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Souldish on the Radar for November 16th thru 18th

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Tripnotica, Passing the Torch, Psytrance, Basic Buddhism, The Kala Chakra, What Would Jesus Buy?…

All the world says,
"I am important;
I am separate from all the world.
I am important because I am separate,
Were I the same, I could never be important.

"Yet here are three treasures
That I cherish and commend to you:
The first is compassion,
By which one finds courage.
The second is restraint,
By which one finds strength.
And the third is unimportance,
By which one finds influence.

Those who are fearless, but without compassion,
Powerful, but without restraint,
Or influential, yet important,
Cannot endure.
Tao Te Ching

=====Thurs., Fri, Sat., November 15th, 16th and 17th=====

The Join

If you havent gotten your JOIN tix yet, What are you waiting for? Brownie, Magner, Jamie and Darren will be throwing down at these locations:
15 Nov 2007 8PM
Chameleon Club Lancaster, PA
16 Nov 2007 8PM
Club Harlem @ House of Blues Atlantic City, NJ
17 Nov 2007 8PM
Crocodile Rock Cafe Allentown, PA
See you there. Dont miss out. The crowd that almost religously follows this band which is a derivative from The New Deal, out of Canada is so beautiful, warm and fun-loving. It's about the music, about the dance and about the soul. Highly recommended.

=====Friday, November 16th=====

Basic Buddhism: An Evening Introduction &

Friday, November 16, 7-9 P.M. and and Saturday, November 17, 10 A.M.-5 P.M. Mindfulness of Mind: A Daylong Workshop with Mark Epstein & Sharon Salzberg Basic Buddhism: An Evening Introduction Friday, November 16, 7-9 P.M.

This evening introduction, in the spirit of Suzuki Roshi's Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, will serve as both an introduction to Buddhism for those new to it and a deepening and clarification of the Buddhist approach for those already familiar with it. Beginning with such core concepts as the Four Noble Truths, Mindfulness and Voidness, we will describe the Buddha's psychological discoveries and show how to apply his approach to daily life. The Buddha taught many strategies for investigating the mind, foremost the practice of mindfulness or bare attention, which can be cultivated and applied to mental states as well as to traditional meditation objects (the breath or body, etc.). Today we will concentrate on working with thoughts, feelings, emotional patterns and states of mind, exploring the central Buddhist approaches of wisdom and compassion and examining their relevance to psychotherapy. Discussion and meditation will be part of the day. Check online for details and to register.

Tibet House
22 W 15th St.

=====Also on Friday=====

Tripnotica – Live Electronica And Downtempo

Live: 8pm Apolyon ; 9pm Jette Kelly of Jette-Ives (From Wash.,DC) ; 10pm A-UX ; 11pm Costanza ; 12am Mudville; TRIPNOTICA Presents New York's Exclusive Record Release/Listening Party for Seal's New Album, System New York, NY; Oct. 26, 2007 – Tripnotica, in collaboration with Warner Brothers Records, presents the New York record release/listening party for Seal's thrilling new album, System (WB Release on 11/13/07), produced by Stuart Price and featuring the single, "Amazing". The official listening party and record release event will include promotional giveaways and will be held at The Delancey on Friday, November 16, beginning at 7:30pm. The night also features another installment of its unique monthly electronica/ downtempo concert event with live performances by five of the East Coast's most exciting indie bands including international trip hop artist Costanza, (Tricky's vocalist on "Vulnerable" and "Back to Mine"); the stirringly jazzy and soulful Mudville; and Washington D.C.'s Jette Kelly of Jette-Ives, whose debut album, In the Deep, was proclaimed by Scotland's Is This Music? to be "an album not heard since Portishead went missing in action". Downtempo and electronica surprise guest DJs will provide the musical soundtrack on two floors. TRIPNOTICA is a new, vibrant New York-based collective of musicians, artists, filmmakers, and designers who in collaboration with Filter Magazine, , Deli Magazine, and others are dedicated to showcasing the latest, most diverse, tripped-out live music and art at monthly underground concerts.

(7:30p, $10)
save $3 dollars if you bring the flyer
The Delancey
168 Delancey St., between Clinton and Attorney St. (212) 254-9920.

