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Signs of Reincarnation: A 15-Week Grad Level Course with Dr. Jim Matlock

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Dr. Jim Matlock, a Visiting Scholar at the Rhine Research Center, will be hosting a course titled “Signs of Reincarnation” which will explore the implications of research into the continuation of consciousness after death.

As Dr. Nancy L Zingrone puts it:

“Jim is an anthropologist with 30 years experience in scientific parapsychology who understands the phenomena and the research in a way that virtually no other researcher around today understands it. This is an excellent course! If you’re interested at all in reincarnation.”

“Sign of Reincarnation” will be a 15-week graduate-level course, situated within consciousness studies but drawing on psychical research and anthropology among other fields. Dr. Jim says this about the course: 

“This course looks at reincarnation from all angles, but focuses on research conducted with young children who remember previous lives. Children not only talk about their memories, they behave in ways reminiscent of the people they are talking about and may resemble them physically. They may have birthmarks that relate to death wounds those people received and they may have phobias related to those persons’ deaths. These are the signs of reincarnation we will be studying. Systematic research with children began with Ian Stevenson 50 years ago but is continued today by Erlendur Haraldsson, Antonia Mills, Jim B. Tucker, and others. This research is surprisingly little known, but together it makes it difficult to deny that reincarnation occurs—but you don’t have to take my word for it! The course is designed as a seminar course, so you will not only be reading the studies but discussing and debating them with each other.”

For more information about the course, including registration, syllabus, and unit descriptions, click here.


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