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Souldish NYC: 4/9-30

))Souldish Top Featured Events((
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==Friday, April 9th==

Horned Ball 6 Paleolithikk- Kostume Kult and Reality Sandwich

On Friday, April 9th Kostume Kult will hold the Horned Ball, its
annual Spring ritual, featuring tribal beats, all night dancing,
interactive art, games and prehystorical absurdity in partnership with
Reality Sandwich and New York City’s seething underground.  Cheap
Drinks All night (*details at bottom) Kitche open all Night.  DJ’s
spinning House, Breaks and Electro in two rooms including Tektite
(Kostume Kult/ Vitamin B), Morphous (Kostume Kult) Hellfire Machina
(Bass Fueled Mischief), Lee Mayjahs? (PEX), The Bass (Disorient), Nigel
Richards (PEX) and Fabian Alsultany (GlobeSonic/ Body Temple) and
others TBA.  Artists: decor by animus art collective, flora by greg
skolozdra, flying el-pterodactyls by brooklyn airdrome, prehystoric
video by metal tiger and vj lenka, cave painting by kritta, photobooth
by joe che, mastadonia by costume jim, dancers, hula-hoopers, stilters
and you creating whatever you might for this interactive/ participatory
arts event. (And more to be added soon.)  Dress: horns, tusks, woolly
mammal, dinosaur, troglodyte, urban kaveman, or anything extinct. An
annual spring bacchanal – the idea is to wear horns of any type whether
or not you want to play along with this year’s sub-theme or not.
Springtime arrives and the animals come out of hibernation.  Featuring:
horn and prosthetic brow-ridge vending, cave & body painting, drag
your mate by the hair races, bison tartar, pin the tail on the
mastodon and anything else your might want to create…Make art or
volunteer? This is a huge venue with many corners to gussy and much
room to play. There’s a main room with a stage, balcony and backstage
area, a good sized bar area and a side room so please let us know if
you want to create or otherwise empower others– get involved by
emailing producer ilya at ilya.Cb@gmail.Com

(8p – 5a, $15 adv, $20 door/costume; $25 Door/no costume) 21+
261 Driggs Avve. at Eckford
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Subways: Nassau G or Bedford L

==Saturday April 17==

Dreams*shpongle: Afterparty*

A Benefit for the New Seed Space: 2nd Annual Hofmann Dreams, Bicycle
Day Celebrations.  Featuring the art work of Gizem Bacaz.  “I hope you
will help in the transformation of my problem child into the wonder
child” -Dr. Albert Hofmann  Join us for an evening of Creativity &
Mind Expansion.  Open yourself up for a journey…Labld, Spineless Thug,
The Return of the Carnival Parade, Experimental Video Installations:
Kaliptus & Syd Gnosis.  ReVERB ~ Wheel of Dreams, By Philippe
Javier Garcesto, A Performance Prayer For Seed  *sound therapy, *belly
dancing, *film screenings, *live music, *mouth watering mind altering
art exhibition.  Live Painting: Cash & Scribe, Handmade Shop:
Scribles.  Psyculptural Installation by: NephilNine Reality Engine,
Cris, Primate; Chai Shop and Chill Space: Roman & Luna; More to be
announced…Keep your self in tune with your higher self.

(12a – 8a, $20)
210 Market St. Newark, NJ

Directions: Take the 14th St & 6th Ave Path Train to Journal
Square then to Newark Penn Station, Exit Penn Station, turning right
onto Market Street in Newark, continue on Market St for 2 blocks, the
venue is on the left.


==Wednesday, April 21==

Evolver Spores: The Future of Psychedelics

Come join fellow evolvers as we explore and discuss
exciting new frontiers for psychedelics in our modern culture, as both
scientifically verified medicines and intentional tools for personal
development. The night features Carole Hart, one of the original writers
Sesame Street and the producer and director of “For the Next Seven Generations,” who will
her story of how peyote cured her cancer. She will also treat us to a
video of the 13 Grandmothers addressing the power of prayer, plant
and the divine feminine.  Evolver
editorial director and “2012” author Daniel Pinchbeck will speak about
transformative experiences taking Iboga, and Martin Dockery, creator of
Bike Trip (a one-man show about Albert Hofman’s legendary journey) will
take us
on a psychedelic storytelling adventure.

The evening will also include Kathe Izzo "The Love
Artist" conducting an ecstatic Love Ceremony dealing with the slightly
“psychotropic sacrament” of Aphrodisian Raw Chocolate; Trypnosis
sessions via
stroboscopic goggles with the Trypnotist; live drawings inspired by
transcendental musical with Chris Kaplan; facepainting with Troy Frantz;
Yoga” with Matt Canale; a binaural beats and Theta brainwave inducing
experiments with Eliott Edge; meditation trips through the imagination
with the
ID Project’s Joshua Adler. Also
participating will be the MAPS NYC
Group, The Green Bus Tour with Charlie Gonzalez, and experimental acoustic tunes by Nathan Clark and his band.
Drinks, music, mingling, and more.

Doors 7:30pm, 8pm–10:30 $10

388 Atlantic Avenue (between Hoyt and Bond). Check
out our
new Evolver headquarters with convenient subway stops (A, C, G, F, Q, N,
R, 4,
5 trains)

Brooklyn, NY


==Thursday, April 22==

The Crystal Method CoSM Benefit Party – Celebrate Earth Day

Ken Jordan from The Crystal Method.  Opening DJs: Satchi Om, Dub
Magi.  Virtual CoSM by Spectrum Visuals & Johnathan Singer; Fire
Performance Phantomime; Bellydance, Special fusion duet with Sarah
Jezebel Wood & Elizabeth Muise Sedona.  Flower Dancing & Floral
Sculpture – Anthony Ward.  Live Painting w/ Alex & Allyson Grey. 
The whole evening will be filmed in Hi-Def 3-D!!!! Wear your most
fabulous 3-D appropriate attire.  Earth day at CoSM with Allyson &
Alex Grey and musical guest, Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method. The day
starts at 3pm with a tour of CoSM. 6pm dinner party and conversation
with Alex and Ken. 9pm to midnight concert.  $100. Dinner and
conversation with Ken Jordan & Alex Grey. Includes Live Concert with
Ken.  $240. Dinner, Concert, CoSM Membership, & Limited edition
print of “Vision Crystal.”  $40. Live Concert with Ken Jordan.  Huge
thanks to our Sponsors Magic Hat, Kettle Chips and Izze’s sparkling

$100 Dinner with Ken Jordan & Alex Grey! Includes Live Concert
with Ken!

