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Souldish NYC Events 12/16 – 23 2010 + NYC

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==Starts January 23==


Awakening The Cosmic Serpent: Shamanism And Plant Teachers In This Transformative Time


This course
gives you the tools you need to integrate the shamanic knowledge
offered by teacher plants into your life, so you can fully embrace the
change called for by this time of global transformation.  Indigenous
wisdom about plant medicine can open the path to deep personal healing
and a profound understanding of the universe, and for many people this
ancient knowledge is transforming modern life.


the Western World, people increasingly participate in indigenous
shamanic ceremonies using psychedelic plants to open a path to deep
personal insights and high spiritual truths. These plants — including
mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, and salvia divinorum — are revered by
ancient tribal societies as potent teachers capable of healing the body,
expanding the mind, and strengthening community.


What can
modern people can learn from indigenous cultures about the use of
psychoactive plants and the modification of consciousness?

What can be
learned directly from these plants — which can be powerful and tricky
teachers — and how can we incorporate these lessons into our daily

In what ways
do indigenous people benefit from the Western interest in shamanism,
and what new cultural bridges are being built through the spread of
indigenous spiritual practices?


The renowned
anthropologist Jeremy Narby has explored these questions for over two
decades. In his much-admired books, including The Cosmic Serpant and
Shamans Through Time, Jeremy has shared his wisdom and insights. For
the first time, in this special video teleseminar series, he will
pursue these questions through two exclusive online lectures, and
one-on-one discussions with four of the world’s leading experts on the
shamanic use of mind-altering plants: Stanislav Grof, Wade Davis, Kat
Harrison and Luis Eduardo Luna.


You will be
part of this unique online event — unlike any in the history of
consciousness studies -· watching the live video stream and asking your
questions directly to these inspirational pioneers.


6 calls, starts January 23

It’s a series
of live online video courses we call the Evolver Intensives, which
we’re producing with the Prophets Conferences. The first course, hosted
by Jeremy Narby, is titled “Awakening the Cosmic Serpent: Shamanism
and Plant Teachers in the Transformative Time.” For the course, Jeremy
will give 2 lectures, and also conduct 4 one-to-one discussions with
guests Stan Grof, Wade Davis, Kat Harrison, and Luis Eduardo Luna. All
this takes place using a real-time, interactive video technology easily
accessible to anyone with a laptop and a broadband connection. If you
can see YouTube videos, you can take part in an Evolver Intensives
seminar. It starts on Jan 23 and runs on 6 consecutive Sundays at 4pm


Register Here:


))Souldish Featured Events((


== Saturday, Dec. 18 ===


Get Your Spore on Dance Party & Evolver Activation


Evolver NYC
and Get Your Dance On are uniting forces to bring together the city’s
best local DJs, musicians, yoga teachers, healers, artists, and
performers for a night of ecstatic holiday revelry.  Join
us at YogaWorks duplex space in Soho, complete with three huge rooms,
chill spaces, saunas, and showers (for when you’re danced out).  Featuring:
DJ Dhundee, the drumming of Brian T Carter and Broolyn Shekere, The
Didge Project, Parashakti, Unitribe, Brooklyn Acupuncture Project, Adam
Collett, Nyx of the night, JourneyDance with Jeanine T Abraham, live
art, and high vibe treats like raw chocolate, “micro-brew” kombucha, and
turmeric elixirs.


8:15pm: Evolver Activation:  Asanas, Astrology, and Altered States: Techniques for Transformation in the Modern Age.  We
will explore how to utilize the ancient sciences of yoga, shamanic
practices, and astrological investigation to bring focus, purpose,
healing, and personal evolution in our lives.  Featuring
Nightlight Astrologer, yogi, and “Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an
Ayahuasca Vision Quest” author Adam Elenbaas; Co-founder of the NY
Shamanic Circle and publisher of Shaman Portal Itzhak Beery, and Dream
Yoga practitioner Matt Canale. Hosted by Evolver’s Jennifer Palmer.


