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Souldish NYC: May 8 – 13

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))Souldish Highlighted Event((


==Wednesday, May 19==

Evolver Spores: The Resilience Revolution

In our globalized world, the basic survival needs of many communities
are precariously out of their hands. Multinational corporations
exercise near-total control over the systems that sustain and connect
us, from food and clean water to energy and communication. At the same
time, natural disasters such as the recent earthquakes in Haiti and
Chile seem to be occurring with more frequency and intensity, while
manmade catastrophes like the ongoing economic collapse continue to
loom. As we saw with the bungled response of FEMA after Hurricane
Katrina, reliance on inept government bureaucracies in times of crisis
is a perilous act of faith. In a world fraught with uncertainty, an
empowered and resilient local community is the best defense.  How would
your community react if it suddenly had to fend for itself? What are
some vital tools and techniques we can implement today to prepare for
tomorrow’s challenges? In this Spore, we will discuss innovative
methods and memes that self-reliant societies are using to achieve
local resiliency.

(7:30pm, $10)
The Commons
388 Atlantic Ave. (between Hoyt and Bond). Convenient subway stops A, C,
G, F, Q, N, R, 4, 5 trains.
Brooklyn, NY

==NYC Call for Action==

Invitation to sign on to People’s Garden NYC (at your convenience)

Please sign on to the petition that respectfully requests that our
Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, plant a vegetable garden to educate youth and
feed the hungry right in front of City Hall. Location:  Wherever you
are.   needs 30 seconds of your time and consideration.  Just take 30
seconds to go to and sign on. Also, add
yourself to the “Attending” list.  After you do that, please invite all
your New Yorker FB friends to sign on too by sharing this event on
your FB page.  (If you’d like to go a step further, please send a FB
message to me to ask for admin permission. Then, you’ll be able to
invite all your friends even more easily)  Thanks, and have a wonderful

Sunday, May 9, 2010 at 5:00pm through Saturday, August 28, 2010
at 5:00pm

))Other Events((

==All Week==

East West Living Anniversary Week

Check the East West events calendar (link provided below) for all the
wonderful opportunities for gathering together to explore, learn and

East West Books
78 5th Ave

==Now Thru Sunday May 9==

Associations of Hip

All these parties, fundraisers, and film shoots have finally
culminated in the opening of this crazy anticipated production! It’s
on! Associations of Hip.  Using video to explore the power of
visibility promoting the vogue of celebrity, we follow Laura Fitch,
“famed video blogger of the nasty” through an underground Brooklyn
party as she deals with the loss of her first love and her
best-friend’s demands to get on the blog. As the night unfolds, drugs
are popped, lies revealed and Laura’s nasty world spirals towards
destruction.  Featuring the live beats of DJ XRA, lyrics by Diana Stahl
and video by Adam Sauermilch.  Written by Diana Stahl, Directed by
Kristy Dodson, Featuring: Kristin Villanueva*, Sarah Saunders, Will
Gallacher, Casey Robinson, Lorelei Prince, Aimee Jolson*, and Patrick
Cann  *These Actors and Stage Manager(s) are appearing courtesy of
Actors’ Equity Association.  This program has been made possible in
part by sponsorship of The Field

rsvp for times and tickets
Milagro Theatre
CSV Cultural Center
7 Suffolk St.
Suffolk St.

==Friday, May 7==

EOTO, Sub Swara, & Tucci @ BK BOWL ONLY $10!!!

