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The Electric Comeback

Electric vehicles make a comeback with the potential
promise of restoring order in a world driven by gasoline games.


12th Hour For Arcology

Experiments in arcology are being conducted around the world, such as the low-carbon city being built on Dongtan, an island off Shanghai. Arcology not only disrupts the American Dream of life in suburbia, it replaces it with a new form of city design, a "biomorphic" city designed as a living entity based upon molecular structure.


Money and the Turning of the Age

It is time to enter into a new story, and a new kind of money that embodies it. We are in the midst of a transition parallel to an adolescent's transition into adulthood, when physical growth ceases, and vital resources turn inward to foster growth in other realms.

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In the Land of Giants

For seven years I loved and neglected my 1986 Chrysler Laser, and never once did he/she/it give up on me. When did it became normal for Americans to buy a new car every two to three years? 

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