(8pm – midnight, $20 at the door. A portion of the proceeds go to Housing Works)

YogaWorks Soho

459 Broadway 2nd floor



==Sunday, December 19==


Solstice Inipi Ceremony with Unitribe (Sacred Sweat Lodge)


Alokananda Unitribe, Blessings Everyone Join us for a very special…
Winter Solstice Inipi Ceremony …*Unitribe is very grateful to host this
very special Winter Solstice Inipi Ceremony (sacred sweat lodge) with
our renowned Elder Vernon Foster (Thunder He Walks With).   As
the year winds down to a close, we gather once again in support and in
prayer to reflect, cleanse, create and purify. As we head into the
Northern direction, the direction of Winter; we prepare ourselves
mentally, physically and spiritually for the challenges and
opportunities that await us in the upcoming months and year. The
medicine of the North is all about wisdom and truth.  What
have you learned this year? What has become irrefutable in your
awareness? What will support that which you are envisioning for yourself
and the world you are creating? Join us for a very powerful,
meaningful and transformational experience. Receive the wisdom and
support of community and an authentic Elder who’s life experience and
wisdom is humbly and generously shared with all peoples. Workshop
includes ::::~wisdom teachings from our elders~sacred songs ~inipi
ceremony~sacred fire activation~shamanic qi gong ~sharing: Connecting:
And so much more! ::::Traditional tribal family pot luck to close
:::Vernon foster indian name, wakia un manee (thunder he walks with) is a
national indian leader and works with many tribes in the us and
internationally helping to develop cultural and educational programs as a
teacher, healer and lecturer. He has been an activist for the native
people since 1968 and is the southwest regional director of the american
indian movement (aim). Vernon has turned his focus on preserving and
sharing the spiritual ways of the native peoples. He is a healer who
holds the direct methods that have been used by our ancestors for
centuries.   Also Hosting and in Service…*Parashakti, Alokananda, & Matt Koco


*The Green
Bus Tour – Will be Providing Transportation TO and FROM the Lodge,
starting at Union Square West. -Kirtan hosted by Sri Kala on the way!!!


(11a – 7:30p, $45)

The Yellow Ranch

15 County Road 518 Princeton NJ (Arrive)

(The contribution goes towards wood, stones, labor, your transportation and to support our elder and the overall mission 🙂

*Register simply by sending a brief intention and email to [email protected]


))Other Events((


==Thursday, December 16==


Ambient  Groove Temple DubAID Beats for a Better Tomorrow


This December
come and join URBAN CABARET in supporting NextAid’s 4th Annual World
AIDS Day campaign, kicking off on November 27th and running the entire
month of December. There are over a dozen parties in 10 cities in 3
countries on board! Proceeds will support NextAid’s current projects in
Africa including the construction an eco-friendly micro-enterprise
facility for youth in Kenya; the education of orphaned children in South
Africa and critical maternal health programs for girls and women in
Sierra Leone.  NextAid is a dance music based nonprofit
organization that harnesses the power of music to support sustainable
development projects that serve vulnerable children, youth and women in
Africa. Through music events and public education initiatives, NextAid
provides empowering opportunities for concerned individuals to make a
difference. “Using the beats of our generation to provide hope for the
next.”  If
you cannot make it to a benefit party, you can still be a part of the
global campaign by joining us online. For all the up-to-date campaign
information, go to


(9p – 4a,  $15 plus optional donation before 10:30, $20 after)


199 Bowery

==Friday, December 17==


Om Sweet Om:: All Night Yoga Party Brooklyn Dzong


Welcome to a
night of mesmerizing music, multiple full-length yoga classes,
delicious gourmet vegan dinner, private massage and energy healing
rooms, and dancing and playing past the sunrise into a beautiful new
day. Prepare to be thoroughly rejuvenated:: mind, body, and soul at Om
Sweet Om:: All Night Yoga Party.  Like the All Night Yoga
Parties of recent times, we begin our celebration with the ancient
acoustic sounds of Sitar,… Tabla, Flute, and classical Guitar.


At 9pm Alokananda (
leads a short opening to clear our minds and bring our focus to our
highest intentions for ourselves. Then, following a water break, we’ll
begin our first class:: Esoteric Warrior Yoga led by Maximvs Prophet ~ a
unique blend of Vinyasa, Tibetan yoga, sound healing, ecstatic dance
and breathing practices. *As with all classes at the All Night Yoga
Party, beginners are more than welcome… and more advanced students will
almost always learn something new.


At 11pm to the soothing sounds of live Sitar we welcome back Sandhi Ferriera (
for Acro-Yoga! Simple and challenging, this fun partner class takes
you up in the air… decompressing and releasing your body in ways you
may never have thought possible. Class concludes with a few partner
Thai massage exercises. And for the next half hour feel free to keep
practicing your new skills with your partners.


Then around 1 am Trinity Dances (
will guide us in a gentle, transformative, JourneyDance™ ~ an
improvisational and celebratory dance experience that unleashes our
inner states, bringing clarity, peace and bliss. We will dance to
nurture, ground and heal. We will dance to connect, love and
communicate. Most importantly we will get in touch with, and dance
whatever way, our body and soul needs to authentically express itself.