$240 Dinner with Ken, Concert, membership to CoSM and limited
edition Print!

$40 Live Concert with Ken Jordan from The Crystal Method

(3p – 12a, $40. $100, $240 see listing for details)
Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
46 Deer Hill Rd
Wappingers Falls, NY

==Friday, April 23==

Psygasm – An Art Exhibition & Music Event

Tryptophan art utopia presents…8pm-10pm Opening Reception/10pm – 4am
After Party.  Experience 2 rooms of music & an art show on the 2nd
floor.  DJ’s in The Urbanroom/1st floor: (to be announced) DJ’s in The
Psyroom/2nd floor:  Psylomonk – psytrance, darkpsy, darkstep, etc.
(Commercialized evil) http://www.Facebook.Com/basstest?Ref=ts.  tangled
lysergic puddles on celestrial threads – psytrance, goa, full-on, etc.
(Warp brain records) http://www.Myspace.Com/tangled_lysergic_puddles. 
psy-frix vs psyko zombi – psytrance, full-on, darkpsy, psyprog, etc. 
(…More to be announced) artists in the art exhibition:  adam scott
miller –  kaliptus – martin cash – iamunclegus mani the uncanny –   
greyegg –  collyn gold – ,josh matson, dwell oneunit, berlingeri bros,
rob servo, Php gregory dunn –   anibal – ,lucia love – , greg freyman
–  hans wolf –  Way more to be announced) live painting by:  martin
cash –  jonny berlingeri – Berlingeri gizem bacaz – ,george chavez –
scribles –   spandex and sculpture by: nephilnine (loud monitors) nyc, 
live video manipulation by: huemanoid project (tryptophan art utopia)
nj/nyc http://vimeo.Com/huemanoid.  more info coming super soon… (We
are definitely rocking the 2nd floor with an all nighter of psytrance
& lots of art)for more info contact kali at kaliptus.Arts@gmail.Com

(8p – 4a, $10)
432 6th Ave, NYC

==Friday, April 30==

Psybotik presents Lumenaughty

A birthday celebration with Reefe; “Blue”   psybotik***Lumenaughty has now been
extended to 7am and invites all those 18 years older to participate***
Coming up we have a very special treat for you on Friday, April 30th in
New York when we celebrate the birthdays of Electrik and Blue Goddess,
and The 2nd year anniversary of Psybotik.  Come saturate yourself in
an extra ordinary night of wonder with Two rooms, featuring one of our
favorite Iboga legends on his new release tour! Plus we welcome some
incredible talent from one of the most active labels in Canada.  The
event will be augmented by the passion and extravagance of the
Luminisis performers with special guests bringing us Fire, Burlesque,
Bellydance and Go-Go. All the while being encompassed by nasha-masa’s
team of visual alchemists.  Tantalize our eyes with your wild style. 
Psybotik is extremely proud to present…Lumenaughty; Electro House /
Techno / Progressive Room: Reefer decree **live & dj**likewise
**live**tapwatr vs tenzin, mayur, hisaki kiyohara, goatone; electro
house / techno / progressive / dubstep / full on / dark room:  spiro,
djane longstocking, reality engine *live*  electrik, messenger
particle, cris, hypnotoad (light-o-matic) & dysform, prishvin mess,
fire, burlesque, bellydance and go-go by:  masae, erin and victor, sera
solstice, taryn tulla, nikki miller  Daniella & the Psytrance
Barbies; VJs: Low-Key², LuneCell, Masha, Alchemism, Max Nova.  Sound
Designer: Light-O-Matic; Decor: Sean (Psybotik) & Crew.  Send email
to for reduced list and Psybotik updates.

(8p – 7a, $Free before
10 with RSVP
; $20 after 10 with RSVP; $25 at Door)
Public Assembly
70 North 6th St
Brooklyn, NY
Sign up at

))Other Listings((

==April 8th – 10th==

The New Realities Film Festival at the Subud Center

7:00pm  Never Wear a Dead Man’s Shoes – short narrative, 15 minute: A
romantic comedy about love, family and spirit possession. Written by
Judd Lear Silverman / Directed by Alan Steinfeld, festival director and
founder of NewRealities.
7:30pm:  Tantric Tourists – Feature Documentary  -80 minutes NY
Premiere: A hilarious award-winning documentary has New York tantra
teacher, Laurie Handlers, escorting a group of spiritual seekers on a
riotous pilgrimage to India.   Drunken train rides, sexual exercises on
buses, along with culture shock and the contradictions of new-age
tourism is so surreal that it can only seen as truly human. What
happens to these people is comic and deep with profound spiritual
change, making this kind of guerilla filmmaking uplifting cinema. 
Directed by Alexander Snelling.   For
more info email: or call 212 473-6388.

(7p, $12)
Subud Center
230 West 29th St. NYC
(Btwn. 7th & 8th Ave.)

==Friday, April 9th==

The Sullivan Street Shakedown: JT Donaldson, DJ Nutritious, Dynasty
Electric, & VJ Mamiko Kushida

The newest underground house music (Jackin, Chicago-Style,
Bounce-Heavy, Jazzy, & Electro) from some of the most innovative on
the scene. JT Donaldson’s productions are world famous, while Dynasty
Electric is famed for their Newsonic Loft parties and incredible live
performances. VJ Mamiko Kushida, transplanted from Kyoto Japan, brings
her avant garde visual stylings as the Sullivan Street Shakedown’s
resident and powerful VJ. SpinSpinNYC’s DJ Nutritious hosts alongside
Zoe Wilder while Max Blackman rocks the lights, masterfully. These
parties are always 18+, $10, and occur monthly at Sullivan Hall. Visit for more info.

