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Previewing the Full Moon and the Sun into Sagittarius

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The Sun is moving into Sagittarius just as the Full Moon in Gemini is coming through.

Here’s what to watch for:

* Remember that there is a powerful duality inherent in the sign of Sagittarius.

* Sagittarius season represents the most intense descent of the light in the solar year, but at the end of the sign, when we reach the winter solstice, the light begins to return.

* Similarly, there is a potential for voidism, nihilism, existential despair, and prodigality built into the fiery, Autumnal sign of Jupiter. Like the rowdy, war-mongering Centaurs of Greek myth, Sagittarius has a wild-child, ride or die, eat drink and be merry mentality that is often overlooked in favor of words like, “wisdom, travel, hope, and free-spiritedness.”

* Don’t forget that Zeus could be an angry, temperamental, thunder-bolt throwing, playboy, as well as the cosmic orchestra conductor, and King of the Gods.

* On the other hand, like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol, the redemptive side of Sagittarius is represented by the desire to turn over a new leaf, to look forward to a brighter future and to rise from the darkness with renewed faith and excitement.

* Centaurs were also the keepers of wisdom, knowledge of medicine, war, AND astrology! Even C.S. Lewis wrote them into the Narnia chronicles as both fierce, rowdy, unpredictable warriors and also astrologers.

* So, yes, Jupiter is the holiday spirit, by Jove! But Sagittarius is also intimately related to the darkest time of year, and the wildness of our animal instincts. Hence, the Centaur, a dual-natured created…part rational and refined, part unharnessed and wild.

* Meanwhile, this week’s Full Moon (late Thursday night into Friday), is in Gemini, the home of Mercury.

* It should be a “Hermes” kind of full Moon: social and mental energy, nervous stimulation, conversation, perceptions, ideas, technology, learning, shifting, playfulness, etc.

* However, this Full Moon in Gemini is hosted by Mercury in its detriment in Sagittarius, square Mars in Pisces, while the Sun and Jupiter are getting together.

* Which means?! Jupiter is very dominant right now, and also excessively fiery, authoritarian, strong-willed, or “big.”

* Plus, Mars, god of War, in Jupiter’s sign, is also stirring the pot.

* Be careful of that conversation or debate that escalates too quickly. Be careful of contentiousness in speech and communication. Be careful of self-righteous grandiosity.

* But, on the other hand, don’t be surprised if passionate ideas are being discussed or if you feel the need to say or communicate something more forcefully than usual.

* You may find that you are open to new ideas or that a change of mind and a change of heart are happening at once.

* Don’t be surprised if there is an emotionally zealous quality in the air right now, unchecked by reason.

* Let yourself be stirred to life, dropping unnecessary doubts and worries, finding the beat of life and the irrational confidence of spirit.

* See the forest from the trees and remember that your journey is much longer than the horizon of this lifetime, what to speak of whatever temporary passions might be rising at this time. Watch and listen, and try to say less…see what there is to see when making oneself smaller and more curious when the hot air starts blowing around you.

Prayer: Encourage us, and give us passionate minds tempered by the impulse to listen first.

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