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YO CHING: Ancient Knowledge for Streets Today

Chinese people have a saying. If a brother wants to understand life, he shouldn’t read a whole mess of books. He should read one book, over and over, until he understand that shit. Only certain books a brother can spend his lifetime reading. I Ching is one of them.

The Sikh Temple Shootings and Daemonic Possession

Summer in the USA we've now witnessed our second public shooting spree.  A Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin became
the target for another attack.  In a broader, evolutionary context these
attacks aren't about darkness or evil as much as they are about daemonic

The Batman Shootings and Crossover Effects

Some movies that have high
access to the contents of the collective unconscious are "window zones"
or portals between realms, and weird and uncanny things happen in their
wake. Particularly, movies about dark, occult things have a long
history of these crossover effects.

CC-BY: A Step into the Belated Future

Copyright law now protects creative works for almost a
century. At the very least, copyright terms should be
drastically reduced. Of
course, the concept of revising creative compensation is based on the
presumption that we will still use monetary currency with inborn inflation in
the future. But a gradual transition would be better than picking up the pieces in a post-apocalyptic

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