11:30pm, $10
Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan Street, (btwn Bleecker & W. 3rd) NYC

==Friday, April 9==

Matchless Gifts Open Mic

Matchless Gifts Open Mic @ JivaMukti Cafe once again..  Conscious
music.. Conscious Food.. Conscious Venue..Bring your words of
inspiration.. your realizations..We got drums, percussion, we got
harmonies.. for the harmony.  There’s space for you.   Featured Guests:
-DJ Mole Will be in the house once again…-Hired Guns From The 3rd
Party will bless the stage. (BIG UP)-Truth Now & BS will be in the
house.. rocking new bangers!- More Featured Guest To be Announced soon.

(7:30p – 10:30p, $5 donation)
841 Broadway – 2nd Fl.


==Friday, April 9==

Paradigm Shift “Shift of consciousness” Nyc Debut & Earworm

Deck Wizards :Earworm, kno-b, brandon adams,cris, eduardo, primate. 
Lycra & Structures by: NephilNine Deco: Visual Art(Backdrops) by:
R2D2 *We have an interesting concept in mind with many screens as our
disposal we will be creating live imagery simulating backdrops*  Log
in:21+Event 15# Before Midnight 20# After.  Birthday boomers who
present valid id on the night get free entry… Including you max.. We
want to see some id directions:  very fast & easy to get to with
the 4&5 express from 14th union square to 86th.. Aprox. 10 Minutes.
And then a 5 minute walk.  Taxi/car service: 12$ from downtown
manhattan 20$ from williamsburg,brooklyn.

(1oa – 5a, $)
Manny’s on Second Ave.; Btwn. e92st. & e93st.!/event.php?eid=371618603617

==Saturday, April 10==

Re-Membering Joy: A Turning Point Experience (with Sandra Eagle)

Many of us are aware that we are in a paradigm shift and that an
element of that shift is to access altered states of consciousness that
allow for a more direct connection to Source, the Oneness, Universal
Intelligence, or whatever name you prefer. But many of us have not
experienced such a state, or have only through the use of psychedelics.
Sandra Eagle, LCSW will guide us through arriving at a heightened
state. Re-membering Joy is not a talk, it is an experience of Surrender
using intention and breath, and results in an altered state of
consciousness. We’ll experience ‘letting go’ of our ‘concept’ of what
is going on in order to let was is truly so inside surface. Fragmented
parts of ourselves integrate and we ‘re-member’ our wholeness. The
promise is to live your life from your full vitality and awakening to
the adventure of your own unfolding. Those of you who have experienced
it know the awe of it. Those of you who have yet to, welcome, the time
is here. Expect Breakthrough.

(12-4pm, $35)
Center for Integral Being
211 Front St. #2 (South St Seaport Area)

==Saturday, April 10==

Open Mic/Gallery

Spoken Word/Poetry/Music/Art with the most wonderful Donald

(9p – 2a, free) All Ages
Yoga Basin.
Mattison Ave. Asbury Park.
There are NJ Transit Train to Asbury Park, NJ!/event.php?eid=373507699748

== Early Saturday Morning, April 10  (4am)==

The Horned Boom

The official after party for Kostume Kults’ Horned Ball 6, A
fundraiser for Boom  Trike NYC

Saturday April 10, 4am – noon at Sanctuary.  DJs:  Reza, SuKhush,
$mall ¢hange, Blanco, Visuals by Lenkadu.  You’ll be getting your horn
on at The Horned Ball, keep the party going at Sanctuary and help raise
funds for Boom Trike NYC – your favorite
mobile-sound-system-insta-party-awesome-fun-times-extreme-machine.  Boom
Trike NYC is designing a whole new mobile sound system for 2010 that
will be unveiled at the Dance Parade in May and at Figment in June. A
brand new tricycle is being built from scratch along with a sound system
that is 2 times larger than the current trike (hellz yeah!). So come
party with us and help make the next great Trike go boom.  DJs: Reza,
Over the past few years Reza has been dropping beats and rhythms at a
myriad assembly of underground new york city venues ranging from
infamous east village pizza parlors to large brooklyn warehouses. He
thinks that there is no better time to party than at the afterparty. For
our party he has been preparing an eclectic set of bouncy house,
mindbending techno and bassalicious dubstep.  SuKhush:  SuKhush features
Rachel laying down live grooves & improvisation on the C Flute
over husband Vish’s DJ sets of funky world electronica. SuKhush
developed its pineal-tingling blend of the organic & technological
while Vish and Rachel owned and operated their own nightclub in Bombay,
India, during the early 2000s. Joining the New York scene in 2005,
Vish and Rachel launched 6362MetaForce – an artistic collective and
on-line boutique promoting the fashion, music, parties and community of
the global bohemian lifestyle. $mall ¢hange – super awesome
everything, $mall ¢hange is a household name in the underground
Brooklyn loft scene and alternative radio for well over a decade.
Rumored to have more vinyl then god. Will destroy your dance floor,
make you a mean margarita and run your table at 9 ball.  Blanco – deep
house / dubstep / breaks / chillout, Blanco aka Michael White has been
making music since childhood focusing on piano, guitar and percussion.
Classically trained in composition and music theory, Blanco nerds out
on chord progressions, counter point, and very very syncopated rhythms.
Blanco began producing chillout tracks and remixes in 2008 and has
been DJing since 2009.  Lenkadu – visuals (pex) 
Lenkadu aka Lenka Cludova is a multi faceted artist creating live
visuals, film, music, and live performance pieces. Lenka has most
recently been involved with VJ work for the Philadelphia Experiment
(Decom, Summerfest) and several art festivals on the west coast.