Having worked
up quite an appetite with all this yoga and dancing… we are invited to
an abundant Feast of Vegan Delights (brought to you by Telah Quemere
of Handmade Organics).. full menu coming soon…  What else?
**Amazing live DJs spinning Funkadelic Eastern Remixes and Downtempo
grooves til noon**Body Painting with Vann Godfrey and family  **Aerial
Silk Performances**Two healing rooms:: for Professional Shiatsu and
Thai Massage, and Reiki Healing by donation**10′ by 50′ participatory
art wall to express your creative artistic transmissions**Comfy
Chill-out Lounge


As the sun
rises we integrate our experiance and gracefully transition into a new
day with a Chakracize & Tai Chi Healing Circle led by Kiana Love…
followed by Zazen Meditation with Jester Jaimi.  Delight in your true light … celebrate all the beauty we have together… find strength in living from your heart.


(8p – 11a next day, $40)

Om Sweet Om:: All Night Yoga Party 

Friday, December 17th Doors at 8pm

Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary (address provided with online ticket purchase)

Tickets are available for online pre-sale at
for $40. Register early, as space is limited to ensure everyone can
participate. There are also a few work-exchange scholarships. Please
apply early if you are interested.


==Friday, December 17==


World Peace Holiday Party


and create causes of peace and happiness by joining us for our annual
Holiday party. Enjoy vegetarian food, non-alcoholic drinks and the
company of our Sangha community as well as some excellent entertainment
from surprise guests and talented friends.  Everyone welcome.  Chakrasambara
Kadampa Meditation Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization.
Our mission is to offer a path of wisdom and compassion to the New York
community through the explanation and practice of Kadampa Buddhism.
All proceeds go towards accomplishing this goal.


(7p – 10p, Free)

Chakrasambara Buddhist Center

322 8th Ave., Suite 502 (entrance on 26th St.)


==December 17==


Handcrafting Home Brews


This third
workshop will cover: malting whole grains for superlative home brew
beers and will include sources for organic whole grains; preparing
herbal tonics and sacred beers with wild dandelion, yarrow, rosemary
and others; culturing wild yeasts. Kombucha preparation will also be
covered and kombucha “mothers” will be given away to make at home.
Handouts of recipes will be provided.  $30 per class OR $25 if you register for two or more classes!


(6p- 8p, $30)

To register email back at this address   [email protected]

o register email back at this address   [email protected]

The Center for Bioregional Living

Ellenville / Brooklyn, NY



==Saturday, December 18==


The Traditional Wisdom Diet and Herbal with Brad Teasdale


Part 1 / Winter:

This workshop
is the 1st of a four-part series which explores the traditional wisdom
and practice of living in deeper harmony and alignment with nature. In a
small group setting we explore a new approach to health and diet
through the synthesis of traditional teachings from: indigenous North
& South America, China, and ancient Europe.  Each
meeting of this 4 part series coincides with the cardinal points of the
calendar (the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice, and
autumnal equinox). We discuss the elemental, physiological &
energetic correspondences of each season and explore specific diets,
herbal remedies, and grounding practices that resonate with the time of
year. Seasonal foods, herbal cleanses, and local medicinal plants are
discussed in depth. Each participant is encouraged to share their own
wisdom and experience with the group. For those who wish to go deeper – a
private program of herbal cleanses & bodywork sessions are also
available to further integrate the teaching and healing of the season.


(1 – 4 p)

Virayoga – 580 Broadway btwn Prince and Houston

Suite 205; (212) 334 – 9960

Space is limited – please register at; 917.362.7546


==Saturday, December 18==


Rosie’s Mandala Workshop @ CoSM


This is a pre-full moon ceremony workshop.  Drawing the Light Mandala Class: Illuminating Sacred Circles for Healing and Awakening  The
mandala, Sanskrit for “circle or container of essence,” has been used
throughout history in various cultures as an aid to meditation, prayer,
and journeying within. Mandala drawing can be a means to access this
inner Light always available in us, a resource for inner strength.  Join
Eileen Rose, (Rosie) on the Winter Solstice at CoSM to welcome back
the light which is always within us. Through meditation and holding
strong intentions, participants will intuitively receive and illuminate
sacred symbols for healing, inner strength and manifestation, as they
create luminous mandalas. Participants of any skill level will create
illuminated mandalas using colored pencils on black paper and other
simple materials. This joyous and non-competitive workshop will include a
releasing burning ritual and the creation of a communal sand mandala
after the Full Moon ceremony that night.   At the time when darkness is long, this workshop is an opportunity to reclaim our inner Light.


