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You’re Doing It Wrong

My friend, you cannot escape doing it wrong. And of course, being, like you, a part of American culture, neither can I. There is an Ogallala aquifer of guilt sitting a few inches below the surface of the American psyche.

The Taste of a Miracle

Taste tests showed that people preferred the miracle fruit versions of sweet treats to the sugared and artificially sweetened varieties. Just when it seemed that the miracle fruit might help eliminate the diabetes epidemic, the corporate espionage started.

Entheogenic Spirituality as a Human Right

U.S. law sees "freedom of religion" as referring primarily to the freedom to believe and secondarily to the freedom to practice. However, something sorely missing from our legal protections is any recognition of the significance of direct spiritual experience itself, including with sacred plants.

Why Mrs. Blake Cried

In William Blake's Sexual Path to Spiritual Vision, Marsha Keith Schuchard makes a strange and compelling case that Blake's imaginative universe was deeply shaped by a thriving London subculture of spiritual sexuality.

Souldish NYC Events: January 18 – 23

This week New Yorkers can discover Parashakti, Erotic Poetry, Sitar with Dawoud, Planet 6362, Shahrazad's Showcase, East West Movie Night, Quantum Healing, Earthen Gardens and more.

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