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Let These Waters Pour Back to the Ocean: Rethinking the Psi Debate

A system is a construct, not an innate
organism, and it seems that psi phenomena can act as agents of change
and growth within a system when it gets too close to stasis.
Mysterious events are cracks in the wall that let the light shine through. One
must realize, though, that the light can be blinding.

Universal Feedback and Reality as Remix

I saw the same pattern of interchange in everything, a fundamental quantum mechanism that we had not yet learned how to measure.  Either I was crazy or I was a pioneer — a philosopher in the truest sense, a lover of wisdom who follows the goddess wherever she goes, simultaneously creating and discovering concepts along the way. 

Pain: A Call for Attention

Why does it seem that we modern adult human beings repeatedly do things that cause ourselves pain? Because we are such strangers to ourselves that we aren't aware of what hurts. Part 3 of the series "Miracle of Self-Creation."

Pain and Pleasure

The act of loving – in whatever form – requires a willingness to
experience both the pain and the pleasure. This is the piece of sustaining
loving relationships that is easy to miss, or at least misunderstand,
and tragically the place where we walk away from the heart of what we
want most.

The Path of Pain: Spiritual BDSM

Kink. Sadomasochism. Bondage. Dominance and submission. In mainstream society, these things are often associated with a kind of wink-wink nudge-nudge secret sexuality, uncharted territory that surely lies just beyond the fuzzy pink handcuffs and nurses'-uniform lingerie. Within the world of spiritual BDSM practitioners, however, these activities are far from a novelty. 

Blessings from Zephyr

Twelve years ago I fell face first into the tutelage of a Zen master named Zephyr. While I’d love to tell you stories of my trials, tribulations, face licks, and cuddles with the great Zephyr, I’d probably be too biased to do him justice. Instead, I’ll step back and let him tell you our story.

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