====Also on Friday=====

Disorient presents Escape Velocity VELOCITY (NYC):

Break free from the dust with Disorient. Lineup: John Dill (Pickled House/Le Souk Sundays) – bumpin', pumpin' progressive house; MORGAN STONER (WonderBreaks) – slammin', jammin' NY breaks; SPIRAL BLASTER – tweakin', freakin' live techno PA ; BEENJAMMIN – movin', groovin' soulful house; Twisted Video Art by JAYGO; Escape Velocity is a fundraiser for Disorient, a Burning Man camp. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund's climate change program, in memory of our wonderful friend Big Nick. This is a 21+ event. Dress: Colorful/Escapist

(10p, $20 Door, $10 with password)
137 Ludlow (stanton/rivington) – VIP room

=====Also on Friday, Saturday and Sunday=====

The Kala Chakra

Stopping the Wheel of Time Workshop and Spiritual Process

Kaleshwar says: Buddha was the first spiritual Master to bring the teachings of the Kala Chakra, the "Wheel of Time," to the world. We are all under the powerful influence of theKala. You can trust anything in the world except time. However— "Once the Kala Chakra Yantra is with you, time cannot bite you that easily." Through the Kala Chakra you can: . Go back in time (soul travel). If you were heartbroken ten years ago, you can go back eleven years, before that illusion imprinted on your soul and wash it out. Go to the womb of your real mother for healing what is needed. Gain clarity and balance your energies . Fix emotional blocks and illusions . Create huge protection circles . Heal heart break and depression. Come back happy next life time. Heal others. You are the Past Life of Your Future Self ~ You are the Future Self of Your Past Life. How can you utilize Time – so that Time works for you? Time becomes our ally leading us to Enlightenment. During this weekend workshop experience, you will receive an initiation into the sacred practice of the Kala Chakra Process. In the process, you will learn how to utilize time so that it works for you. We will guide you on how to experience the subtle energies of the sacred mantras/chants, and to receive the benefits of these ancient formulas. You will learn the spelling, phrasing, and charging of each mantra. You also learn how to draw the Kala Chakra Yantra, a two dimensional structure of a multi dimensional process, on a cooper sheet – creating and charging a huge power object for your life. Having a background in meditation is helpful, though not at all necessary. If this is of interest, you are joyfully welcome to participate. Feel free to send and share this info with others. Sri Kaleshwar is a highly respected spiritual master, who has taught thousands of Western students ancient Indian healing knowledge and techniques. This knowledge is taken from ancient palm leaf books which were written by the Rishis, the sages of India, thousands of years ago. Sri Kaleshwar studied and implemented these teachings himself. His aim in life is to guide his students to the Divine Mother, to train them to be powerful healers and masters and to encourage people to experience their true divine Self and to let their own inner light shine. Since 1997 Sri Kaleshwar has traveled the Western world in order to – with an open heart – teach the highest spiritual processes and give his students amazing healing experiences. Having spent 10 years working with Western students Sri Kaleshwar came to understand the problems in the West which led him to focus his teachings and spiritual healing methods to solve them. In appreciation of his numerous social services Sri Kaleshwar received the doctor of honor of the Open International University of Complementary Medicine in Malaysia. Teachers/ Trainers: Imke Maria Nachbaur: It's my heart's desire to accompany people in the rediscovery of their own sweetness, their own essence and in the development of their highest potential. How to create a life full of joy, health, and vigor? Let's be found by the answers! That's what I invite you to." Lothar Rapior: "I love life. The little things to cry and the many things to laugh about. It is my passion to remind people that life is meant to be joyful and that it is our birth right to be happy and fulfilled. Are you ready for the next smile, the next adventure?"

November 16, 17, 18, 2007. Free intro on Friday 11/16 – evening. Saturday, Sunday 11/17,18 – workshop. Investment : $199
Location/ East Village; Call for location – 917-536-8699
Melissa Love [email protected]

=====Also on Friday, November 16th=====

The Wishing Well at the New York Butoh Festival Solo dance piece by Erin Ellen Kelly with Music composed and performed by Zemi17

Did what you wish for as a child make you the adult you are? “The Wishing Well” is the physical embodiment of questions concerning fate, fate’s relationship to desire, and desire’s link to destiny. What shape-shifting is required to change fate? Is your longing an animal or spiritual impulse? Are you a carnie, a witch doctor or a traveling preacher? The CAVE is an art space in Williamsburg, 58 Grand Street between Kent and Wythe, 11211. It is an intimate venue and the other two women on the bill are really strong performers so I expect it to be a good show.
Tickets can be reserved by emailing: [email protected], calling 212-561-9592, or through (includes performance by Celeste Hastings, Tanya Calamoneri)

(9p-12a, $18)
Friday November 16th at 9pm
Sunday November 18th at 4pm
CAVE Art Space.
58 Grand Street (between Kent and Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