Details: Pre-Full Moon Workshop:  Mandala
Drawing (3pm – 6pm) Includes Dinner, Full Moon ceremony (7pm – 12am)
& Solstice celebration (12am – 4am), All art supplies included $65


(3p – 6p, $65)

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

46 Deer Hill RoadWappingers Falls, NY


==Saturday, December 18==


Cosm Full Moon Solstice Celebration


(6:30p – 4a, $20)

Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

46 Deer Hill Road

Wappingers Falls, NY


==Saturday, December 18==


Tron Legacy NYC Party 


Kostume Kult, Stimulate, and Thrills & Skills present- Tron Legacy: NYC.  A
futuristic, UV/blacklight themed Tron Legacy Film Release Party paying
homage to the 1982 cult classic film and the long awaited sequel that
opens in theaters on Friday 12/17. An evening of Music, Dancing and
tremendous Visuals including and actual Tron Light Cycle, themed
performances and NYC’s most stylish people.  Happy hour 8-10pm, Drink specials all night


(8p – 4a, $15 presale, $20 door/ in theme, $25 door/ streetwear) 19+

Santos Party House

96 Lafayette Street (2 blocks south of canal) Downtown

Please RSVP:


==Saturday, December 18==


Psytrance Legacy ” A Minimal Tech & Psychedelic Music Experience


Psytrance family , we the Loud Monitors crew would like to thank to all
of you for coming out to our last event !! we had and amazing time and
it would be possible with out your support 🙂 … Due a miss
communication issue DJ EARTHLING will not be able to join us on this
event , however we are still on!! and more than ready to have another
banger 🙂   Price will be drop down to $20 dollars before
midnight and $25 after , doors will be open from 9pm and music will be
rocking from the very beginning so please come and be part of this
madness as early as possible 🙂   There is going to be a very special surprise for those early birds TBA 🙂   This
is a 21+ event , We would like to apologizes to all our young
psytrance family who did not get in , it was a establishment last thing
minute and we did not have a chance to do anything about it , please
accept our apologies 🙁  DJ Psydream will be joining us
with a blowing mind full on set prepare your self for a serious mixing
set !!! That being said, lets Rock and Roll. Loud Monitors   presents Psytrance Legacy  ; Feat Tron live First NYC appearance a psytrance & minimal techno music experience.  Djs :Tron Live First Nyc Appearance.  Cris, Radmoura, Psydream, Gavin; Deco Artist : Nephilnine; Neuronymphonic; Vj Psydream (Loud Monitors)  RVSP for a nice discount and a surprise 🙂


(9p – 4:30a, $20 before midnight $25 dollars after (NO exceptions)

Manny`s on Second 21 W/ID

1770 2nd Ave (Btwn 92nd & 93rd)

Manhattan New York,10128

for more information email us to [email protected]


==Saturday, December 18==


Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival


Azari & III * Sinden * Kid Sister * Lemonade * Treasure Fingers * Javelin * Tittsworth * Cubic Zirconia

and more!


(8pm, $35 Adv) 18+

Music Hall of Williamsburg

& Public Assembly

Public Assembly / Music Hall of Williamsburg

North 6th St (between Wythe & Kent) BK


==Saturday, December 18==


Handmade Beauty Part 1 and 2


In this class
we will craft a variety of body care products made from ingredients
easily found in your kitchen cabinet or local heath food store. You
will expand your knowledge of herbs, save money and feel your beautiful
best by making and using your own handmade beauty products. Are you
spending wads of cash on eco-household cleaners? Well you can stop! We
will be providing recipes and samples for some of the most often used
cleaners. Bring   or so small containers (washed take out condiment containers work great) so you can take some samples of what we craft home.   It
would be great if people could let me know what they are interested in
learning how to make. While I would like to cover it all in one class
it just takes too much time.  $30 per class OR $25 if you register for two or more classes!


Part 1 – 2-4pm $30

Sunday, December 19th

Part 2 – 2-4pm $30

To register email back at this address   dreiky[email protected]

To register email back at this address   [email protected]


The Center for Bioregional Living

Ellenville / Brooklyn, NY


==Tuesday, December 21==


Celebrate The Winter Solstice & Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


For New Age enthusiasts…


This years
Winter Solstice holds a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini / Cancer.
Allow the energy of this extraordinary night to inspire you to nurture
yourself in practical new ways. In the lush still darkness we will
create a sacred space to align with the Earth’s energy to embrace and
balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine within us all.