Join Mr. Bugsly’s Facebook Group.  The beautiful Spring weather must
be getting to us here at MBP. We somehow have an All-Star Lineup @ the
hottest venue in Brooklyn, all for only $10.00!  Great Venue, Superb
Talent, Delicious Food, and The Best Bowling Experience NYC has to
offer.  Got your attention?  Bowery Presents, BK Bowl, and Mr. Bugsly
are proud to bring you…EOTO – Featuring Jay Hann & Michael Travis
from SCI.  Sub Swara & Tucci.  We’ll be giving away a few tickets to
people willing to do online and onsite street team work! If you’re
interested email [email protected] Make it snappy if you want in on

(6p – 3a, $10) 21+
Brooklyn Bowl
61 Wythe Ave.
Confirmed Guests

==Friday, May 7==

Satya Love: All Night Yoga Party

Satya means truth. Speaking truth… seeking truth… expressing truth. 
Join us for the 2nd incarnation of the all night yoga party series at
Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary. Align with your innocence, develop deeper
peace, and connect with lovingkindess… your deepest truth.   This time
around, we are adding more goodness: *A cozy back lounge.  *Private
time with yoga instructors following the classes.  *An abundance of
delicious gourmet delicacies.  *A cozy back lounge.  YOGA means union…
our return to oneness. With gratitude we welcome the teachers and
practices that guide us along the winding river of life into the deep
ocean of truth! Set to the backdrop of ancient acoustic sounds of tabla
and sitar and numbers by The Didge Project’s fusion of didgeridoo,
djembes and shakeras…9pm we begin our practice with a brief opening
ceremony and the ringing of Tibetan Bells.  Then begins Vinyasa Yoga
Class with Julie Ziff Sint, aka Jewels, (
This class is suitable for beginners and also includes intermediate and
advanced variations, for a more vigorous flow. For 30 minutes after the
class, Jewels will be available to answer your questions and provide
individual support.  10:45pm is AcroYoga with Sandhi Ferreira
( Simple and challenging, this fun partner
class takes you up in the air… decompressing and releasing your body in
ways you may never have thought possible. And for the next half hour
feel free to keep practicing with your partners and get more private
support.  12:30am is JourneyDance: Dance of Authenticity and Love with
Trinity ( We will dance our love,
ecstasy, passion, power and prayers. We may dance soft, slow, medium,
hard or fast. We may laugh, cry, scream, shout or just be quiet and
still. Most importantly we will get in touch with and express however
our body and soul needs to authentically move.  2am we officially begin
the dance party segment with the powerful, healing, sound of Ekayani
and the Tom Glide Space… holistic house music with live Sanskrit and
Bengali vocal performance! Ekayani will be followed by DJ Blanco’s
eastern downtempo blend.  Celebration fills our halls and rooftop as we
rejoice in this beautiful convergence.  And all night we offer services
complimentary to your experience: *Massage with Licensed Massage
Therapists Alex Blaine and Erek Tinker *Body Evolution & Structural
Integration with Tyr Throne *Body Painting with Vann Godfrey *Abundant
and Delicious Vegan Buffet created by Handmade Organic’s Telah Quemere
*Silk Trapeze lessons with Jeremy Zucker, And as the sun rises we
gracefully transition back to stillness… we integrate our experience
with a Sunrise Kundalini Series led by Tyr Throne
( flowing into Zazen Meditation with
Jester Jaimi.  Join us for this divine celebration… learn… play… and
let your lovelight grow.  Presale tickets are available now for $30 at.
If available, tickets will be sold at the door for $35. A few
work-exchange scholarships are available so please inquire soon if you
are interested.

(8p – 11a, $30)
Brooklyn Urban Sanctuary
778 Bergen at Grand
Subway: C to Clinton-Washington. Walk up Washington to Bergen and take
left. or 2/3 to Eastern Pkwy/Brooklyn Museum. Walk down Washington to
Bergen and take right.

