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RS Staff Picks Gift Guide: The Cannabis Curious

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It’s great to be curious. Curiosity drives learning, leads to exploration, and is a major part of human development. Part of exploration is the conversation itself!

Cannabis is frequently left out of the psychedelic conversation. We aren’t sure why that is because, at Reality Sandwich, we know that life – including cannabis – is totally psychedelic! 

For those on your gift list looking to explore the cannabis space, here is the Reality Sandwich Staff Pick Gift Guide for the Cannabis Curious.

Stocking Stuffers

Do you know the origin behind stockings hung over the fireplace? We’ll give you a hint… it has to do with drying mushrooms. To learn about this and many other recognized holiday traditions, check out: Shaman Claus: The Shamanic Origins of Christmas. Slip some journey magic into one of your loved one’s stockings this year with the products below.


Designed with discretion in mind, the Highland bag from Stashlogix is sure to be on every cannabis enthusiast’s wish list. Uniquely crafted with an odor-proof lining, this stash bag also has a 3 digit combination lock to keep prying eyes away from the goods. 

stashlogix 1

RS Staff Pick: Madison in Design

“I own several different StashLogix products. Absolutely love how stylish & functional every piece is. The fact that it locks is such a bonus for traveling––or for parents.”

Dosist THC-free Pens

Dosist THC-free pens can be a great way to explore the effects of CBD. They can also be a great way for an explorer to calm and ground back down. Whether you have little experience with CBD or you’re not fully in your body to be noticing your inhalations, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it with these pens. The Dosist THC- free pen vibrates when you’ve inhaled one hit. 


RS Staff Pick: Mercedes in Social

“I’m a huge fan of the Dosist brand – they relieve any worry of inhaling too much if you’re not sure how much you need because they literally dose your intake for you! There are different ratios of CBD/THC content depending on what you’re using it for, so it’s super tailored to your needs.”

Sleep Sound 

Whether you are gearing up for exploration or preparing for landing after a wild journey, a good night’s sleep is crucial. CBD has been studied for its effects on regulating our sleep and wake cycles, among other excellent health benefits for stress and pain. This holiday season is the perfect time to gift your cannabis curious friend something special to help them sleep sound throughout the night. 

Dream Spray Vanilla Honeysuckle 

This relaxing elixir provides tasty relief for your insomnia. Crafted with melatonin, 7.5mg of full-spectrum CBD/CBN, and naturally flavored with vanilla, honeysuckle, and myrcene terpenes, this Spray Elixir is the perfect way to catch some Zzzzz.

high times spray

RS Staff Pick: Kaycee in Content

“This dream spray is on my wishlist for my stocking this year. I grew up falling asleep to the smell of honeysuckle. I can’t think of a better before bed mist than vanilla and honeysuckle plus CBD and CBN after a long adventure.”

Not Pot Vegan CBD Gummies

If you haven’t heard of Not-Pot CBD gummies yet, now’s the time to check them out. Not-Pot CBD gummies are getting all of the hype for their vegan, clinical strength, and delectable edibles. Each gummy contains 20mg of hemp-derived CBD, the perfect dose to kick your legs up and have a chill night in.


RS Staff Pick: Mercedes in Social

“CBD gummies help me so much when I’m feeling anxious and when I’m having trouble sleeping. These ones are my favorite because they’re vegan and I love the packaging!”

Personal Care

Galactic adventure can be taxing on the physical body. Optimal questing can start with a bit of extra personal care, and hemp is a great friend to call on. Introduce hemp-based cannabis products to your cannabis-curious loved ones this holiday season! Not to mention, hemp can indeed be a great companion for anyone before, during, or after an extraordinary journey.

Milk Makeup Kush Lip Balm

Vegan a cruelty-free, these plant-based lip balms are the bomb! Antioxidant-rich jojoba and olive oils help protect against free radicals and environmental stressors while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. The oils also naturally tint the formula, so it goes on green… but don’t trip! It will blend in to appear transparent, shiny, and juicy.