Alignment Center

120 West 28th St., 3rd Floor


==Tuesday, December 21==


Craft-on Tuesday at ETSY


Please join us for the next meeting of the Church of Craft.   The
season is upon us! And despite my best snarky intentions, I am
starting to feel the jingle bells. Maybe you have decided to knit a
scarf for every member of your family, maybe you are honing your
holiday menu to a fine point, maybe you are considering which charities
to contribute to or volunteer for, or maybe you are anticipating
spending time with/away from your family, and all that can mean.
Wherever your spirit is, it will benefit from some dedicated crafting
in community time. So bring your needles, your recipe file, your plans
for the future, and any family or friends who happen to be in town!  It
is true, the sewing machines mostly work! The labs come equipped with
your basics: scissors, tape, pens, thread, but I encourage you to bring
supplies that you want to work with in addition to what is there. More
about the labs at:  Etsy
is all about encouraging people to make stuff, just like us, so we get
to have this special event craft-on every month, where access to all
of their goodies is totally free. If you like it there you can go back
and craft Monday evenings!  Our meeting will be the usual
casual drop in affair, come any time, bring anyone, bring anything you
are working on or come & just check out what everyone else is up
to. Snacks are welcome.  Can’t make the weekday meetings?
We have a Sunday meeting too at the awesome SpaceCraft in Williamsburg!
More details when we get a little closer.


the Church of Craft

Tuesday 12/21 5-8pm

at Etsy Labs!

55 Washington Street, Suite 512,

DUMBO, Brooklyn


==Tuesday, December 21==


A Winter Solstice Shamanic Celebration


With Itzhak
Beery and the NY Shamanic Circle…This evening we will celebrate one of
the most powerful moments in the annual cycle: the night after which
the days slowly begin to lengthen. As our ancient ancestors all around
the globe did before us, we will honor the rebirth of Tata Inti (Father
Sun) from the depth of the longest, darkest nights. We will
commemorate this shortest day and longest night in recognition of our
own struggle to overcome our shadows, fears and inner darkness to
mirror within ourselves the triumphant return of the light that will
empower our Spirit. Join us in a sacred shamanic fire ceremony,
drumming, music, songs and movements.  Note: Bring a
rattle, drum and candle. No previous shamanic experience necessary. The
actual time for winter solstice is at 6:38pm.  Itzhak
Beery is a NYC-based shamanic healer who conducts shamanic workshops in
the U.S., Israel and Hawaii. He trained intensively with the
Ecuadorian Quechua, Shuar, Uru-eu-wau-wau and other South American
indigenous shamans, and is a co-founder of the NY Shamanic Circle. 


Note: Bring a
rattle, drum and candle. No previous shamanic experience necessary.
The actual time for winter solstice is at 6:38pm.


(6p, $18)

NY Open Center

22 E. 30th St.


==Wednesday, December 22==


Into the Light: A Solstice Sound Circle


Join us
December 22nd – the first day of increasing Light following the Winter
Solstice (the shortest day of the year). As the Sun begins its journey
back up into the sky we come together to release old patterns on the
subtle vibrational level, and open up to the harmony and Light within
and without.  Utilizing voice, singing bowls, digiridoo
and gongs, we offer you a sound massage for all of your cells, with
guided meditations and tools for self-empowerment.  Nobody
will be turned away for lack of funds, but please give what you can
($15-20 minimum) to respect the exchange and cover expenses.


(7p – 9p; $25 adv, $30 door)

Moving Body Resources

112 W 27th St., 4th Fl.


==Sunday, December 26==


Mattson/Barraco & Friends


Anya’s music pick of the week, with love.


(7:30p, $10 advance/$15 DOS; $12 with a can of food for local food bank)

Sullivan Hall [New York, NY]

214 Sullivan St. ;201-833-0011


==Tuesday, December 28==


New Year’s Run


Helping Strangers will be hosting a food drive at this show. Please
bring a non-perishable food, toiletry, feminine or personal hygiene or
baby product donation. SHS will have a choice of posters for everyone
who brings 10 or more items and there will be additional rewards for
those who bring more than 10 items.


