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Souldish NYC Events: February 7-12

This week discover Psytrance, CoSM New Moon, Goddess Circle, Hip-Gnosis, Drum Circle, Dances of Vice, Dance of Liberation, Free Media, Nour’s Dream and One.

ufo lights

Broadcasting the Other

On January 8th, dozens of people in the small town of Stephenville, Texas witnessed a mysterious phenomenon in the evening sky – intensely bright lights that many believe were a UFO. Yet stranger still was the media frenzy that followed. Is the sudden mainstream interest in UFOs a sign of something deeper emerging in the public consciousness?


That Music You Like—What Brand is That?

Is music "the religion of humanity," or is it just another commodity? And what happens when the situation is so indistinguishable from its shadow that separating the sincerity from the sale becomes impossible?