==Saturday, May 8==

Unitribe Presents: Stirring the Seeds of Change

Unitribe Productions Presents…Stirring the Seeds of Change.  Come
have a total experience.  For the first time at the Knitting Factory,
Unitribe invites you to dive into the pulse and stir the seeds of change
through conscious sound, movement and connection.  Participate in
transformation as we celebrate with intention.  An Eclectic line up of
Kirtan, Sound Healing, Yoga Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Electronica,
Psychedelic, Rock, and World Music.  8 Opening Ceremony Followed by
Sanga Kirtan.  Co-Sponsored by GreenBusTour – contributions benefit
artists and entrepreneurs hitting the road in a biofuel bus this Summer,
to spread creativity, sustainability and wellness across the nation.  9
Matchless Gifts Collective (ft. Laura Fay Lewis and Robert Bray), 10
Ekayani and the Tom Glide Space, 11 The Flowdown , 12 Jenny ElectriK
(Dynasty Electric) & Optimus Tribe, 1 The Disco Monkeys, 2-4 Cumba
Mela.  Come Dance, Vibe, & Deepen… Experience Unitribe Nightlife. 
Featuring: Gong Healing, Yoga Dance Experience, Freestyle Experiments,
Nasty Beats and a Lineup of Live Music, featuring NYC’s New Conscious
Acts.  Special Guests Include: The Conduit: Gong the Planet.
(Vibrational Sound healing)  The Goddess Collective: La Madre Fuerza,
Cumba Mela

8m – 4a, $10 offering
The Knitting Factory Brooklyn
361 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

==Saturday, May 8==

Michael Brownstein and Peter Lamborn Wilson

Michael Brownstein is a novelist and poet who has written on
capitalism, environmentalism, and psychedelic culture  His most recent
book, World on Fire, an examination of globalization and an epic
poem/treatise, is published by Open City Books.  He blogs at Reality
Peter Lamborn Wilson is a political writer, poet, and essayist, best
known for his concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones, temporary spaces
which elude formal control. He has travelled extensively throughout the
Middle East and South Asia, and has synthesized anarchic, Sufi, and
Situationist ideas into an incendiary political philosophy.  His most
recent books are Green Hermeticism:Alchemy and Ecology and Black Fez

The Rail’s Headquarters
99 Commercial St. Ste. 32
Brooklyn, NY 11222
G to Greenpoint Avenue or 7 to Vernon Jackson Blvd.

==Saturday, May 8==

Get Your Dance On – All Ages

Get Your Dance On is all about the lowest inhibitions and biggest
moves – and who better to represent the kind of no-holds-barred shake
down that we stand for than kids? GYDO ventures uptown to YogaWorks
Westside for a new all-ages edition, with DJ Dhundee spinning Afro
treats, soul power, and other high energy dance music, O’Nkosi Rhythms
on the drums, and live interactive performance with Akim Funk Buddha,
who will use the music to teach kids body awareness, how to focus, find
balance, and connect with their own rhythm. Adults can get their dance
on or kick back with complimentary wine, kombucha, zico, and other
high-vibe treats the kids can enjoy, too. Forget pony rides and
moonbounces – this is a party everyone can get down with.  As always,
GYDO is all ages, all styles, all backgrounds, and all love. Just dress
to sweat and get ready to bust a move!

(5p – 8p, $15 presale/$20 day of for non-members (includes a free
week of yoga @ YogaWorks) $10 for members, $5 for walking children)
YogaWorks Westside
37 W 65th St 4th Fl.

==Saturday May 8==

A Disinformation Book: Hidden Wisdom with Tim Wallace-Murphy

From Egyptian mythology to Jewish mysticism, Rome and Greece to the
Druids and the Gnostics, Tim Wallace-Murphy exposes a fascinating
lineage of hidden mysteries and secret societies, continuing through the
Templars, Rosicrucians and Freemasons to our modern visionaries.  This
hidden stream of spirituality and that of sacred knowledge are
inseparably entwined to form the single most important continuous strand
in the entire Western Esoteric tradition. Tim Wallace-Murphy is an
international best-selling author known  for his deep knowledge of
Rosslyn, the Knights Templar, Sacred  Geometry and Rex Deus.