Wellmont Theatre 973-783-9500; All Ages

(7p; )

5 Seymour St.

[Montclair, NJ] ;


==Thursday, December 30==


.: Unified Vibes: ~ Free Party ~ The Porch, NYC


Big Ears –
Old School Jungle; HoBeauX – Drum and Bass; Rasheed Bawlout – House;
Foodstampz – Reggae and Free Tekno; Nefarious – Live Tribal Jungle Set;
Pierce Jackson – Old School Jungle; Thunderkunt – Dark Psy Trance;
Submerger – Live Trip Hop IDM; Live Visuals by Lowkey


Please bring canned food to donate to Food Not Bombs!!!


(6p – 4a. $4 Beers and $5 Well Drinks from 6p TO 10p)

The Porch

115 Ave C (Between 7th & 8th) NYC

Flier at :


))Noteworthy Artist((

GRAMMY Nomination Shines Light on an Untold Story: 


Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon’s Soul Call Creates a Community “Totally Lost” in Song


Watch out for Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon, she’s got an amazing voice.  Something
interesting has happened in this year’s world music GRAMMY
nominations. A self-released artist who few have heard of got a




1.  Entangled with Graham Hancock – Disinformation: The Podcast


This episode
features an interview with Graham Hancock, author of Fingerprints of
the Gods, Supernatural, The Sign and the Seal, and the recently
released Entangled. We discuss Graham’s influential work in the field
of alternative history, 2012, his recent shift from non-fiction to
fiction, and his views on the “War on Consciousness.”  Disinformation:
The Podcast is a monthly series featuring interviews with authors,
artists and filmmakers about topics related to politics, the occult,
conspiracy, magick, hidden history, spirituality, fringe science, and
much more. Past interviews include Jim Marrs, Douglas Rushkoff, and the
legendary Alan Moore.


ENTANGLED is now available on ___   and at a bookstore near you.


2. The Survival Podcast


Jack’s show is not only interesting, it is informative.  Learn about permaculture, prepping, go-bags and bug-out locations. 



3. Planet 100: Urban Farms are popping up all over America


))Take Action((


Protect your right to local food.  Urge your Senators now to resist any effort to ram through S 510.








Bring in the
new year upstate with The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors and friends as they
celebrate through art, music and warm connections.  New Year’s Eve at Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.  DJ’s:  Ohia,
Primate, Cloud, Indo Visual, Satchi Om; Bellydancing: Elizabeth Muise
& Sarah Jezebel Wood, Fire, Phantomime, Live Painting, Alex &
Allyson Grey.  2 rooms of entertainment.


(8pm to 4am $40 Adv, $60 Dr.)

46 Deer Hill Road

Wappingers Falls, NY




G & S:  The Bootleggers’ Ball


The moment
you’ve been waiting for – New Year’s Eve tickets are on sale NOW. They
are only $35 until 12/27, $40 after, and (if any are left), $50 at the
door. We *highly* recommend buying in advance — last year’s event sold
out at the last moment, with nearly half going in one day on 12/31.
We’re adding performers and extras all the time, so the lineup will
likely double  as we get closer to the event, but we wanted to give you first possible notice of tickets going on sale.


contraband has been ordered, authorities paid off, and performers lined
up for a New Year’s Eve speakeasy ball in a breathtaking former church
with soaring ceilings. Expect the intimacy of a daring cabaret mixed
with the intrigue of a vintage costumed ball, expansiveness of a
warehouse dance party, excitement of live brass, a splash of fine
cocktails, and just a dash of illicit adventure and unpredictable
moments. Delightful drinks by The House of St Eve and other treats.
Custom vintage-themed buttons to VIPs/first 75 guests by Bad Buttons.  Featuring:  Dixieland
steamboat soul – Roosevelt Dime, Stealth brass antics – Stumblebum
Brass Band, Vintage sweet sweet jazz – DJ Jason Blackkat, Silver film
magic – Tsirkus Fotografika, Tarot & 2011 numerology divination –
Marcy Currier, Fabulous face painting – Painteresse Elysabeth, Hosted by
steampunk dandy GD Falksen


Dress code:
depression glamour, evening ball on the Titanic, hobo formal,
desperation derring-do. Effort required. Own cups optional, but welcome.


