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Biospherics: What Nature Does for Us

John Allen’s focus on Biosphere 2 was different from the mainstream. Typically, biological and ecological research is devoted to understanding the individual parts of systems, or even ecosystems. Allen wanted to know how the whole thing worked.

How We Started Evolver Atlanta

It all began with an intention: to create community in my city, where it wasn't before. Looking back on all the uncanny connections, synchs, and serendipities that have converged to form Evolver Atlanta, I can't help but grin.

Why Did Our Brains Stop Expanding?

In the forest the human brain was expanding at a phenomenal rate. Around 200,000 to 150,000 years ago, this process came to an end. The brain stopped expanding and started to shrink. Brain shrinkage appears to coincide with major dietary change.

A Gate-Crashing Journey at Joshua Tree

Through many years of yoga practice, I had developed an easy talent for accessing unusual
realms of consciousness. Yet I was aware that another set of tools existed for such attainment. Could eating hashish enable me to — as the song by the Doors put it — break on through
to the other side? 

Singularities and Nightmares

Let me offer a
few possibilities about the days lie ahead — changes that may occur within
the next twenty or so years, roughly a single human generation, possibilities
that are taken seriously by some of today's best minds, potential
transformations of life on Earth and, perhaps, even what it means to be

Atlantis and the Cycles of Time

Some seek it in the Atlantic
Ocean, with the Azores as its former mountain
peaks. Others prefer the Mediterranean, Germany, Sweden, the Arctic, the Antarctic, Cuba, San Domingo, Central
America, Bolivia,
even Wisconsin. I search for Atlantis in a different way.

Souldish NYC: May 8 – 13

This week on Souldish learn, mingle, dance and revel to an "all-star lineup" at the Brooklyn Bowl, an all-night yoga party in Williamsburg, Unitribe at the Knitting Factory, and a beatastic evening with the Sullivan Street Shakedown Drumlab.

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