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Samsung Biologics to Invest $2B in “Super Plant” for Biomanufacturing

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South Korean biopharmaceutical company Samsung Biologics is set to break ground on their latest project. Costing USD $2 billion, the super biomanufacturing facility will be both larger and more expensive than all three of Samsung’s existing plants combined. The “super plant,” or Plant 4, will be the fourth addition to the famous phone manufacturer’s biomanufacturing empire. The plant’s location will be in Incheon, South Korea. 

Plans for Samsung’s Plant 4 began before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. At first, Samsung’s intention was to build it similar in size to the first three. The global scramble for biomanufacturing, drug development resources, and COVID-19 treatments prompted the extreme increase in size. Samsung Biologics execs hope the major investment will help streamline production. In addition, Samsung hopes to cement their spot as one of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities within a single location. 

Specs of the Build

The project is scheduled for completion by mid-2022. The final size will be approximately 2.5 million square feet. This is close to the size of the Mall of America in the US state of Minnesota. The super plant will be constructed using data collected from Samsung Biologics’ three other plants, and plans are underway to offset the facility’s environmental impact with smart disposal of high-concentration wastewater, as well as other improvements to reduce emissions. 

Once constructed and operational, the plant will add 256 KL to the company’s capacity. In addition, it will begin taking on outsourced manufacturing demand due to COVID-19. According to Samsung executives, the company has signed deals worth more than double its 2019 revenue. Samsung plans to continue expanding its manufacturing capacity into the coming years. 

Future Plans

If all goes according to plan, Samsung will be including an “Open Innovation” center on the campus of the new plant. Accordingly, the center will help to support new and innovative biotech companies. In this way, Samsung intends both to help advance current pharmaceutical and biomanufacturing technology, and to position Samsung Biologics for the future. 

“In this continuously evolving climate, we are strategically positioning ourselves to respond to the needs of our global clients who are producing new medicines that are more complex and diverse, and deliver superior client satisfaction.” 

– Dr. Tae Han Kim, CEO, Samsung Biologics

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