8pm-6am, 21+ with ID (25+ suggested)

$35 presale until 12/27, $40 after, $50 at door if avail, $20 after 2am

A former house of worship, Fort Greene, BK

Password RSVP:



=2== Winkel and Baltick – Announcing W&B Airlines




It was the
day before Thanksgiving. Winkel & Balktick stood under the
airport’s fluorescent lights, waiting for their enhanced pat down. As
they removed their shoes and belts and hoped that their nail clippers
would not be discovered, they wondered, “What happened to the glamour,
excitement and joy of air travel?”  Upon returning to
Brooklyn, they convened a meeting of the jet-settingest artists,
performers, DJ and bands from the borough and beyond. They pow-wowed
with the investors, attorneys and regulators. The runways were clear and
all systems were ready for takeoff.  On New Year’s Eve,
W&B Airlines will debut its 45,000+ square foot terminal of love in a
warehouse in Sunset Park’s Industry City Airport. The W&B
Terminal’s debonair Frequent Flyer Lounge & Cabaret, Kings County
Hangar dancefloor, exotic destinations, risque security screenings, air
traffic control towers, preposterous pilots and stewardesses galore are
set to revolutionize 21st century air travel!  IN FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT  The
Kings County Hangar dancefloor presents disco, house, techno, breaks
and dubstep from DJs D_JUICE, LEE MAYJAHS?, DHUNDEE and COURAGE (aka
Steve B).  The Frequent Flyer Lounge & Cabaret presents
exotica, comedy and other live entertainment by THE XYLOPHOLKS, THE
TELEMERES, THE PORNO JIM SHOW (Mile High Club Edition) and more.  Art installations, performers, and more bands will be announced soon!  FLY
WITH US W&B Airlines is looking for artists, performers,
volunteers and crew to make its liftoff a 20,000 foot high success! If
you are a creative person who wants to express yourself, meet people
and learn more about the art and science of warehouse parties, join us!  We
are having open W&B Airlines Socials on Wednesday, December 8th
and Tuesday, December 21st from 7:30pm-11pm in Dumbo. There will be
free food and adult beverages and sexy stewardesses of all genders.
RSVP to attend.


Visit for more information, or email us at [email protected].




December 31, 2010, 10pm-sunrise

At Industry City Airport

In Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Very near the D,N,R trains at 36th St

21+ w/ ID



$30 advance, $40 walk in


==NYE After Party==


The Robot Revolution – 3rd Annual Psybotik New Year’s Eve Afterparty


Psybotik is a household name in the NYC psytrance scene.  This is the place to go after your NYE shenanigans if you love psytrance.


Limited $5, $10, and $15 pre-sales while supplies last

$20 at the door, $5 off before 6am OR with flyer OR by sending an email to [email protected] (one RSVP per email address)

Public Assembly – Front and Side Room

70 North 6th St

Brooklyn, NY

4am-2pm – 21+ w/ID


=== Friday, December 31st ===


Get ready for New York City’s most unique New Year’s Eve celebration


Jivamukti Yoga will hold its 22nd Annual Silent New Year’s Eve Mauna on Friday, December 31st 2010.   This
year’s celebration features a special year-end yoga class led by
Jivamukti Yoga co-creators Sharon Gannon and David Life, a delicious
vegan dinner at JivamukTea Café and a kirtan dance party to ring in


Jivamukti Yoga School

841 Broadway, 2nd Floor

(between 13th and 14th Streets)

For admission to the yoga class and/or vegan dinner, please call 212-353-0214 or visit





== Saturday, January 1st – Friday, January 7th ==


“Back to the Source” with Sharon Gannon and David Life

Kirtan with Krishna Das, Russell Simmons answers your questions.  Sharon
Gannon and David Life, the dynamic co-founders of the Jivamukti
method, will teach a series of master classes and lead events that will
get you in touch with the spiritual foundation of yoga.  You
won’t want to miss this opportunity to make a real change in your life
that will awaken, energize, deepen and transform your yoga practice.  Besides
master classes with Gannon and Life, this year’s program also features
a special performance by kirtan legend Krishna Das, a question and
answer session featuring Russell Simmons, a meditation class and a
continuing education workshop for teachers who want to refine their


Master Classes with Sharon Gannon and David Life at Prince George Ballroom

15 East 27th Street (between 5th and Madison Avenues)


January 1st to January 7th


Spend a week
studying with living masters Sharon Gannon and David Life. Each
three-hour workshop will include meditation, asana, spiritual teachings
and a 45-minute question and answer session.  This is a rare opportunity to receive spiritual insights from living masters that will awaken your heart and mind.  

January 1 and 2, 1pm to 4pm

January 3 to 7,   10am to 1pm

1:00 pm to 1:45 pm  Q &A with Gannon and Life – (Q&A is free and open to the public)

On January 7th entertainment mogul Russell Simmons join Gannon and Life for the Q&A

Price: $65 per day OR $350 for a 7 day class pack


Kirtan with Krishna Das at Prince George Ballroom

15 East 27th Street (between 5th and Madison Avenues)


January 5th

Go right to the source of bhakti yoga, one of the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga, at kirtan with Krishna Das.  Krishna Das, known for his uplifting chanting, will be blessing the community with a night of music, chanting, and fun!  “Satsang
is where people gather together to remember, to turn within and find
their own inner path to the One…So let’s sing!”- Krishna Das



Price: $25 in advance/$30 at door

$20 for those purchasing the whole week of master classes.