242 East 53 Street
Take the “E” or “V” train to 53 St/Lex.Ave
Take the “6? train to 51 St.
[email protected]

==Saturday, May 8==

The Sullivan Street Shakedown: DrumLab & Viz (Psylab),
Nutritious, Swank…

The Sullivan Street Shakedown: Five, Eight, Forty.  A Celebration Of
Photographer Matthew Fitzgerald’s Birthday XL.  Featuring:  DrumLab
& DJ Viz, Nutritious, Will Swank, Gregg Marcus, People In Charge,
Zoe Wilder, eBonheur, Mikey Beatz, VJ Mamiko Kushida & More Special
Guests TBA.  We are throwing it down at The Sullivan Street Shakedown
for one of the finest brothers we know. Matt Fitzgerald and his
brilliant photography have been helping the scene (and us) grow strong
for many years and in honor of his day of birth, we’re putting together
an assortment of instrumentalists/deejays that will assemble to bring
you hours of audio diamonds. These players are from some of the biggest,
baddest stages around, and they’re combining on this night to pull out
every stop, every trick in their book – every riff, scratch, slide,
snap, boom, bam they’ve ever perfected will be projected at pleasing
your soul, moving your body, and bringing this fine human into his next
year of life. Matt and his keen eyes have helped breathe life into and
move the careers of every performer you’ll see on this night, and with
your presence (the best birthday present there is), together, we can
turn the focus back on Matt and give him the soiree he so rightfully
deserves. From live drum and bass, brass horns, records and cds, to
v-drums and kaossed vox, there will be new genres of music formed on
this night, and all of it will move you so, come ready to be moved…and
dance.  Special photo coverage of this night will be provided by the
talented, Daniela Volpi.  DrumLab:  The duo of Steve (drums) and Ed
(techno wizardry) of the famous psychedelic / live electronic band
Psylab. DrumLab breaks it down into the strictly twisted dub elements of
Psylab’s mastery and paves new ground with what can be done with a set
of e-drums and lots of SUBS.   People In Charge: Added to the sonic
mix is the collaboration of rotating People In Charge musical guests –
the opportunity for producers to rock their instruments live on stage
rather than behind the recording console. On this night, Mikey Beatz
(drums), eBonheur (bass), and Zoe Wilder (vocals) team with DrumLab to
turn the party on its head.  DJ Viz: Or Vizzie, the techno technician
of Psylab fame, rocks the 1’s and 2’s, strictly vinyl, for an
exploration and elaboration of the world’s finest Dub-Step and Drum
& Bass. Viz is a sub-bass gourmand, so be ready to feel it in your
gut.  Will Swank: Swank brings with him years of touring experience
with The Motet and a background in subterranean Jazz that stands the
test with history’s most legendary saxophone players. Will rocks a
growling tenor and phrases lines like he’s painting the future in
ancient poetry.  Nutritious: Is a DJ… and he rocks the shit out of
parties, eBonheur: is a ninja. Zoe Wilder: ZW has shared many a stage
but, most infamous for her collaborations with Psylab and the New Deal.
Possibly most remembered for her shadow dancing performance at
main-stage Camp Bisco 6, Wilder’s scheming something xxx-tra
provocative for Five Eight Forty so, abre los ojos.  VJ Mamiko Kushida:
Mami should need no introduction but, new to the States after rockin
Japan’s biggest events for years, Mamiko’s the most bad-ass VJ here.
She’s one part kunoichi, one part Foxy Brown – she’ll super-fly
slice-you and you’ll thank her for it.  Update 4/27:: We’re announcing
the addition of Gregg Marcus on trumpet, enhanced by Vizzie’s custom
effects software “TrumpetLab”.

(11p – 4a, $10 adv)    18+
Sullivan Hall
214 Sullivan St.
Trains: A,B,C,D,E,F,V to W. 4th //
A limited number of $10 pre-sale tickets are available at

==Saturday, May 8==

Kirtan Rabbi at Integral Yoga

Havdalah Kirtan at IYI. We’re nearing the end of our season. This
time, we are blessed with the presence of Swami Ramananda. Many of us
will remember the teachings and beautiful English chant he offered last
year.  Focus will be on preparing us to open our hearts and receive

(8p – 10p, $15 adv. $20 day of) 212-929-0585
Integral Yoga Institute of New York
227 West 13th Street (between 7th and 8th Aves.)