RS Staff Pick: Mercedes in Social

“Milk Makeup has so many great products, but their ‘Kush’ line is definitely my favorite and not just because of the name. This lip balm is the bomb, I keep one on hand at all times.”

Sugar Soap Hemp Dr. Bronner’s 

Psychedelic research is the continued quest for humans to quench our curiosity. Dr. Bronner’s soaps use the power of our hemp plant ally while supporting psychedelics. The organic coconut-olive-hemp oils blend is loving to the body and makes the perfect gift to someone looking to explore hemp products. Plus, every purchase from Dr. Bronner’s website will donate a portion of proceeds to psychedelic organizations and research.

dr bronners

RS Staff Pick: Mallorie in Project Management 

“Dr. Bronner’s is my go-to head-to-toe, floor-to-ceiling cleaning product. There are so many ways to use Dr. Bronner’s products, from mild baby shampoo to an effective dishwashing liquid. The best part is that the company has donated millions of dollars to psychedelic non-profit organizations!”

Hawaiian CBD Aloha Set

The Mana Botanics Aloha CBD Gift Set is perfect for hitting all your explorer’s needs. With the variety of products included, their CBD curiosity will be quenched. If buying for an experienced journeyer, each product can accompany a different part of their adventure. And to keep our psychedelic planet spinning with every purchase from Mana Botanics, a percentage of proceeds will go towards cleaning up plastic from the oceans.


RS Staff Pick: Kaycee in Content

“I received a Mana Botanics Aloha set this summer and have been in love from the moment I opened the box. As a conscious consumer I was amazed at how little plastic is used in their products and packaging. Not to mention the products themselves… I put the honey in my nightly tea and use the tincture in my morning coffee. The salve is my go-to for dry lips and the massage oil I use on myself after hot yoga. The set really covers so many aspects of my personal care.”

Drink it Up

The holidays are all about ritual. A cup of tea with grandma by the roaring fire or a cocktail with friends roaring with laughter, sharing beverages unites us with one another during the holidays. Have fun this holiday season by enriching your beverage rituals with our staff picks below. Drink it up with a friend to end 2020 the right way!

Dancing Flowers Coffee Mug

Mushrooms are magic even if they don’t have psilocybin in them. Grab this mushroom dancing mug and pair it with CBD tea for the cannabis curious fungi in your life. For yourself, use to make your own shroom tea or to lemon-tek your magic mushrooms and truffles! The choice is yours 😉


RS Staff Pick: Mercedes in Social

“I love starting my day with this mug, the illustration just makes me happy first thing in the morning! It would be a perfect gift to brighten anyone’s day.”

Kikoko Teas

Maybe you pulled a wild all-nighter on your psychedelic voyage, or perhaps curiosity keeps you thinking all night… Either way, sleep is essential for health. Kikoko has given tea a new meaning by infusing it with CBN, a superpower cannabinoid that acts as a sedative. Steep, sip, and sleep!


RS Staff Pick: Mattie in Marketing

“Women-owned. Sustainable Business. Cannabis Tea…Need I say more? Tranquili-Tea is my fav. It’s mild and won’t get you high but CBN acts as a sedative. Perfect for the busy mom who wants to sleep, relax and conquer insomnia.”

Elevate CBD Elixir 

Keep the mood high without the trip! The Elevate CBD Elixir from AMMA is crafted with all-natural botanicals and broad-spectrum CBD, giving you the full entourage effect everyone craves. Designed to be mixed into mocktails, you can elevate your party with or without alcohol.

RS Staff Pick: Kyle in Marketing

“I absolutely LOVED the recipes AMMA shares when you purchase their Elevated Elixer. I made some fun CBD mocktails that were tasty and kept me elevated. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t want a boozy cocktail hour.” 

Disclosure: Reality Sandwich only recommends products we (our staff) would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, RS may earn a small commission. Read full privacy policy here.


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