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Delic Journeys: Heart (Empathogen)

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In 1990, the group Deee-Lite released the feel-good song “Groove is in the Heart” off their album, World Clique. Though that song doesn’t make it onto this month’s psychedelic playlist, delight + groove is in the heart + world clique=how we’re feeling right now. The coronavirus teaches us many things. For one, it reminds us that the world is one small clique so we need to stick together–in spirit!–and get into that inner groove since most of us are stuck inside our homes. It’s in the heart!

This month’s Delic Journey psychedelic playlist focuses on the heart, inspired by an empathogen journey. The heart is the seat of compassion, empathy, and vulnerability. We put together a mellow, groovy journey that brings together artists on the commercial side of cool such as Air, Beck, Billie Ellish, Mazzy Star, The Cinematic Orchestra, Justin Nozuka, and more. Kick back, close your eyes, get into your heart, and feel all the feelings.

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