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Recently, WikiLeaks announced that it was suspending publication to “aggressively fundraise” so as to stay afloat.  Founder Julian Assange said a financial blockade by Bank of America, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Western Union has snuffed 95% of WikiLeaks revenue.

Given that the bulk of WikiLeaks publications exposes secret military-industrial-complex fascism from reliable, inside sources, this restrictive maneuver by the financial magnates of the world betrays an oppressive interconnection between these two world powers.  "Our scarce resources now must focus entirely on fighting this unlawful banking blockade," Assange declared.  "If this financial attack stands unchallenged, a dangerous, oppressive and undemocratic precedent will have been set, the implications of which go far beyond WikiLeaks and its work.”  Speaking in front of a framework which depicted upside-down logos of these financial juggernauts, Assange indicated that the organization had been running off cash reserves for 11 months.

Since publishing a myriad of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables late last year, many financial institutions stopped doing business with the site and donations have been confounded.  U.S. authorities have accused the organization of illegal acts by disclosing classified information, thereby causing risk to individuals and national security; yet no formal charges or judgments have been brought against WikiLeaks, and its publications are protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution – at least in theory.

WikiLeaks has cast an antitrust complaint over the financial blockade with the European Commission, as well as starting "pre-litigation action" against funding blocks in Iceland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the U.S. and Australia.  Assange decried the banking blockade as being an “existential threat” to WikiLeaks, revealing that it "violates laws of numerous countries and arbitrarily singles out an organization that has not committed any illegal act in any country and cuts it off from the people of every country."

The alternative media source has more than 100,000 "pending publications," Assange said, and needs about $3.5 million to operate for the next 12 months.  Yet despite the temporary halt on publishing, WikiLeaks is still combating repression and taking submissions.  In November – on the one-year anniversary of the day international newspapers first published U.S. diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks – the orgranization plans to launch a new submission system designed to ensure the anonymity of people submitting sensitive information to the site.  For, regretfully: "Right now, it is not possible to trust any … connection on the internet; it is not possible to trust your banking system, to trust any regular web-based secure encryption system," Assange said.

In this enlightening time of consciousness ascension and paradigm shift, many are now coming to the stark realization of who the would-be world subjugators are, those entities which have stifled open information sharing and cleaner, healthier bio-technological and spiritual evolution at every turn, namely Big Oil, Big Finance, Big Agriculture, Big Media, and Big Pharma.  These are not separate interests, but interconnected powers which cling to the despotic, pyramid-based profiteering motives of inhuman and archaic paradigms.  Still, despite their unjust constriction of truth, the co-creators of the new planetary culture are seeing through the illusions of the old and unsustainable.


Image by Abode of Chaos on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing



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