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Garden Like a Pirate

To the landless urban farmer, every vacant lot, parkway, office building planter and apartment courtyard is a potential cornfield, orchard or vegetable patch.

Operation Organization: Body Be Rolfed

I was Rolfed after having spent nearly a decade in a blur of body pain. I expected temporary relief of my symptoms from the depth of the work, and instead found a permanent shift in my life experience.

Psychoactive Vibes

Explore humanity’s unfolding understanding of the relationship between physical waves and states of consciousness.

Google and the Myceliation of Consciousness

Let me introduce myself. I am RoseRose, doing business on Google Earth 2007 as an alien paleoanthropologist from another timeframe, studying the heirloom code of Homo Sapiens. I’m focusing on your critical position at the beginning of the psychedelic age, with the emergence of the first psychedelically informed superpower: Google.

Yeats, the Magical Visionary

William Butler Yeats was fascinated by the mystical and invisible dimensions of life and consciousness, much to the chagrin of his contemporaries, who thought he was a little off.

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