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Power for the People —From Water

Earth is a blue jewel in our
solar system—the water-rich planet. Will we use our emerging crises to employ harmonious technologies to restore watersheds,
cleanse rivers and oceans, and ultimately create a higher civilization?

Pilgrimage in the Mazatec Mountains

We have come seeking the healing the earth offers through her sacred medicines. These mushrooms
are legal for a 30-kilometer radius around the village of Huautla. Baskets of mushrooms are
painted on the outside walls of the church. Here the mushroom is another
image for Christ.

Souldish NYC: 4/9-30

April Souldish events include, the Horned Ball with Kostume Kult and Reality Sandwich,
Hofmann’s Dream a Seed Benefit party in Newark,’s long awaited Psychedelic Spore, The Crystal Method CoSM Benefit Party, Celebrate Earth Day, and Psybotik’s Lumenaughty.

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