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Sitting In as Mars Stations

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In the next week Mars will station and turn direct in Scorpio.

Here are some general tips for a Mars station:

* Clear the air if you have to, but don’t throw tantrums, if it’s important enough then you are strong enough to be tactful
* If something has been weakened don’t be surprised if it starts to regain strength. Things that may gain strength: will, self belief, courage, sex drive, energy levels, or the basic strength or weakness of some area of your life in particular (Mars may govern a variety of different topics in your life after all!)
* It sometimes gets the worst right before it gets better, so don’t lose hope, faith, or trust in the process you are in right now
* If you’re banging your head against a wall, stop. Now look over there. See how a door has been open the whole time for you to simply walk through. Stop hurting your head.
* If you’ve been angry, and you feel yourself getting more and more frustrated, be careful because blowouts may lead to stronger than expected consequences
* If you’ve been waiting for some kind of justice, it may be close at hand
* If you’ve been trying to get revenge, watch out, we reap what we sow
* If you’re on a high horse or you’ve had a streak of getting away with risk taking, be careful, you might be about to spill out
* If you’ve been on an “anti” this and “anti” that tirade the last few months, notice how it may be wearing others down to the point where people are starting to feel anti YOU…take this as a sign and maybe chill out on the anti everything rhetoric
* If you’re horny or your desires are running all over the place, remember that not getting what you want might mean getting something better…we have to slow down enough to imagine the word “no” is something more than personally prohibitive or offensive
* If you’ve been holding something in for too long, something that needs to be said, some action that needs to be taken, then do it, but remember that it’s easy to over do things when we’ve been waiting too long to do them in the first place

Finally, it’s just past the solstice and full moon, and mars is slowing down to station…impasses and culminations and even a certain heaviness is normal right now. Rather than fight it, sit with it, sit IN it…as our democratic friends did last night. 🙂

Prayer: Help us to sit IN the difficulties of this culminating moment, rather than attacking our difficulties or avoiding them.

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