(4a – 12p, $20 donation; $15 if coming from Horned Ball; $10
Presale tickets at

==Saturday, April 10==

The Urban Reclamation – a silent rave to end all silent raves

Brought to you by Chaos Brigade, Raveapple, Newmindspace, Fluff’s
Events, Free Hugs NYC.  Part 1: Wear something strange; Part 2: Choose
music; Part 3: Rave; It’s a silent rave! No strings attached. Be ready
for the greatest rave we have seen yet.  We are going to Times Square
for this one! Sections of Times square have been made pedestrian, so
there is a load of space and lots of confused tourists. Dance in Duffy
Square, on the tkts steps or wherever.  We know you like Union Square,
but we want this to be too big for Union Square!

(5p – 10p, Free)
Times Square
Broadway between 46th and 47th

==Saturday, April 10==

Setting up a Community Compost System

Does your community garden want to expand its composting program to
handle more material? Are you looking to involve more community members
in your garden, but not sure how to organize this system? This
workshop will offer practical ideas and tips for setting up a community
scale composting system in your garden. We will also examine an
example of this type of system at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden,
whose system includes a 3-bin system, metal can composters, and 3
compost tumblers.  Registration is required. Workshop fee $5 per
person, cash only.  This workshop is presented by the NYC Compost
Project in Manhattan.

(10a – 11a, $5)
La Plaza Cultural Community Garden,
East 9th Street and Avenue C;

==Sunday, April 11==

An Evening with HuDost and Alex & Allyson Grey

“Wounding and the Creative Process” w/ Alex Grey and Live concert
with HuDost and friends.  Human vulnerability to pain and death have
been rich sources of inspiration for artists throughout the centuries.
The number of songs about broken hearts potential outnumber those on
any other topic. Artist, Frida Khalo suffered a crippling back injury
that appeared in and contributed to her soulful self-portrature.
Beethoven’s deafness was the birthplace for some of the world’s
greatest music. The velvet voice of Moksha of the musical ensemble,
HuDost, was quieted temporarily by a recent brain tumor from which she
has successfully healed. The Grey’s are rapidly recovering from bone
breaks of vertebrae and ankle due to a recent auto accident, but their
commitment to a creative life has been empowered. Join us for a
discussion of how the hardships of life can be spun into golden
creative thread.

(3p – 6p, $15)
46 Deer Hill Road
Wappingers Falls, NY

==Sunday, April 11==

Dances of Vice: The Shanghai Foxtrot Band

Shien Lee and Grandpa Musselman & His Syncopators present the
Shanghai Foxtrot band, performing live at China1 in a monthly series of
vintage dinner parties. Enjoy delicious dim sum and cocktails in a
gorgeous setting reminiscent of 1920s Shanghai.  The show is $5 for
non-dining guests and free if you make dining reservations between
7-8:30pm (Call 212-375-0665). Shanghai Foxtrot plays from 8:30-10:30. 
During the 1920-30s, western jazz was extremely popular in Shanghai,
and many of the decadent ballrooms and nightclubs of the city featured
top British and American bands of the era. Nightclubs were frequented
by wealthy expatriates and young, newly rich Chinese. Shanghai was
revered as both the “Paris of the East” as well as the “Whore of Asia”
for its decadent and cosmopolitan qualities. Which are you coming for
at Dances of Vice?  The Shanghai Foxtrot Band will return on April 11th
for another evening of live music from 1920-40s Shanghai and Chinese
classics at stunning LES gem China 1 Antique in a new series of dinner
and cocktail parties presented by Shien Lee and Grandpa Musselman &
His Syncopators. See pictures from last month’s soiree on Metromix. 
DOV Dinner & Cocktail Party.  Band, DJ until midnight.

(7p – 11p, $5, Free w/ Dining Reservation (Call 212-375-0665)
China 1 Antique Restaurant & Lounge
50 Avenue B NYC!/event.php?eid=104976952869236&ref=mf

==Sunday, April 11==

How Ganesh Got His Head

“Bhakti Yoga is the most essential component of Jivamukti Yoga….We
felt from the beginning that without desire for God, asana is
meaningless exercise.  Without devotion, yoga cannot be attained.” 
Sharon Gannon and David Life, The Jivamukti Yoga Book.  Bhakti (or
devotion) in asana goes beyond an offering at the beginning of class. 
In an asana sequence set against a back drop of chanting music and
storytelling, we will explore  the relationship between asana and
devotion, and modes for the cultivation of bhakti in our asana asana

(6-8:30p, $45)
Jivamukti Yoga School
841 Broadway, 2nd Fl.


==Tuesday, April 13==

Wild Wombing Group Program – Reclaim Your Body & Love Feeling

Are you uncomfortable with your body? Wish it would just do what it
is supposed to do, ie., let you thinner..more attractive…stop
hurting?  Would you like to awaken to pleasure, feel nourished,
supported, loved, sexy? Would you like to let go of pain & self
doubt?  When I discovered I had fibroids my body had already been
“yelling”-with ovarian cysts, painful, heavy cycles, and urinary tract
infections. Learning how to reclaim my body helped me move from feeling
anxious, depressed, ashamed & uncomfortable with my body to
feeling innocent, self confident, empowered, sexy & free to express
myself. I know it can help you too!” Kiana Love ….all from the comfort
of your home.  Its time for you to redefine & reclaim your
womb…Womb: verb: to create and cultivate safety and healing both inside
your body and in your life.  Gain the support and knowledge you need
to reclaim your body & give birth to you. Learn to let go of pain.
Access your body’s wild wisdom & discover your natural healing
capabilities. Feel safe and comfortable in your body Develop your
wombing toolkit to create safe nurturing space, ask for what you want,
& feel good about your body. Transform your womb into a wild
sanctuary.  Incorporate easy to use healing tools into your everyday
life: * reflexology * meditation * yoga * massage * chakra work *
energy healing * journaling * nutrition * herbal healing * intuitive
art * healing rituals.  Create a safe foundation within & become
more self-confident. A healthy womb is essential to your sexuality,
self-worth and joy. Wombing gives you the support & freedom to be
wild. Heal your relationship with the feminine. Claim your mothering
gifts to nurture yourself. Gain access to your creative energy and
fully experience your life. Its time for you to give birth to you. 
Participants receive; * workbook filled with healing tools &
journal exercises * audio & video downloads * online community *
unlimited email support * includes monthly in person wombing circles
& parties * visit to Be Wild Woman Herbal Healing Garden *

