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Feline Sun, Canine Moon

Dogs are like the moon within a solar vessel, cats the sun within a lunar vessel. Dogs are the yin within the yang, the anima of the animus; cats the yang within the yin, animus of the anima.


What the Fuck Is This?

Once upon a time, the universe was sacred and unfathomable by simple
emanation. Humans accepted the operations of nature as the mirror and
counterpart to their own existence. Before quarks and
Big Bangs, they called it Spider Woman and Corn Mother. These are not fables; they are hard-won intuitions of something
before form.


Healing from the Heart: The Meaning of Wholism in Medicine

Yin and yang, dark and light,
square and round, masculine and feminine interact, intersect, and
intercourse to comprise the cacophony of life. The seasons describe the phases of
emergence, flourishing, gathering, and storage of yang, of vital warmth.
As holographic microcosms of the universe, we cannot maintain health
apart from this natural cycle.


The Beats: Remember the Tea

Jack Kerouac called from a phone booth while his friends Allen
Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky anxiously paced outside. "Hello, I'd like to meet with Dr. Suzuki . . . Right
NOW!" The scholar's secretary told him to be there in a half hour. Elated, the
three friends skipped down First Avenue to hail a cab.

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