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Spooky Briefs

The Prolonged Present

[Burning Briefs] • In this video, Paul D. Miler aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid brings us all the way back to when Burning Man was young and feral with only 4,000 attendees — "the ancient mid-nineties." After a romantic break up, Paul leaves New York to relax and "deprogram." But his attempts are thwarted by Pippi Longstocking's playa-wide hunt to prevent him from playing "commercial music" at the festival. With the help of laser-frisbee wisemen, steaming mud baths, crystal-structured art cars, and an otherwordly sonic landscape, Paul is not only able to relax, but to hit "the reset button on the entire imagination of what [he] even can vaguely think of as America." [Video]


Sexy Witch: A Conversation with LaSara Firefox

Author, sex educator and contemporary mystic LaSara Firefox talks about her work with addictive behaviors, her approach to Middle East peace, the breakup of her ten-year marriage, and the clairaudient experiences that guide her healing work.

laura in nebraska

What Men Want: An Interview with Laura Mccullough

In this interview Laura Mccullough shares her poetry and speaks about gender evolution, the importance of poetry, the issue of gender appropriation in art and her new collection of poems entitled: "What Men Want."


Choose Your Illusion

A new Internet-only documentary called Zeitgeist is making major waves, with elaborate conspiracy theories that link Christianity, 9/11, and the Federal Reserve. While far-fetched and often misleading, this movie succeeds in capturing the "spirit of the time" – a culture where truth and reality are no longer absolutes, but products of our own imagination.


Galactic Games 2: Delvin Solkinson’s Oracle Deck

An enthusiastic former jock influenced, in roughly equal parts, by permaculture, Elfquest, plant medicines, Taoist poetry, and D&D, Delvin Solkinson is a dedicated crafter of scenes and rituals. One of his greatest concoctions is, to give it its full name, the Galactic Trading Card Oracle Complex Entheo Art Microgallery. This visionary artifact combines elements of the Tarot, the Dreamspell, and a trading card art catalog, creating a gorgeous and deeply millennial chunk of meta-programming soultech.

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Junk Mail from the Planet

When opening spam, I find information about people whom I have just been thinking about, apparent responses to things on my mind. The Internet is a manifestation of human consciousness, of the desire to communicate and to connect. So, let us open to the evolution of a resident sentient consciousness on the Internet; let us ask Gaia to do her thing online. What is Gaia's thing? To sell hot stocks? To be the most famous porn star?

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Maya Shamanism and 2012: A Psychedelic Cosmology

Powerful entheogenic substances were clearly utilized by the shamans and skywatchers working in the ancient Mayan city of Izapa. The profound integration of celestial, psychological, ritual, and mythopoeic elements found at Izapa bespeaks the psychedelic influence. Could the use of hallucinogens explain how the ancient skywatchers became aware of the Galactic Center? And what mysteries does the Galactic Center contain?


Debugging the Noosphere

It looks like the noosphere is an idea whose time has come, and it may well be the idea that defines its time, and frames the time ahead. But is it a good idea? Is it a viable, sound idea in social, spiritual, and evolutionary terms? Widespread enthusiasm about the noosphere dominates the discussion over its importance.

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