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Sacred Economics: Chapter 10, The Law of Return (Pt. 11)

The personal and
planetary mirror each other. The connection is more than mere analogy: the kind
of work that we force
ourselves to do is precisely the kind of work that despoils the planet. We don't really want to do it to our bodies; we
don't really want to do it to the world.

Virtual Reality at Standing Rock: An Interview with Jeris JC Miller

Jeris JC Miller is a global leader in social media, and a member of Shifting POV, a collective of virtual and augmented reality film makers, educators and artists that are documenting the Standing Rock protests. In this interview, she shares her eyewitness report of the brutality perpetrated against peaceful water protectors by law enforcement on Nov. 20.

Watched Cops Are Polite Cops

Requiring law enforcement to wear video cameras will protect your constitutional rights and improve policing. This summer, after a civil suit challenged the New York City Police Department’s notorious program of patting down “suspicious” residents, Judge Shira A.

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