Thursday Night Meditation at Jivamukti Yoga School

841 Broadway 2nd Floor (between 13th and 14th Streets)


January 6th

Every Thursday night, Jivamukti Yoga School offers a guided meditation class led by Ganesh Das, the director of the school.  On
Thursday, January 6th Ganesh Das will be accompanied by his holy
teacher Sharon Gannon for what is sure to be an enlightening and deeply
transforming experience for all.   Don’t miss it!  


8 to 9:30pm


Education Workshop for Jivamukti Teachers ONLY at Prince George
Ballroom 15 East 27th Street (between 13th and 14th Streets)


January 7th

Calling all certified Jivamukti Teachers!  Energize and strengthen your practice and the Jivamukti community by coming together to study with Sharon-ji and David-ji.


2 to 4 pm

Price: $35

To register
for the master classes, kirtan with Krishna Das and the continuing
education workshop (the Thursday night meditation class is free),
please visit or call 212-353-0214.  Please bring your own mat and props (blankets, belts, blocks, etc.) to asana classes.




==January 7==


Nature as Wisdom: A Rainforest Plant Medicine Council Gathering

Jan 7-17, 2011 and Jan 19-29, 2011


This January,
join Reality Sandwich editorial director Daniel Pinchbeck for a
special 10-day retreat in Costa Rican rainforest with the elders of the
Secoya tribe. Daniel writes, “Almost a decade ago, I first went down to
the Amazon in Ecuador to visit the Secoya, a tribe of seven hundred
who maintain an ancient lineage of shamanic practice. I wrote about the
journey at length in my book Breaking Open the Head. It was truly one
of the most amazing times of my life, and I still feel grateful that I
had an opportunity to apprentice with the Secoya shamans, elders in
their 60s and 70s who are wise, giggling jungle wizards, and true


“Because the
Secoya’s homeland is under threat by the oil companies, my friend, the
ethnobotanist Jonathan Miller Weisberger, is bringing the elder shamans
of the tribe to his extraordinary lodge in Costa Rica, Guaria de Osa,
for two ten-day plant medicine retreats. Guaria de Osa is a wildlife
paradise with chattering monkeys in the trees, sea turtles spawning on
the beach, whales breaching, lizards skittering, and so on. It is an
ideal place to hold ceremonial space.”


Hosted by Sentient Experientials with Reality Sandwich

Jan 7-17, 2011 with the Secoya Elders

Jan 19 – 29, 2011 with the Secoya Elders and guest speaker Daniel Pinchbeck


Rainforest Ocean Wilderness Discovery Centre & Ethnobotanical Gardens on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica,

10 nights / 11 days.  Space available for 15 participants each session.

Reserve a spot while spaces are available. Email Dahlia at [email protected].


===== Sun, January 23 — Sun, March 6=====


Reality Sandwich and The Prophets Conference present…


Awakening the Cosmic Serpent: A Live Online Course


bestselling author Jeremy Narby for “Awakening the Cosmic Serpent:
Shamanism and Plant Teachers in this Transformative Time,” a
pathbreaking 6-part online course that explores the mysteries at the
heart of ancient shamanic practices and the visionary states they
entail. This Evolver Intensives web seminar includes live video
conversations with four of the world’s leading experts on the shamanic
use of mind-altering plants: Stanislav Grof, Wade Davis, Kat Harrison
and Luis Eduardo Luna. It all starts on January 23. 


the Western world, people increasingly participate in indigenous
shamanic ceremonies using psychedelic plants to open a path to deep
personal insights and high spiritual truths. These plants — including
mushrooms, peyote, ayahuasca, and salvia divinorum — are revered by
ancient tribal societies as potent teachers capable of healing the body,
expanding the mind, and strengthening community.


This course
gives you the tools you need to integrate the shamanic knowledge
offered by teacher plants into your life, so you can fully embrace the
change called for by this time of global transformation.


This will be a
live, dynamic experience in which you become part of a community of
students sharing real time with some of the most inspiring visionaries
of our era.


You can watch Jeremy’s video introduction to “Awakening the Cosmic Serpent” here:


To learn more, visit

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