==Saturday, May 8==

Unmasking the Divine Dancer

How can we communicate without words to each other and to Spirit?
What happens when we are given the opportunity to express ourselves
without words?  Join us for a full day of frolicking and playful
exploration as we unmask the Divine Dancer within us all. Step out of
ordinary reality to journal, mask and dance your way into a deeper
experience of reality. This course will explore the rich diversity of
communication that goes beyond mere words in ways that are empowering
and playful.  This one day workshop affirms that our souls are
multilingual by offering a variety of ways of conversing with the
Divine, our higher selves and each other. Through group processes,
journaling, mask making and movement-all within a safe, sacred space —
you will explore the deeper more subtle realm that lies beneath our
everyday reality. These tools help us cross the threshold into the
collective consciousness allowing us to listen more deeply to the
wisdom within us all. We will use the Fantastical Creatures Tarot to
create a shared story; create Masks based on the story of the cards and
explore other areas of personal relevance. We will then dance
collectively and explore the language of our bodies without judgment.
This is followed by more personal journaling and a closing discussion
to elicit the wisdom we have just played and danced into being. 
Participants will discover that the act of playing is a legitimate
spiritual practice for connecting to the Divine. You will also tap into
the perennial wisdom and see how it speaks to our times.  Darren
PolitoRev. Darren Polito has been dancing all his life and it’s a love
he shares willingly. He danced with the Fairmount Jazz Company in Ohio,
studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and with
Gabrielle Rother and her son Jonathan Horan. He began a monthly
Ecstatic Dance program for Sacred Center NYC. He also conducts movement
workshops at Moonheart Healing Arts Center and Easton Mountain Retreat
Center. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, Darren envisions spreading
the Gospel of Dance to all that are interested, opening new avenues for
expression and connection with our Source.  Helen HazletRev. Helen
Hazlett is a teacher, writer, priestess, interfaith minister, and
life-long learner. She has over 30 years experience as a group
facilitator. Helen is a delightful, affirmative, funny and honest woman,
skilled at creating safe space in her relationships and in groups.

(10m – 5m, $$80-Students & Alumni; $90-Public) Plus a $5
Materials Fee Paid at the Door for Mask-Making Supplies
One Spirit Learning Alliance
330 West 38th St. Suite 1500

==Saturday, May 8==

Infected mushroom holographic show with reality engine

Psy-Trance innovators Infected Mushroom have become one of the
biggest electronic bands on the planet. Twice ranked among the world’s
10 best DJs by the bible of the scene, the U.K.’s DJ Magazine, the
Israel-bred, L.A. based duo bring a frenetic rock energy to NYC. Their
explosive show, featuring guitars, live drums, intensely passionate
vocals and an ambitious holographic installation multimedia backdrop,
done in collaboration with Reality Engine, ranks among the genre’s most
unpredictably joyous events. And their recordings continually venture
where other electronic acts fear to tread. Amit “Duvdev” Duvedevani and
Erez Eisen have been working for nearly two years on an aggressive new
album – their first since 2007’s critically acclaimed Vicious
Delicious – for dance-music visionary Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label.
Duvdev describes the as-yet untitled record, recorded at Infected
Mushroom Laboratory in L.A. and slated for a June 2009 release, as a
return to the pair’s metal roots. Guests include singer Jonathan Davis
of Korn, who lends his estimable pipes to the track “Smashing the

(10p – 5a, $ticket prices vary)
Roseland Ballroom
239 West 52nd Street
Visit for tickets and more