=====Also on Friday=====

Exhibition Dates: November 16 – December 7, 2007

Free Form is a group exhibition that brings together three artists who share a similar utilization of spontaneity, irregular compositional layering and structure, and are concerned with attaining an equilibrium in their work—literal and otherwise—albeit through an erratic creation process. Here, Jennifer Caviola, Matt King and Nick van Woert present fresh two and three-dimensional pieces, brimming with dynamism and exemplifying the free form. Jennifer Caviola, who recently graduated from the Parsons MFA program, develops her abstract paintings simply, as she states, "by painting". Caviola does not make sketches nor does she have any preconceived idea as to what a painting will become when she applies her brush to the canvas for the first time. Her works are deemed complete only when a balance is achieved amongst the various layers, sprawling forms, and colors of the canvas. Matt King builds towering, haphazard constructions using a combination of raw, found and artist-made materials in order to explore the importance of the irrational. As King states, "The work acknowledges that the continuity of narrative that we perceive as reality is an invention and that we might learn by looking into the fractures and contradictions that don't align smoothly with this fiction." King graduated from the MFA Program at Bard College in 2004 and currently teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University. Nick van Woert, a 2007 graduate of Parsons MFA program and winner of the 2007 International Sculpture Center Student Award, creates sculptures that, like his impression of culture, result from "the pressure to produce, acquire and abandon consumable goods and information." His artistic practice moves forward at a ludicrous speed, preventing logic and order to have any influence on what he creates.

(7p-10p, Free)
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave, Bklyn

=====Also on Friday=====

What Would Jesus Buy? Opens This Friday

What would Jesus Buy? opens in NYC — this is the weekend to get your friends together and go see it.
Cinema Village

=====Saturday, November 17th=====

Giving Thanks ABC Yoga

Natasha Augustopolous, Derek Beres & Stephanie Culen. Demonstration by Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata Aerial Yoga. Chai by Tavalon: Chai Cookies by Amai/

Equinox Fitness
85th St & 3rd Ave

=====Also on Saturday=====

Party at GrandSpace Brooklyn this Saturday

It's time again to open the doors to the whole family. Who needs an excuse to come party? DJs spinning Hip Hop, Breaks, & Electro House in the main room. 21+ BYOB & $5 beer.

(9p-4a, $10)
GrandSpace Brooklyn
778 Bergen St. @ Grand Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11238 view map

=====Aso on Saturday=====

Alwan for the Arts presents: Zikrayat: An Evening in Cairo

New York City-based Zikrayat presents the classical, dance, and folkloric music of the Arab world side-by-side in elegant stage productions that evoke the atmosphere of classic film from the "Golden Age" of Arab cinema. At Alwan, Zikrayat will present an intimate evening of music and dance, featuring some rarely-heard numbers from Egyptian films of the 1950's and 60's, as well as the premier performances of new compositions by Zikrayat members Sami Abu Shumays and Tareq Abboushi. We're also very excited to present the young vocalist Salah Ragab, as well as the dancer Leela, both performing with us for the first time. Zikrayat, co-directed by Sami Abu Shumays and Dameshe, features vocalists Gaida and Salah Ragab, dancers Dameshe, Nahara, Yowalka, and Leela, and musicians Tareq Abboushi (Buzuq, vocals, percussion), Sami Abu Shumays (violin, rababa, vocals), Nicole LeCorgne (percussion), Dimitri Mikelis (oud) Bridget Robbins (nay) and Nikolai Ruskin (percussion, mizmar, vocals).

(9p, $15, 410 Students with ID)
Alwan for the Arts
16 Beaver St. NYC

=====Also on Saturday=====

Life is Crazy – A Social Gathering filled with Music and Discovery

"Life is Crazy: A Social Gathering filled with Music and Discovery" 8 – 10 pm: Guest speakers presenting Fair Trade ( & Microfinance (, sustainable development initiatives that are making the World a better place by alleviating poverty. See how you can get involved. Presentation of alternative media – the new DVD magazine "Hybrid Lounge" whose mandate is to fight for tolerance and cross-cultural understanding by celebrating cross-cultural differences ( 10 pm: live bands – Strawberry Brown; Majeekul Koleurz (Latin-pop & Reggae) ; (Afro-beat-R&B-Hiphop); Agent Double E aka Renee Asteria (Latin-Reggae Rock);, Riddium & Ruffscott (Roots Reggae&Dancehall) ;; Plus DJ Ceiba spinning Roots Music until late. (;