9 Week Program
(8p, 9p, $299 or 3 payments of $115)
rsvp soon, space is limited

==Thursday, April 15==

Dream Yoga – A Workshop with Matthew Canale

The average human being spends 23 years of their life sleeping.
Considering this fact, wouldn’t you like to take advantage of this
rather large chunk of time? Through the practice of lucid dreaming you
can do just that.  Lucid dreaming is simply recognizing that you are
dreaming while being in a dream. There are many things that we can
learn from our dreams but there are certain things that we can only
experience through being lucid.   What if you knew that your nightmares
couldn’t hurt you? What if you realized you could create your own
dream reality? What if you could fly among the stars of other galaxies?
It’s all possible through this natural phenomenon which has been
studied by cultures from around the world for centuries.   The best
part is that with a little knowledge and practice, anyone can do it. 
In this workshop we will cover… • How to remember your dreams. •
Techniques for becoming lucid in your dreams. • How to use dreams as a
source of creative inspiration. • How to gain information from dreams. •
How to interact and learn from dream figures. • How to conduct your
own dream experiments. • A brief overview of Buddhist, Gnostic,
Shamanic, and Western dream philosophy.  You will also go home with a
packet of notes and exercises that will increase your awareness and
help you begin to develop or strengthen your dreaming practice.

(8 – 10p, $20 adv, $25 dr)
The Alignment Center
120 West 28th St. .;  between 6th and 7th Ave.; take N, R or 1 train to 28th St.

==Thursday, April 15==Pulp: Juice with Ott (Twisted Records) and
Then Some

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Ott but I saw Ott perform at
Camp Bisco and the music and vibe was amazing.  I suggest you check out
Ott on myspace to capture the essence of the sounds you might be in
for at this sweet party.  Pulp presents a night of audio and visual
exploration with special guest Ott.  Take a break from your weekly
routine to revel.  Peel it off – it will be wet.  Ott live, Hellfire
Machina live, Reality Engine live; Progress chill live, Dj rheedo,
carol feraz.  Your contribution is $25.  RSVP to  .  If you wow the
door-person – you’re in free.

(9p – 4a, $25) Rsvp to to get in for $20
Club Love
179 MacDougal St.
A,C,E,B,D,F & V to West 4th street
N,Q,R & W to 8th Street

==Friday, April 16th==

Unitribe Party Fundraiser for: The Green Bus Tour @ NeW SoNiC LoFt

The Green Bus Tour is a traveling party of visionary musicians,
artists, yogis, healers, and sustainability experts in a fleet of
veggie oil powered buses and green vehicles. We will set off on a a
tour across America to inspire a culture of creativity, collaboration,
and conscious living. We will be making stops along the East Coast this
summer as we prepare the buses for our nationwide tour this fall. 
Help us get the green buses rolling. Come to our fundraising party this
Friday April 16th at GBT headquarters at the newsonic loft in
Brooklyn. We have an excellent evening of live music, djs, vjs, and
ecstatic dancing in store for you. Being Green is fun 🙂  This event is
brought to you by Green Bus Tour, Unitribe, and Newsonic.  Unitribe
has been building a community of loving beings prepared to celebrate
life through true co-creation…The newsonic loft has been hosting one of
New York’s best underground parties since 2001. If you’ve been before
you know you don’t want to miss out.  Come kick it in the ultimate
collaboration as Unitribe, Dynasty Electric , Practice Consciousness
and Supporters… embark on a powerful mission, spreading the good word
across the states… Love, Music, Organic Food, Yoga : The Green bus Tour
2010 – tour launch this summer.  730 Doors Open, 8 Opening Ceremony,
830 Kirtan with Sanga Kirtan, 9 Drum Circle, 930 Free Style Session, 10
Instant Conductors, 10 30 Modern Visionaries, 11 Out of Pockets, 11 30
The Flow Down, 12 30 The Disco Monkeys, 1 30 Dynasty Electric 2am ecstatic dance party.  DJ’s
Selectrick, Alokah & Sri Kala…VJ Suit Machine, Food By Organic
Bliss.  Give What You Can, Minimum Donation $7.  this is a PeaCe &
LoVE party.

(7:30p-4a, $7+)
New Sonic Loft
76 Rutledge Street
Brooklyn, NY

====Saturday, April 17th====

The Dance of Connection & Playfulness – JourneyDance w/Trinity.

Dance to connect and be playful with yourself and each other.  First
we will dance to connect authentically with ourselves. Then from this
place we will dance to celebrate and connect with each other. By
allowing ourselves to open up and connect with others something magical
happens. A new energy gets created and sparked that could not have
gotten created on its own.  Powerful, creative dance rituals will
empower you to expand your creativity and release your inhibitions-
supporting you to dance wild, free and playful like children. 
JourneyDance is a transformational and improvisational dance
experience. Dancers are inspired by passionate world music and
powerful, creative, improvisational dance rituals.  No dance experience
is necessary.

DanceTheaterWorkshop Studio
(7:30p-9:30p, $20 advance $25 day of)
219 W 19th Street (bet.7th & 8th Ave.)
Prepayment is required by 11:45pm the night before the event at the
meetup site below to get the adv rate

Transformational Dance & Conscious Ecstatic Events – NYC

New York, NY
1,721 CommUNITY Members

Welcome to the Transformational Dance & Conscious Ecstatic Events Meetup Group!The purpose of this group is to inform you of Transformational Dance, Thai Massage, Consent Wor…

Check out this Meetup Group →

==Saturday, April 17==

20,000 Beats Under the Sea

Spearheaded by our local Space Pirates crew, Disorient presents its
Philadelphia party premiere-a fundraiser for the 10th year of the
Disorient theme camp at Burning Man.  Special thanks to our beloved
family members at The Philadelphia Experiment for all their support of
our Philly debut. Like Burning Man, this is a Leave no trace event.
Thank you for cleaning up after yourself.  To guarantee a top quality
experience, we do not plan to sell tickets at the door. As Disorient
parties (especially with an aquatic theme) and Philly burner parties
(particularly involving PEX) have tended to sell out lately, please get
your tickets well in advance. This event is 21+.  20,000 Beats under
the sea: a Disorient sea and space odyssey.  Costume Party So
Underground, It’s Under Water~ Come dressed to digress~DJs:  Arrow
Chrome, Big Jawn, DJ Balls, Dr. Ew & John Bean, Everyday, Friar
Tuck, Lee Mayjahs?, Mighty Mike Saga, Mjollnir, Reda Briki, Shaggy2K,
Subsector.  Performers:  Flower Girl, Mermaid Kissing Pool, Dr.
Adventure Ring Master, Hipnosis, Nava Szwergold, Gina Renee & Corey
Bechelli, Sophia Hoffer-Perkins, Logan Grendel.

Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and
1. Respect personal boundaries.
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.

The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes
our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging
respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that
makes you uncomfortable.
By attending our events, you agree to follow these rules. Violating
these community values could result in your removal from our events.

Please click here to read more about personal boundaries.

Please fill out this form to volunteer:

Please join the Disorient Facebook group, and invite your friends:

(9p – 4a, $20 adv, no tickets at the door) 21+
Address will be announced to ticketholders shortly before the event.

==Saturday, April 17==

BodyTalk Access with Melanie Buzek

Bodytalk Access is designed to be used by any lay-person or health
care provider to bring about significant improvement in health by using
six simple techniques. The program can be learned in one day and
implemented in ten minutes. It is perfect for use with your friends,
your family, and yourself.  Course subjects include: Balancing the
focus and function of the brain; Bodily reaction to outside invaders
(microbes, toxins, and allergies); Cell and body hydration; Postural
and structural integrity,  Fast Aid techniques (to be implemented after
first aid!); Balancing the acupuncture meridians and thus the organs
of the body; Acclimating the brain to manage stress levels.

(9:30a – 5:30p, $150)
$150 To Register: (212)580 2689 or
Giving Nature Center
155 W. 19th St., 5th Flr!/event.php?eid=373276579315

==Saturday, April 17==

Dawoud Live – Sitar

Dawoud will – again – have the honor of being joined by master
musicians Sohrab Sadaat (saxophone) and Ravish Momin (percussion /
laptop).  You no doubt get a lot of announcements for shows. Why would
this be any different? Why should you come to this concert?  If Jimi
Hendrix played the sitar,,,If Ravi Shankar was a jazz musician,,,If
Miles Davis did world music,,,If new age music was dangerous,,,If the
boundary between east and west, acoustic and electronic, modern and
ancient, were erased,,,  You would have Dawoud.  That’s why.  Come and
share a beautiful musical experience.

(8p, $12)
The Muhammad Salahuddeen Memorial Theater (at the University of the
130 east 7th St.. 2nd Fl.!/event.php?eid=108828392483338

==Sunday, April 18==

New Sonic Move Night Film and Dance

Join us april 18th for newsonic’s first movie night; the evening
will showcase a collection of short-format video art pieces, including
Edan’s powerfully subversive “Echo Party” free homemade popcorn. and a
dance party following!

(7p – 1a, $donation)
New Sonic Loft – 76 Rutledge

==Tuesday, April 20==

Energy Healing Seminar with Arly Fox-Daly and Roger Ziegler

Please join us at an energy healing seminar.  we will give each
participant bwtween 10 or 15 minutes. we will channel for you with
higher frequencies and your guides and then roger ziegler will help you
with life coaching.  past participants have said, wow, this is
awesome, this has changed my life.  thank you so much for helping me
with my issue.  this work has jump started my career.  this has helped
me to decide about how to choose my partner, and helped me with many
profound life-changing issues.  we would be so happy to see you at our
event hosted by arly fox-daly, acclaimed medical intuitive, angelic
channel and spiritual counselor; and roger ziegler,  dream couseler,
reiki master and intuitive life coach.

(6:30-8:30p, $65)
night owl studios
112 w. 27th st., 7th fl.
intuitive reading and life-coaching workshop
==Friday, April 23==

Spring Clean your Karma with IET

Use this fresh spring energy to clear the winter blahs from your
body and make way for your bright new spring intentions. Plant seeds of
joy and pleasure in your body.  IET Karma Clearing ~ with Master IET
Instructor Kiana Love.  IET Karma Clearing is a powerful yet gentle
meditative process that supports you in “getting the issues out of your
body’s tissues” & releasing negative patterns that hold you back.
Clear the way for your new intentions and chakracize into spring. 
Scrub and re-energize your whole being and awaken your chakras with
gentle stretching, simple yoga, connected breath, and vibrant sound.
Connect to your body’s wild wisdom. Energize. Its time for you to
reclaim your body and love feeling sexy.  Benefits of IET: Painlessly
identifies and releases your deeply suppressed feelings and your core
cellular memories. Clears energy blocks that limit your health, life
purpose, prosperity and creativity. Empowers you to experience
fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life. Helps you to
discover and live your Soul’s mission in life. Provides gentle yet
powerful support for survivors of childhood traumas such as physical
and sexual abuse, alcoholic and dysfunctional families.  Master IET
Instructor, Kiana Love, founder of Be Wild Woman, helps women to
reclaim their body’s creative wisdom & feel sexy. She employs
somatic therapies, nutritional coaching, energy work, yoga &
reflexology to teach & guide women to reclaim their body’s wild
wisdom. She holds a B.S. in Behavioral Science from the University of
Houston and has certifications in body mind healing. She is available
for private healing programs, workshops, parties & lectures.

