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Spiritual Boot Camp

[Pilgrimage to Nowhere] • With the beautiful view, all meals provided, and the programmed group activities, it almost felt like a resort. But the only sport here was pantomime walking; the only relaxation, brute force sitting… With its rough lodgings and reveille at 4 a.m., Doi Suthep felt more like a Buddhist army barracks – a boot camp for the mind. But what army would make head-shaving optional?

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Biofuels and the Rise of Nationalistic Environmentalism

Democracy as we know it will soon fall at the feet of a
nationalistic environmentalism, a movement that may include the destruction of
the global poor among its methods of achieving "sustainability." If
the current rate of biofuels expansion continues, ethanol plants will be
using almost all of the U.S. corn crop within 5-7 years.

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Family Doin’s

"What about it, Mister Healer-Dealer? Can you strut
your healin' stuff? Got me a bad knee, shoulder ain't right, arrowhead been
stuck in my leg for ten years, teeth gone or rotten, sluice line to my gut
plugged up. Not only that, but I'm spiteful with bad notions." A story from the new novel, The Drop Edge of Yonder.


Stop. Hey. What’s That Sound?

In the mind, sound is not so neatly sectioned off from space, touch, words, or image. One bleeds into the next, slipping and sliding in a spiral of associations. Digital media has already begun to reflect qualities of consciousness that had been beyond the means of artists to capture. In coming years, this will only accelerate.

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Pilgrimage to Nowhere

Like any half-literate member of the counterculture, I was theoretically part Buddhist. So I went to a Thai monastery to see what would happen sitting in silence day after day after day. Would I walk out of this spiritual boot camp slightly more realized, slightly more adult?

Gnosis: The Not-So Secret History of Jesus

Gnosis: The Not-So Secret History of Jesus

[The Electric Jesus] • Christianity originated in mystery schools where the rites of baptism, annointing, communion, and resurrection led initiates on a sacred path to inner knowing. But a sadistic emperor, literalist churches and 2,000 years of bad translations have covered up the origins of the greatest story yet to be told.

Nietzsche (Ph 5)

Bad Boy Nietzsche: A Play

Friedrich Nietzche "is a man who sees the darkness, where other people think there is a light still shining." The story begins with the philosopher collapsing when he sees a horse being beaten on the street, and explodes as characters identified as the Child, the Cruel Man, and the Beautiful Woman enter the scene. The full text of this "mesmerizing tragicomic fantasia of a play" (The New York Times).

Bluetech @ LIB '07 web

Lightning Strikes Thrice

The LA-based art collective The Do LaB is returning for a third straight year with “Lightning in a Bottle," one of the most innovative eco-festivals around.


Just What Is Love, Anyway?

Romantic, unrequited, codependent or familial – it's all love. But why do we believe one thing about love with one corner of the mind and something very different with another?

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