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Shifting to a Psychedelic World Culture

This year's World Psychedelic Forum was a massive, beautifully organized affair attended by more than 1,900 people from 37 countries. Topics ranged from cognitive enhancement to aesthetics and art, with speakers including Rick Doblin, Kathleen Harrison, and Dennis McKenna. [videos]

Exorcising Christ from Christianity

My favorite theology professor from college recently wrote a book
called The Myth of a Christian Nation: Why the Quest for Political
Power is Destroying the Church. After meeting Christ in an Ayahuasca ceremony, if I
were to write a similar book, I would call
it, The Myth of a Christian Church: Why the Historical Jesus Should
be Exorcised from Christianity.

Yeats, the Magical Visionary

William Butler Yeats was fascinated by the mystical and invisible dimensions of life and consciousness, much to the chagrin of his contemporaries, who thought he was a little off.

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