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The Evolution of Transformation

Prior to embracing the Mayan calendar, the author and art historian José Argüelles once espoused that a collective shift in consciousness would come in the form of a new archetypal language. The author and botanist Terence McKenna made similar connections. Is that language now in formation?


Debugging the Noosphere

It looks like the noosphere is an idea whose time has come, and it may well be the idea that defines its time, and frames the time ahead. But is it a good idea? Is it a viable, sound idea in social, spiritual, and evolutionary terms? Widespread enthusiasm about the noosphere dominates the discussion over its importance.


Trance Dance: Are You Ready for Some Ecstasy?

In the full throes of ecstatic trance the body can shake and convulse almost uncontrollably, and the contemporary seeker experiences a quality of bliss, connection and healing that few other activities can offer. Trance dance practices from the oldest extant cultures in the world allow us to see beyond common appearances into a realm language and thought cannot touch.