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Rebirthing The Vanishing City

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In 2010, New York City's goverment ruled in favor of Columbia University
massive expansion program. This proposed expansion will displace
residents who already live in this area of Harlem. Let's Occupy Columbia
University's Gottesman Libraries for a screening of 'The Vanishing City,'
a film about the "luxurification" of NYC, and how New York City has become a place where everyday New Yorkers find it harder to pay rent.

Join us on Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 at Columbia University's Teacher College, in room 306 at Gottesman Libraries, Russell Hall. 

(525 West 120th Street, btw Amsterdam and Broadway)


From 7-9pm for this FREE event!

Must RSVP by Monday, May 7th at this email, [email protected]  if you wish to attend.

"The Vanishing City" is the critically acclaimed documentary by film makers Jen Senko and Fiore DeRosa, that details specific policies that were instituted in New York City after 9/11. Policies that involve giving tax breaks for Luxury Condo developers and rezoning hundreds of NYC neighborhood, thus destablizing local communities in favor of corporate "luxury." 

After the screening, we will engage in dialogue with panelists: SASKIA SASSEN, Columbia University Sociology professor whose Global City theory has set a new standard in globalization research and understanding; JEN SENKO and FIORE DEROSA,  film makers and producers of "The Vanishin City;" representatives from the COALITION TO PRESERVE COMMUNITY, a social activist group who has been on the frontlines with Columbia's planned expansion since first announced in 2002; SHAKA SHAKUR former Chairman of the New Black Panther Party of NYC and a long time Harlem organizer and activist; and PROPAGANDA ANONYMOUS.

The purpose of this panel is to encourage fresh prespectives, building on the massive momentum of OWS,and to provoke new thoughts on how we can all make New York City a place for the people again.

Again, you must RSVP by Monday, May 7th if you wish to attend. [email protected]


*Take the Local 1 Train–red line– to 116th street. note: the express does not stop at Columbia. 

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