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Saturn Slowin on Down 3.9.2015

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The Moon has just entered Scorpio and is applying to trine Neptune in Pisces by later this afternoon. Meanwhile the Uranus/Pluto square is nearly exact again (for the final time), and it’s all happening right as Mars is conjoining Uranus and we’re rapidly approaching eclipse season. A very dynamic springtime is on its way!

What to watch for over the next few days:

* Belligerence from the past trying to steal the peace of the present
* An overwhelming desire to break new ground, chuck out the old, and invite in the new
* Fears from the past resurfacing
* Unexpected gains, discoveries, and hidden treasures
* Revolution without tact or diplomacy
* Freak accidents, being accident prone, near death misses
* Strategic relationships, heartless relationships, sudden loss or revelations about relationships
* Co-dependence creates a prison-shop job…the duties of death
* Deeper emotional subtexts and broodier moods
* Family history and family patterns stirring up
* Secrets and subtlety
* Amplified energy, enthusiasm, temper, sex drive, heat
* Gestation…something in the process of birth
* Purgation, release, detoxification
* Imagining the future…trying to determine next steps…impatience
* The call to spring cleaning begins

In addition to all of these transit themes, it’s a good day to discuss the stationing of Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn has been moving forward since July and is about to turn retrograde again until August. If you know where the last degrees of Scorpio and first degrees of Sagittarius are located in your birth chart, then look to this area of your life for the presence of Saturn’s teachings. Saturn tends to isolate and focus on particular areas of deficiency or weakness we have in order to help us refine and develop some higher level of maturity. Over time (time being a key word) and through restriction and repetition, Saturn helps us to flip both our virtues and vices upside down so that one becomes another over and over until we’re left with a deepened sense of soul that replaces all the worn out polarizing.

In the sign of Sagittarius Saturn is also highlighting an old struggle with “truth.” What is the truth? What makes something true? Is it time and tradition, gods or cosmic laws, or is truth relative? Do we each have a priestly authority or do we have to earn it with various degrees and training programs? Do we make something true by repeating it over and over, or does truth exist outside of our efforts? Should truth be effortless, or does it require a kind of quest and various difficulties and struggles? Is truth something to be obtained or is it merely a guiding fiction? What kind of truth do we mean when we say the word “truth?”

No doubt some of us may feel like we have answers to these questions. The point isn’t necessarily the questions themselves, but more the way the questions are part of the subtext of an area of our lives that we are experiencing as difficult, blocked, limiting, and repetitive. Part of the reason we’re feeling so stuck in Saturn’s particular area, in other words, is because on a deeper level we’re also grappling with the nature of truth and knowledge, belief and philosophical commitment. What we believe, who we believe, and how we believe, as well as belief itself, is being changed right now as we repeat the same struggles in a particular area of our lives.

A simple question for Saturn’s station: how are my most repetitive problems asking me to examine more closely my core ideas, beliefs, or guiding philosophies?

Prayer: It’s never “just” a problem…help us to spend time with the deeper questions that exist within whatever is troubling us.

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