==Thursday, May 6 through Sunday May 16==

Generation “buY” a new comedy about selling our children

“We’re gonna lasso and brand those lil’ dawgies. Because if you get
‘em young, you’ll have ‘em for the rest of their lives!”  Theater for
the New City and Lysistrata’s Children present:”Generation buY”A new
comedy about selling our children.  WHERE AND WHEN:May 6 to 16,
2010Theater for the New City, 155 First Avenue, NYCPresented by Theater
for the New CityThursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 pm; Sundays at
3:00 pmTickets: Adults $15; Seniors, Teachers and Students $5Box
office/info (212) 254-1109. Online ticketing:
www.theaterforthenewcity.netRuns :55. Critics are invited on or after
May 6.  NEW YORK, April 28 – 13 year old Vanessa is under siege. Her
schoolmates are obsessed with consumer products and brands. To her,
they are virtual robots speaking in slogans and jingles. Her mother,
Karen, is a master marketer who will stop at nothing to get her clients
what they need–child consumers. Part expose, part satire “Generation
buY” shares the real life techniques of marketers to kids:
surreptitious video taping, packaged slumber parties for teenage girls,
and Youth Marketing International, who is proud to get brands (i.e.
McDonalds, X-Box) into schools as part of actual student lesson plans.
With everyone around her out to “sell her”, how will Vanessa survive? 
“Generation buY” examines the theme of marketing to children. Conceived
and directed by Philip Suraci, the play is written in collaboration
with and performed by a young (ages 11to 13) ensemble of 15 kids plus
three adult actors, to be seen by an audience of both adults and
children over the age of ten. Theater for the New City, 155 First
Avenue, will present the work May 6 to 16.  Through humor, song, shadow
puppets, and story telling, “Generation buY” explores the moral
ambiguities of advertising to youth: cause marketing, the selling of
sugar as a recreational drug, the co-opting of rock and roll, cartoons,
and “cool.” Adults in attendance are asked to wonder if American
society treats its children as anything more than vessels of
consumption.  It’s the second play by-kids-for-adults to be directed by
Philip Suraci at Theater for the New City. The first was “Lysistrata’s
Children”, in 2008. While pursuing a master’s degree in educational
theater (NYU 2004), Suraci was deeply impressed by the depth and
complexity of thought of relatively young people (ages 10-13). When
these students and their words were placed in a dramatic context, Suraci
found the result to be powerful and provocative.  The young actors are
Lola Buncher, Eli Cauley, Ty Cotton, Priscilla Delmoral, Leila Eliot,
Mykel Macedon, Will Mairs, Malcolm McKenzie, Tiffany Otero, Valentine
Petrillo, Willa Pittman, Frances Raybaud, Kendrik Shoji, Mitchel Thomas,
Jason Vazquez, Malcom Zelaya. The adult actors are Tom O’Connor,
Sheira Feuerstein and Jackie Donnaruma. Musical Director is Joseph
Albano Feiger. Choreography is by Barry Blumenfeld. Set Design is by
Mark Marcante. Lighting Design is by Alex Bartenieff. Costume Design is
by Kat Martin. Mask and puppet design are by Spica Wobbe. Graphic
Design is by Fred Sullivan and AVDrive. Art Design is by Ray Felix.
Critics are invited on or after May 6.

(Thursday- Saturday, 8p and then Sunday at 3p, $15 adults, Teachers
and Students $5)
Theater for the New City
155 First Ave. NYC (bet. 9th and 10th)

==Saturday, May 8==

Psytrance Event:  Grains of sound album release party

Grains of sound, earworm (live), luis campos vs. Ken, psyraiders
(live), andrey progressiveheaven, tom “foxglove” rogers;  sculpture,
spandex, and lighting installation by:  nephilnine; sound by: a.M.
Bionik universe

(10p – 4a, $15 presale, $20 at the dr) 18 to enter 21 to drink valid
id required
rsvp for location: [email protected]
Tickets (http://www.Brownpapertickets.Com/event/110468)
[email protected]

