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Collapse and Elections: My Lessons from Katrina

While my long-term vision is a world of empowered, decentralized communities in charge of their own destinies, there's a short term problem we desperately need to address: completely transforming our technology, our energy infrastructure, our economy, our food, manufacturing and transportation systems to a zero carbon basis, and doing it in a way that furthers social justice. I don't think Obama will be our savior. But if he's elected, the wind will shift.


Construct Your Future

Superstruct, the world's first massive multiplayer online forecasting game has launched.  Your mission: imagine the world in 2019.

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Money: A New Beginning

Money has turned abundance into scarcity. Not money per se, only
the kind of money we use today, the kind of money that is evaporating as we
speak, money with a very special characteristic that ensures its eventual

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