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RS Staff Picks Gift Guide: The Psychonaut

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Not sure what to purchase your psychonaut friend during this holiday season? This gift guide will certainly help you find the perfect present for your mindfully psychedelic friend. 

Dress the Part

Listed below are some ride-or-die swag our staff at Reality Sandwich cannot live without. Dress the part by introducing some psychedelic apparel into your style, like tees, robes, or hats… Enjoy shopping!

RS Shop – Psychedelic Substance Studious Unisex Tee 

Say it. Spell it. Say it. Throughout your psychedelic reawakening journey, you’ll also want to learn the different types of psychedelics that exist. Don’t fret; our Psychedelic Substance Studious Tee will help you study!

substance t shirt

RS Staff Pick: Madison in Design

“Have a friend who is always talking about psychedelics? Get this to help them start the conversation with everyone they meet.”

Wild Ginger Kimono

How psychedelic is this beautiful, timeless piece? The Wild Ginger Kimono is a UNISEX kimono that can be perfect as a beach cover-up, festival wear, or a night out. Whatever 2021 has in store, rock your trippy style!


RS Staff Pick: Kaycee in Content

“I love all the trippy styles by Jumbie Art. This kimono is at the top of my wishlist to round out my Jumbie Art collection and so I can make a memorable entrance into whatever the new year has in store.”

Mushroom Icon Crew Sock

These socks are something that would interest nearly every psychonaut. Retro look crew socks topped with a mushroom icon to the side makes the Mushroom Icon Crew Sock a perfect stocking stuffer!


RS Staff Pick: Katie G. in Content

“These cream-colored ankle socks with mushroom detailing are so cute! Cute, comfy, and essential; wear these socks with streetwear and rep every psychonauts favorite psychoactive plant.”


The products below are ultimate gift ideas any psychonaut in your life would be over the moon about. These gifts will be sure to keep their vibes high and their lifestyle totally psychedelic. End 2020 a little higher by gifting your psychonaut friend with something fun and unique!

Mushroom Pill Box

You can use this small pillbox to hold pills, supplements, vitamins, and other small on-the-go items. Not to mention, one can use the mushroom pillbox as a small stash case. It makes for a perfect, affordable gift for your psychonaut friend this holiday season!

pill container 1

RS Staff Pick: Kaycee in Content

“All the cases and pillboxes on Thoughtopian are trippy in style and just the right size for journey supplies. This mushroom pillbox is at the top of my stocking stuffer wishlist!”

‘Have A Nice Trip’ Keychain

Are you trying to think of an original gift idea your dear psychonaut friend can use every day? This ‘Have A Nice Trip’ keychain is the perfect gift to give them psychedelic vibes this holiday season. 

keychain 1

RS Staff Pick: Mercedes in Social Media

“I love using keychains as accessories to put on purses and backpacks, and this one would be perfect for just that! The design is so cool and you can tell the metal on the keychain is great quality. It’s just the perfect stocking-stuffer.”


This holiday season is the perfect time to get your psychonaut friend something to make their room a little homier. Here is some awesome psychedelic decor that can liven up an area in one’s home! 

The Delic ‘The Best Sheep Throw – Raw’

Get back to nature. The Best Sheep Throw keeps you warm enough to keep you comfortable while staying alert. 100% Toscana sheep fur from Spain, this one-of-a-kind piece is upcycled from Italian glove company remnants.


RS Staff Pick: Jackee CEO

“This sheep’s throw is the best blanket I own. It works for heavy or light weather and takes me back to my primal roots.”

Splatoon-Inspired LED Lamp

Check out this awesome Splatoon-inspired LED lamp! Handcrafted wall art that is also a lamp, a functional clock, and pure signage of FANDOM for Splatoon!


RS Staff Pick: Kaycee in Content

“Glass Cannon Co one-of-a-kind designs are super fun! I love my custom made LED light.”

General Admission “Mushroom Ottoman” 

Whether you are looking for a good toadstool to rest your feet on, or simply looking to add some myco-inspired decor to your living space, this Mushroom Ottoman from LA-based clothing company General Admission is the perfect piece to let everyone know what a fungi you are.


RS Staff Pick: Kyle in Project Management

“I like to think I am a pretty fungi. This awesome gold ottoman really brightened up my living room and added a nice piece to match with the rest of my mushroom decor.”

Unique & Customizable 

Explore the RS staff’s favorite picks for unique and customizable gifts. While it’s always right up someone’s alley to receive a traditional gift, why not go the extra mile this year to spice it up? Below you will find a variety of unique gift ideas.

Psychedelic UV-Reactive Canopy

This holiday season, get your psychonaut sidekick a psychedelic galaxy UV-Reaction canopy. The trippy art decoration is 12 petals set and will make you lose yourself in the psychedelic worlds of infinite patterns and trippy characters.


RS Staff Pick: Mercedes in Social

“I saw someone with one of these at a music festival and they let us come hang out under it to get out of the sun. It was such a unique design and way better looking than a regular canopy. The fact that it glows in the dark is even more rad!”

Christina Sutra Art ‘Natal Chart’

Look at this incredible piece of art. Christina Sutra Art has natal charts that you can personalize with specific information about one’s birthday. Who doesn’t love a custom, hand-made gift?


RS Staff Pick: Madison in Design

“This custom diagram is made to represent the positions of the Sun, Moon, Planets in the exact moment you were born. You provide some birth info and get to pick colors. An incredibly special and meaningful gift for a loved one.”

Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations

Chris Dyer’s Positive Creatives has many incredible psychedelic products ranging from shirts and masks to puzzles and coloring books. This skateboard deck, though, is just stunning.

skateboard chris dyer

RS Staff Pick: Madison in Design

“Chris’s vibrant street art can be found all over the world. His incredibly detailed creations are filled with positive energy. A gift like this skateboard deck would blow all other gifts out of this galaxy!”


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