==Sunday, May 9==

Be Wild Woman~ Love Feeling Sexy Party

Celebrate your wild mothering nature this Mother’s Day. You are being
called to heal & be wild. Feel free to invite your mother along to
celebrate together!  It’s time for you to nurture yourself so that you
can reach your wild, creative, powerful, sexy potential.  Claim your
mothering gifts and strengths: Soothing, nurturing, fiercely protective,
determined, gentle, patient, compassionate, strong, gentle,playful,
loving….Facilitated by Wild Woman Healer Kiana Love & Wild Wombing
Team:  Alison Beth Levy~Hostess, Kerry Weber ~Wombing Intern, Noelle
Dor ~ Be Wild Woman and Blogger.  We gather to honor our mothers, our
ancestors, our earth and to heal our mother wounds. Transform them into
strengths mend relationship with our mothers, grieve, honor, and
rejoice in our mother-nature.   What are you giving birth to this
Spring?   ~Activate your self-mothering gifts & nurture your inner
child. Give her permission to go out & play   ~Restore your
innocence and freedom to express. Let your wildness be a gift to women
across the globe.  “Nurturing your body is not a luxury. It is
essential to your health & happiness. Reclaim your body, love
feeling sexy and Be Wild” Kiana Love, Kerry Weber ~Intern,  “My
greatest fulfillment comes when we empower each other to understand our
inner wisdom and abundance of strength. My first Be Wild Healing the
Womb event was a transformative experience in which I was able to see
the ability we all have as Goddesses to take control of our bodies and
manifest the lives we want to live. I have since learned about all the
love and bravery that can come from having a deep connection to the
feminine self. Wombing and self-empowerment give me a calm sense of
groundedness and connection to all things. I deeply want to share these
gifts with you.”

Celebrate Wild Mothering; bring food to share
(4-8p, $15 adv. $20 dr)
Peaches Jungle
332 Gates Ave b/w Bedford and Nostrand Aves
A, C, G, and B52

==Wednesday, May 12==

World’s Largest Dodgeball Game (record-breaking)

Due to the awesomeness of the last Dodgeball game, Urban Madness has
been contacted by Samsung to help break the world record for the
largest dodgeball game ever.  This record title is currently held by
the canadians which is unacceptable so invite ALLLLL of your friends
out and lets make this another one for the books.  This game will be on
wednesday at 7pm and it takes place at the 69th Regiment Armory on
Lexington Ave btwn 25th n 26th st.

(6p – 9p, free)
The 69th Regiment Armory
Lexington Ave (btwn 25th and 26th street)
Details & RSVP

==Wednesday, May 12==

Growing Food Justice

Growing Food Justice: How going local can help feed our city… and the
world.  As Shavuot approaches and we reflect on the significance of
harvest festivals in contemporary (urban) times, the AJWS-AVODAH
Partnership is thrilled to host an interactive program on hunger in NYC
and what you can do about it.  Join us for a panel discussion followed
by an opportunity to take action as a community.  Light dinner and
registration at 6:30pm, program at 7pm sharp.  Speakers include:  Joel
Berg – Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger,
author of All You Can Eat: How Hungry is America?  Daniel Bowman Simon
– Trailblazer behind the People’s Garden NYC campaign
( and founder of the successful White
House Organic Farm Project.  Rabbi Brent Spodek – Rabbi in Residence at
American Jewish World Service.  Karen Washington – Longtime urban
gardener and food justice activist and president of the NYC Community
Gardens Coalition.  Together we’ll learn about the reality of hunger in
NYC and about some innovative (local) approaches to tackling it. Joel
Berg will paint a picture of hunger in one of wealthiest cities in the
world and Karen Washington will discuss the power and importance of the
community garden movement in helping New Yorkers to feed themselves.
Daniel Bowman Simon will share his own story of helping to establish the
now famous White House Kitchen Garden as well as outline how his
newest project aims to bring a garden to City Hall that would supply
emergency food providers with fresh local produce. In the spirit of
Shavuot, Rabbi Spodek will frame our discussion around Jewish
imperatives towards justice.  Guests will be invited to offer concrete
volunteer power to the People’s Garden NYC campaign with a post-program
action party. This program is brought to you by the AJWS-AVODAH
Partnership and is co-sponsored by our friends at Hazon.

(6:30p – 9p, free)
The Commons on Atlantic
388 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
To register:

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LSD, Betty Cantor-Jackson, and the Grateful Dead

The serendipity of the universe can turn a single moment into a catalyst that expands the possibilities of what someone’s life can be. Similarly, a single psychedelic trip can grant someone a trajectory-changing experience that ripples throughout the rest of their lives. Betty Cantor-Jackson is a person who happened to experience both these phenomena simultaneously.

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