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What Now, America?

What Now, America? 0

Is the Wall Street economic meltdown gearing us up for a food crisis? Or, will we find our way to a better world with values and nutrients as our arsenal?

What is Economic Activism?


We need to be activists in the economy as well as in politics and the environment. We can use our money and skills to promote humanistic values on all levels of society.

Playing Doctor: Herbal Medicine in A New World Economy

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Plants have been used for thousands of years to treat and cure illnesses, but in modern America, we're dissuaded from these proven methods by the interests of multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. Is all that about to change?

Writing Source Code for Democracy

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Our form of democracy is essentially a product of cutting-edge 18th century technology. If we re-wrote the Constitution from scratch, how would we use computers and the Internet to collaborate, manage our resources, and govern ourselves?

The Miracle of Self-Creation

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To improve ourselves, we pledge to have more self-control. But the effort at self-control is a program of reward and punishment, incentive and threat. Experience tells us that it does not work. And the reason it does not work is that human beings are not meant to be slaves. 

Dear America, Are You Really Going To Eat That?

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Calls to “be green” send mixed messages and leave consumers confused about their choices and, most importantly, their own health. Box after box of “organic” foods line the Whole Foods aisles, boasting claims that may or may not be accurate.

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