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The Roswell Daily Record reports that a strange rock recently discovered outside Roswell, New Mexico may be an alien artifact. The small brownish rock, measuring less than two inches across, was found in September 2004 by a local businessman named Robert Ridge who discovered it while deer hunting in Cedar Hill, 17 miles away from the spot where a UFO supposedly crash landed near Roswell over sixty years ago.

The rocks odd shape, intricate carvings, and strange magnetic properites has sparked interest in scientists, anthropologists, ufologists, and even the town mayor of Roswell. The design on the rock appears to have been made with no discernible marks of drilling or cutting, which has caused anthropologists to be perplexed as to its possible origins. The image looks similar to some designs found in crop circles, with interlocking shapes of sun and moon that some have speculated may be showing lunar cycles and some kind of eclipse or astrological event. Some ufologists have pointed out a similarity between the design and certain crop circles which appeared at Liddington Castle hill, England in 1996.

According to the Roswell Daily Record, one anthropologist compared the rock to a lodestone–special rocks which are believed by some to have special magical properties. Some Native American tribes have historically used lodestones to heal illnesses such as headaches and snakebites, and are thought to be special protection against snakes. While scientists and anthropologists are unsure of the terrestrial or extraterrestrial origins of this uniquely crafted and magnetized rock, many of them agree that they’ve “never seen anything like it”.

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