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Signs of a Revolutionary Transformation – Benjamin Bernstein on PBM2L

Hosts Selomon and Shantastic Shine interview host of the #1 Astrology Podcast on iTunes, This Week in Astrology, Benjamin Bernstein about the planetary alignments that are bringing a revolutionary transformation to Earth right now.

In this episode, we speak with Benjamin Bernstein, a professional astrologer and host of the #1 Astrology podcast on iTunes This Week in Astrology, about the revolutionary transformation that is occurring during a Pluto and Uranus square. We also talk with him about archetypes, why do the planets affect us, Pluto not being a planet, the difference between horoscopes and zodiacs, indigenous astrology and if there is a 13th zodiac.

We also talk with Benjamin about his Shamanic Breath Work Techniques, Astrology services and many more spacey topics. Near the end is a collective card reading by Shantastic Shine that will send shivers down your spine and a short meditation to leave you with peace of mind by Selomon. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Check out more about Benjamin Bernstein, his Astrology Podcast and his services at

Stay Awake and Shine On Always!

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