(6p – 7:30p, $25)
Kakini Healing Center
155 w 72nd St suite 205
cost: $25

==April 22 through 25==

Introduction to Transition:  From Oil Dependency to Community

With Michael Brownlee, Lynette Marie Hanthorn, and Seanna Ashburn.
This program provides a comprehensive overview of the premises and
practices of the Transition model for transitioning away from fossil
fuel dependence towards community resilience and self-reliance, along
with an experiential introduction to the “head, heart, and hands” of
Transition. The Transition movement “makes no claim to have all the
answers,” says Lynette Marie Hanthorn, “but by building on the wisdom
of the past and accessing the pool of ingenuity, skills, and
determination in our communities, the next steps can readily emerge.” 
All three presenters are certified trainers for the international
Transition Network. Michael Brownlee and Lynette Marie Hanthorn are
co-founders of Transition Colorado, the first officially-recognized
Transition Initiative in North America (now a regional Transition Hub).
Michael is a founding initiator of Transition U.S. and publisher of
Transition Times ( Lynette Marie is
Transition Colorado’s executive director and is certified in
Permaculture design. Seanna Ashburn, Transition coordinator at Genesis
Farm, has a Ph.D. in educational psychology and 30 years’ experience as
an educator.  Register early, as this program filled both times last
year. Bring a friend or colleague for learning together and for support
as you take Transition back to your community.

April 22-25
[Thursday, 7 pm – Sunday, 4 pm,  $285. Meals: $60 (3 lunches, 2
Limited lodging available:  $50/night (includes breakfast)
Genesis Farm, Blairstown, NJ (about 1.5 hours west of NYC)
Register: 908.362.6735;

=====Saturday, April 24th=====

One Love  Drum & Dance Circle

Presented by The Dancing Path & Energy of Breath.  Drum, Dance,
Celebrate & Connect from your heart with a conscious, vibrant
community.  Two music rooms to explore- Ecstatic Drum/Dance Circle
& Relaxing Nirvana Chill Out Lounge with mini massage & reiki
sessions available to nourish your body, heart and soul.  The night
will start with a Chakra Breath Dance Journey led by Rohi of Energy of
Breath™ and a mini JourneyDance led by Trinity of The Dancing Path™
followed by JustinJustin Toca facilitating the drummers leading the
dancers into ecstatic bliss.

6:30-7:00 Chakra Breath Dance Journey w/Rohi
7:00-7:30 Mini JourneyDance w/Trinity
7:30-9:30 Live Drumming, Dancing, Massage & Reiki

Dancers- $20 adv $30. day of
Drummers- are now free before 7:15pm $20 after 7:15pm
Prepay in adv by 11:45pm the night before the event at the meetup site
to get the adv rate.

(6:30p – 9:30p, $2o adv, $30 day of, drummers free before 7:15p, $20
after 7:15p)
Dance Theater Workshop Studio
219 W 19th Street 3rd Floor (bet 7th & 8th Ave)
Register at:

==Saturday, April 24==

25th Annual Spring Beach Sweep

This year Clean Ocean Action’s Beach Sweeps turns 25! and is one of
the longest running cleanups in the world. The cleanup first started in
1985 with 75 volunteers. Today, this bi-annual event includes beach,
river, lake, and stream cleanups. Since 1985, over 70,000 volunteers
have participated and removed over 3.5 million pieces of debris from
New Jersey’s beaches and waterways. Volunteers of all ages are welcome.
To participate, select a beach from the list of over 60 Beach Sweep
Sites. Groups of 10 or more are asked to pre-register by completing the
online form at When arriving at your chosen
site, please register with the sites “Beach Captain,” who will direct
you during the cleanup.  For more information, please contact Tavia
Danch (732) 872 0111 or  To celebrate
the Beach Sweeps 25th anniversary, we are planning a year of activities
to honor a generation of volunteers called, Beach Sweeps 25!

(9a – 12:30p, Free)
Locations throughout New Jersey..
Saturday, April 24, 2010 & October 23, 2010
25th Annual Spring & Fall Beach Sweeps
For more information and to pre-register groups of 10 or more please

Sunday, May 23, 2010
Clean Ocean Action’s Family Beach Ball
3:00 pm- 7:30 pm
Highlighting 25 Years of Beach Sweeps!
Take advantage of our great 20% discount if purchased before Earth Day
Family Pass: $135 ~ $150 after Earth Day
Adult: $45 ~ $50 after Earth Day
Children: $20 ~ $25 after Earth Day
Location: Ship Ahoy Beach Club, Sea Bright, NJ

==Saturday, May 15==

Disorient & Kostume Kult present: Black & Light Ball V

Save the Date.  Black & Light Ball is an annual black-lit, fancy
dress ball presented by Disorient, Kostume Kult and many contributors
providing art, music, interactive activities and a dazzling display of
luminescent finery. Themed “Black Lights, Big City”, this year we honor
Burning Man’s 2010 “Metropolis” theme and this most excellent venue in
the Times Square area. Always the event of the season…All tickets
provide the same admission to Black & Light Ball. As it is an
annual fundraiser for the Disorient and Kostume Kult theme camps at
Burning Man, please buy tickets at the highest tier level you can
afford, leaving the limited lesser-priced tickets for low-income
members of the community. Reselling a ticket for higher than face value
is strictly prohibited as a violation of a Burning Man principle.  As
most of our recent events have reached capacity and sold out, we
strongly encourage presale tickets to guarantee admission.  Door
tickets (if available):  Please participate by wearing a costume in the
theme of Black and Light Ball.  If you would like to participate on a
deeper level, the volunteer sign-in sheet is here:  We will also display light art and
interactive art installations. If you know of anyone who would like to
show their work at this event, please have them contact us.

To stay abreast of Disorient year-round, please join the Facebook
group, and invite your friends:

To keep up with Kostume Kult, please join the Facebook group, and
invite your friends:

Disorient has very few rules, but two require declaration and
1. Respect personal boundaries.
2. Take responsibility for your own experience.

