

Since the 1990s there's been much interest in a "masculine spirituality" that offers little more than a thinly veiled patriarchal spirituality. The mythopoetic, evangelical, and Catholic men's movements all promote it, in various forms. Can we envision a masculine spirituality that resists old, patriarchal tendencies?

What is Economic Activism?

We need to be activists in the economy as well as in politics and the environment. We can use our money and skills to promote humanistic values on all levels of society.

Jesus, Marx, and Spiritual Economics

The Twelve Tribes were funky Christian Marxists who "worked like capitalists, but divided the money like communists." Although they had each taken a vow of poverty, they somehow managed to have "an abundance of everything."

Midwifery and Magic in Uganda

Working in Uganda raised new security issues, and our clinic was targeted. It's tricky to defend yourself in a society that turns to fire sorcery to settle scores.

Propaganda as Institutional Self-Deception

Over time, even the slickest propaganda cannot hide murder, torture, or illegality, especially when a global society is increasingly transparent. But we often forget that propaganda makers are susceptible to their own deceptions.

Animating These Post Modern Times

Daniel Pinchbeck's animated short "Toward 2012" has led to "Post Modern Times," a series of 10 webisodes that promotes a new understanding of our world, highlighting practical tools and visionary techniques for a sustainable future. Think "The Simpsons" meets Buckminster Fuller and Aldous Huxley. A conversation with the filmmakers, Joao Amorim and Nikos Katsaounis.

An Urban Implosion

Paolo Soleri's urban laboratory, Arcosanti, fuses visionary architecture and ecology.

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