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Report From OWS: The Global Conversation Begins

These personal accounts capture life at Zuccotti Park, as experienced by a young Civil Rights attorney and mother who arrived at the Occupy Wall Street protests a skeptic, but who was quickly pulled in by the excitement of witnessing a new movement being birthed.

What We Saw at the Truth Gathering

Truth Gathering was a confluence of people with many different perspectives on
all the problems of the world, shining a beacon of truth deep into our history and far into the future, all focused through
the lens of 9/11 truth. The image that is forming is how we can imagine waking up and truly, finally,
getting our collective act together on a global scale.

A Conversation with Andrew Harvey

If we can create the mystical crucible strong enough to
stand the horror of facing our collective and individual shadows, then the depth of our depravity and enslavement might provide, through the mystery
of grace, a glimpse of the divine light that is unbearably intense at this moment, and is trying to make us wake up and claim responsibility
for our transformation.

The Secessionist Option: Why Now?

In the end, we Americans have been burned. Now it's time to waken. Our dream has ended. It's time to make a new story to guide us forward. In Vermont, many think that secession is the birth channel for that new narrative.

The Political Economy of Peer Production

The P2P (peer-to-peer) revolution didn't end with Napster. P2P is giving rise to a new mode of production, a new mode of governance, and a new mode of property. It is poised to overhaul our political economy in unprecedented ways.

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