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Our World: Shamans and Spirits

Shamanism is characterized by an
intentional change in consciousness to interact with spirits. Troubles of a spirit nature can have serious repercussions in a person's life. It is the task of the shaman to heal such persons.

The Cycle of Terror

To build a society of safety and trust rather than security and
fear, we are going to have to act from the former rather than the
latter. I therefore offer a few modest proposals for how to respond to
the Boston bombing.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 16, Transition to Gift Economy (Pt.17)

The new
exchange systems we are exploring blur the boundary between the monetary and
nonmonetary realms and therefore the standard definition of the "economy." How would we
measure it in the absence of a common unit of account? Ultimately, underneath money, is the totality of what
human beings do for each other.

Sacred Economics: Chapter 1, “The Gift World” (Pt. 2)

My intention is that by identifying the core features of the economics
of Separation, we may be empowered to envision an economics of Reunion, an economics that restores to wholeness our fractured
communities, relationships, cultures, ecosystems, and planet. – The second installment from Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition.

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