(8p- 4a, $5 to $20 sliding Scale)
Galapagos Art Space
70 N 6th street

=====Also on Saturday=====

Native Amerian Circle – Giving Thanks

Honoring the earliest indigineous people that have carved the way for all us. FEATURING: Performances by the Red Hawk Dancers, authentic traditional Native American food sampling, micro native american museum, hands-on arts and craft workshop. In collaboration with Red Hawk Native American Arts Council. Autumn Weekend Family Fun! Every Sat and Sun is FAMILY WALK-in & KIDS DAY. Visit the centers unique and modest estuarium, aviary and herpitarium to get inspired to rediscover and learn about the living nature of NYC's urban estuary, urban watershed. PROGRAM IS FREE. Your DONATION IS WELCOME. Center is located on the Harlem River Waterfront at the SOUTHERN END of Roberto Clemente State Park, NYC Brigde Park, and River Park Towers. Metro North/Hudson River Line from Grand Central or E125th St to Morris Hts .Traveling in the Bronx, Bx 40, Bx 42 westbound to River Park Towers last stop. Bx 18 also stops at complexes at Sedgiwkc and Cedar ave. # 4 and D train connects to Bx 40, Bx 42 at Burnside Ave ( quick bus ride)for more info

(11a- 3p, ?)
Udec Harlem River Ecology Center 347-224-5828

=====Saturday, November 17th=====

Time Zone [email protected]

Belly Dancer! Hookas, DJ's , Kamal (Dragonlotus/DragonTribe/NYC) Fumi (Time Zone Trance/NYC/Japan) Makoto will use live impovisation to weave the sounds he creates on his Korg Kaoss Pad with tracks played by Fumi and Eli, Luis Campos (Dreamcatcher/Alladin Project/NYC/Brazil) Art Work by Uta. Door: Lekso and Zigo. Mistress of Ceremonies:Electrocution Muffin. But wait…theres more. Electrocution Muffin's song of the month, Vegan Muffin Men, Free CD. Give Away…over 100 CD's…1st come 1st limit. $7 /$5 If you mention psyNY or TripOutNY

(10p-4a, $7)
537 9th Ave and 40th St. SW Corner; Subway: 42nd Street Time Square (1,2,3,7,9,N,Q,R,S,W) or 42nd Street Port Authority (A,C,E, L)

=====Sunday, November 18th=====

Ani DiFranco: A Conversation On Verses A Benefit For Bluestockings (at Judson Memorial Church)

Come out to enjoy an engaging conversation between Ani DiFranco and T Cooper. about music, prose, resolve, solitude, politics and love. Advanced tickets are still available from A beloved and fiercely independent musician, Ani DiFranco has now reached into the literary world with book of poetry and paintings which captures her essential artistry. "Ani DiFranco: Verses" rages, eulogizes, menaces, revels and envisions. An outspoken voice of conscience over the last twenty years, Ani DiFranco remains sharp and unflinching. The doors for this event open at 2:30pm and seating is general admission. Come out, support Bluestockings, and enjoy this fantastic event.

(3p Sharp!, $10)
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South in Greenwich Village.

=====Also on Sunday=====

Poi, Hoops, Toys, Food, and Fun

Come join Wonderland for our Pre-Thanksgiving Sunday Soiree. This Sunday, the 18th of Nov. come share in an afternoon of creative, interactive WonderFamily food and fun. Bring your poi, flags, hoops, drums, and any other fun toys to play with and share with others. Learn poi with Dee, and stick around to learn more from your peers and appreciate the interesting, creative talent you have/ can develop. We ask that you join in the holiday spirit with a suggested donation of $5 and/or Thanksgiving dish to contribute to our get together/ glorious feast! Any food, drinks, desserts, and any other knickknacks that you have to share will be greatly welcomed. We will be providing poi and hoops to play with as well as for sale if you don’t have any and wish to practice, practice, practice. The doors will open at 2 pm. Poi class led by Dee will go from 2:30 pm. To 4 pm. After the class, everyone is invited to stay and share knowledge, tips, stories, food, fun, and smiles. The event will end at 8 pm and clean up will start. Music will go with the flow, anyone who wants to try their set on the tables, or jam out in a drum circle, will be free to flex their creative muscles. Bringing any records, cds, drums or other interesting instruments will be greatly encouraged and highly appreciated. Visit for info, questions, and directions to Wonderland. Thanks and see you Sunday afternoon. A little way down the rabbit hole we found a vast community. The Wonderland Collective is an eclectic group of artists and professionals based in New York City. Our mission is to create and sustain community space and facilities for innovative collaboration in music, art, performance, and social experiment. Our ongoing goal is to share creative, interactive adventures inspired by diverse influences like tribal dance culture, pancultural philosophy, collective living experiments, cultural exchanges, and integrative psychology. Through these adventures we hope to help foster a powerful sense of extended family in our community and communities worldwide. Wonderland, our community space for close to seven years, is a unique warehouse loft located in Astoria, Queens. We are very excited about sharing Wonderland with our growing community, and we welcome inquiries regarding hiring Wonderland for events and projects.

(2p, $?)
38-01 23rd Ave.
Astoria, Queens; reachable by subway, taxi, or car. The building entrance is on the North side of 23rd Ave. Ring buzzer #201, enter, and proceed to the second floor.

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