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Having Sex on Ketamine: Getting Physical on a Dissociative

Sex on ketamine
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Table of Contents

What Is a Dissociative?

Ketamine is a dissociative substance. Dissociative substances are a class of psychedelic drugs characterized by distorted sensory perceptions and feelings of detachment from the environment and self. The word dissociative literally means detached from reality. Accordingly, the question still lingers of whether or not it’s possible to have sex on ketamine. Let’s dive into what exactly a dissociative is.

Dissociative substances affect everyone differently, based on:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Health
  • Experience with dissociatives
  • Amount taken
  • Potency of dose

Hallucinogens are another class of psychedelics, only producing visual, auditory, and sensory hallucinations. The most common hallucinogen substances include LSD, magic mushrooms, and peyote. Hallucinogens cause visual, auditory, and sensory hallucinations. In contrast, dissociative drugs cause a sense of detachment from the body in addition to visual, auditory, and sensory hallucinations. The most common dissociative drugs are PCP, DXM, and ketamine. 

In fact, ketamine was initially used as a dissociative anesthetic in surgery and veterinary medicine. This is the case due to its side effects being amnesia and analgesia (pain relief). Low doses of ketamine can produce stimulating and sensual effects; a medium to high dosage is a recipe for a potential k-hole or out-of-body experience.

The range of effects include but are not limited to:

  • Euphoria
  • Floaty
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Horny
  • Pain-free
  • Numb
  • Protected
  • Safe
  • Unconscious
  • Unaware
  • In a ‘hole’

Many of these effects make ketamine a very desirable drug to have sex on. The following paragraphs will dive deeper in the nuances of such experience.

What to Expect When You Have Sex on Ketamine

Just as there are many different effects and variables with taking ketamine, this also applies to getting physical on this particular drug. There are many factors involved in whether or not ketamine will resonate with partners sexually. The number one factor in this process is consent! Because ketamine is a potent dissociative, it’s advised to have a sober conversation involving the consent of all possibilities that can occur.

Healing Sexual Traumas

Ketamine produces euphoria, similarly to what we can experience with sexual interactions. It’s natural for humans to experiment with similar variables.  Thus, making sex on ketamine so enticing.

Today, health practitioners in the psychedelic field are starting to treat their patients with ketamine for depression. Due to the ketamine treatment’s medicinal benefits for those suffering from traumas, this can be a great substance to heal sexual traumas individuals may be holding in their bodies. Its ability to evoke comfort and full relaxation could potentially lead down the path of an epic orgasm.

Some may view the experience as a deep release of false sexual concepts into a bountiful rainbow of climax. On the other hand, others are baffled at how an anesthetic could produce even the slightest sexual urge. Below are breakdowns of some of the most common effects that cause the above reactions and responses.

Relaxed Muscles   

First and foremost, ketamine is an anesthetic – or a sedative. This is why participants claim to have a relaxed muscle sensation. This is very popular in the kink and Chemex community. For those interested in butt play and rougher sex, ketamine can be a plausible solution to find pleasure without the pain.

Increased Libido

Ketamine brings many people to a euphoric and healing state. One of its most common effects is body highs. They bring a heightened sense of sensuality which can increase libido. Also, as stated above, it can heal participants from sexual traumas, which can, in turn, increase overall libido in their everyday life.

Detachment From the Self

Due to ketamine’s dissociative nature, participants dissolve the boundaries of self, allowing potent intimacy and bonding with their partner. Two dissolve and melt into one.

This particular feeling of detachment from the self can also lead to many physical limitations. It is also the reason why some ketamine participants have confusion as to how it can induce sexual arousal.

Possible Physical Limitations

Depending on the dose and type of ketamine, ketamine can blast the user off into a different reality, causing the out-of-body sensation. This particular sensation can cause the incapability to get an erection. If still able to get to the point of hardness, both may find it challenging to reach a climax.

As discussed above, ketamine deeply relaxes muscles, leading to more rough and experimental play. Although the physical limitations are less in the moment, too rough of sex can lead to very painful and dangerous limitations in the aftermath.

Is It Safe to Have Sex on Ketamine?

Although medical strides are being made, and the benefits are being tested and proven every day, ketamine is still illegal. It is a class C drug and possession can lead up to two years in prison. Supplying ketamine can lead up to 14 years of jail time.

So, those participants outside of a clinical setting always run the risks for their freedom and safety at the moment.

As far as physical safety goes, ketamine lowers inhibitions, potentially leading to unprotected and unsafe sex. Hence the reason that consent is the number one priority. It is imperative to contemplate and discuss all possible scenarios to ensure approval among all involved. Please be sure to consider set and setting for those without a partner when using ketamine to help prevent situations where one might encounter an unpleasant sexual experience.

The aftermath of rough and experimental sex, as discussed above, can be extremely harmful to the body. Rough and experimental sex can lead to cuts, bleeding, and bruising. If it goes unnoticed and is improperly healed, it can be the catalyst for UTIs, STIs, HIV, and other infections. Please take extra safety precautions if you are going to be experimenting.

Top Quotes About Sex on Ketamine

Below are serval interpretations of experiencing sex on ketamine from a variety of anonymous souls around the country.

“Most sensual drug to make love on. Psychologically that is. The amount of effort is very little and the result is very connected. The emotions that came with it were like nothing else. It was unique and would recommend it. I’ve done it on very high doses and very little. With someone I love deeply to a one-night stand at a festival. It’s hard to explain though cause it was so out of this world and unique.”

“All In all, it was basic compared to other sexual experiences. Mostly eyes closed and feeling the essence and more than just the body. The vessel would melt away.”

“I tried it, it didn’t work”

“It’s possible in small doses and not mixed with other substances. The very relaxing body high where you’re able to really focus on the feeling. I like it but I would say mentally – it’s like you’re in your own world and accompanied by a detached amazing body high.”

“It’s already a huge heart opener. I personally prefer smaller doses because the more you take the more immobile you can become. My partner and I did it last Valentine’s Day and it was wonderful!!!!

It felt a lot like drunk sex but more cognizant and more emotional.

Very dream-like…

My body was very relaxed too!”


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