The interplay of these two rules forms a social contract that makes
our events safe places to explore your own boundaries while encouraging
respect for each other. Talk to those around you about anything that
makes you uncomfortable.  By attending our events, you agree to follow
these rules. Violating these community values could result in your
removal from our events. Please click here to read more about personal
Presale tickets:

Tier 1: $10 – only 50 available
Tier 2: $15 – only 100 available
Tier 3: $20 – only 500 available
Tier 4: $25 – up to venue capacity
Tier 5: $50 – up to venue capacity

(6p – 6a, $25 with costume discount. $50 general admission without
Times Square Arts Center
669 8th Ave.
New York, NY

==Retreat June 19==

Intensive Butoh Nature Spirit Dance Retreat

From Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 7:40pm to Sunday, June 27, 2010 at
10:40pm in Lua, Goias, Brasilia, Brazil

The workshop is designed as an ongoing intensive retreat, where
participants are being summoned to participate committedly day and
night. The combination of ongoing explorative dance classes, with
traditional healing and initiations of Native America traditions and
African rituals will support the process of each individuals healing and
becoming familiar with their spirit world.  Group Classes and
ceremonies will take place in the morning, afternoon and evening, in the
Main Kiosk and in sight specific locations such as nearby waterfalls,
white sand river beaches and mountains ravines. There will be fire
dances, animal totem retrieval dances, wilderness/ nature excursions,
sweat lodges and optional bodywork. Additional teachings in ancient
rooted chanting and trance dance will take place. The workshop will
involve hiking and swimming. All participants will also be responsible
for activities such as planting and forestry maintenance of the
wilderness lodge for a true taste of sustainable green living.  The
Dance:  Kathi believes that Breath is the Reflex to Live. To live is to
walk through life, and this walk is a dance lead by a melody. Each
person has their own melody deeply connected to their mission in
life.Therefore your dance is your prayer.  The Improvisational Butoh
Nature Spirit dance will bring each participant in touch with their own
dance, to dance beyond ones limitations. Ancient genetic memories are
accessed as participants learn to dance in their power, body mind
spirit, and then to utilize this in their daily life. Participants come
into deeper understanding of their spirit guides, and their commitment
to creative movement in life. Participants will present a solo improv
dance, an initiation of sorts at the culmination of the workshop in a
sight specific nature location of their choice. All dance classes are
accompanied by live music.  ‘It is a dance that takes place on a
cellular level, moving through your own cells, through the chaos,
dancing on the thread of life and spirit.’  Kathi von Koerber – Kathi is
a Dancer, healer and filmmaker from Germany/South Africa. She has
danced her whole life and teaches internationally for the last 12 years.
Kathi combines techniques of the Japanese Butoh dance form, with
Bioenergetics, Tribal Trance dance, African Spiritisim, Native American
practices, ancient voice practices, meditation and deep cellular spirit
work. Kathi has spent time with elders from Bushmen tribes in southern
Africa, the Tuareg in the Sahara, Gabonese priestess Bernadette
Riebenot, the Zulu in South Africa and the Lakota, Navajo and Cherokee
in the United States . In Brazil she has spent time with the Xawante and
the Fulnio people from northern Bahia , who’s’ chief Lilisaka and some
of his dancers will be attending ceremonies with us.  Kathi honors the
voice of the grandmother. She supports the prayer of woman and her
ancient voices through the tools and means of praying with the elements,
the earth and its food, the fire and its transformation, the water and
its purifying power, and the air through which we walk our dance of
life.  Healer of the Heart- Hernando Villa, Hernando is a Colombian
healer and environmentalist. He has been working with indigenous groups
of South America such as the Camsra, Kogis, Sionas, Kofanes and the
Emberas through his in depth work with the ways of plant medicine, music
and ancient wisdom keeping. Hernando has been offering his music and
purification with in different environments, such as prayer circles,
workshops, tribal elder facilitation, and indigenous preservation
projects and youth leadership. His prayers are focused on around the
sweat lodge, pipe ceremonies, and medicinal cleansing sessions. As an
environmentalist, Hernando has an NGO in Colombia called Raices (Roots),
dedicated to sustainable environmental management, with the support of
indigenous viewpoints. During the retreat Hernando will be leading
plant medicine ceremonies and conducting, talking circles, meditations
and exercises in supporting the sharpening and deepening of each
person’s relationship to the earth and living a truly sustainable life
and prayer.  Eagle Spirit Woman: Also known as Nancy Martinez, Eagle
Spirit Woman is a Cherokee Native American elder and a Puerto Rican
Santera. She embraces the knowledge of different colors and
communicates the unseen energies. Eagle Spirit Woman’s mother nurtured
her gifts early on by taking her to sances where she developed the
skill of healing with her hands (santiguos). She also developed a
sensitivity and skill for removing negative energy from those
afflicted, as well as the method for passing on positive energy and
blessings to assist individuals in moving forward. She has further had
the experience of assisting in the healing of seriously ill people.
Eagle Sprit Woman was also initiated into the Yoruba tradition in 1993
and has 10 “crowns” to her credit. Eagle Spirit Woman pours sweats,
conducts pipe ceremonies and healings, and facilitates drum journeying
and talking circles.  “I have had the honor of participating in
spiritual ceremonies in many traditions and have contributed my
medicine. I have the ability of channeling spirit guides and animal
totems. To see is to believe. I am what in my native tradition is known
as a “curandera” (one who has the ability to cure.)  Requirements:  No
prior dance experience is necessary. It is open to all levels.  A
letter of introduction about your interest or previous experience in
dance, music and the healing arts is required. Also a written statement
on any medical issues.

$1800 US
Must be payed in full prior to begin of workshop.
$800 US required for RSVP.
Early registration by May 1st.
$1700 US, $800 US Deposit must be received by May 1st.
Checks or Money orders accepted or inquire about pay pal direct bank

Airfares are not included in the cost of the workshop. The taxi from
the airport to the hotel in Brasilia are not included.

Transport:  Participants will fly via Sao Paolo or Rio to Brasilia
arriving on the 19th of June. Participants will sleep one night in a
recommended hotel, and will be picked up at 9 am on the 20th and
transferred directly to LUA. All participants will be transferred back
to the airport on the 27th of June by 3 pm. Good air fares can be found
at or or
Registration & Information:
Contact at
Kiahkeya Office: 9176874074
Please send deposit to:
Lorimer street apt 4
Brooklyn 11211 NY

For more information on the workshop, and previous workshops:
Confirmed Guests


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