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Seeing Music Without Hallucinogens

MIT has found a way to see sound. Yes. You heard that right. We can now reproduce sounds that were played in the presence of an object using only the visual recording of that object:

The whole thing is pretty unbelievable, but when you see an actual, intelligible conversation rendered from video of a potato chip bag you realize there is some seriously next-level shit going on. The implications for surveillance are obvious—I’m reminded of HAL 9000 reading lips in 2001: A Space Odyssey—but I’m optimistic that work like this has amazing potential. 

Obviously it’s the sort of thing that requires insanely expensive instrumentation and (at least as of now), very specific conditions, but isn’t it just so James Bond? This is not to excuse the reckless actions of such irresponsible scientists, who may be leading the youth away from proper drug-related synesthesia, and subsequently gutting the marketplace for honest, hard-working drug dealers.

Of course, this whole thing has been done before. Well, not literally, but fictionally, something like this was done on the T.V. show Fringe. The mad-scientist character, Walter Bishop, somehow extracts auditory imprints on a glass window to hear the last few seconds of a murder scene. 

There’s a whole lot about this that is awesome and scary at the same time.

Via Dangerous Minds

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