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Spread Magic Presents: Experience Magic Festival

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Have you ever been fully immersed during a moment on the dance floor, only to have someone’s negative energy or assumed consent disrupt your experience? It can be disheartening, but please know that you’re not alone. At Spread Magic, we believe in coming together to cultivate the perfect atmosphere for intentional spaces where our guests feel open to exploring a journey to a higher state of collective consciousness. 

Experience Magic, a Bicycle Day Festival

The Experience Magic Festival will occur from 2 pm – 12 am on April 19, 2023, in Koreatown, LA, California. Our event is all about providing a haven where guests can dance freely, communicate without fear of judgment, and explore their inner worlds. We prioritize harm reduction, education, and empowerment through holistic workshops, chill vibes, and interactive space. And you know, we love EDM music. So our goal is to create an environment where our guests can experience magic in a safe and welcoming space amidst inviting electronic music. 

Spread Magic and the Future of Safe Psychedelic Spaces

At Spread Magic, our mission is to provide education and support on holistic and psychedelic approaches while creating a sacred space for transformative, mindful healing, and growth through the power of magic. Our tagline is “Spread Magic, Be Kind,” because we believe that kindness is a catalyst for magic. An interaction with someone whose only intent is to be kind feels safe and allows for a deeper connection. Kindness can come in many forms, but we believe it begins with consent, compassion, and empathy.

To ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all attendees, we have created the ‘Spread Magic Say it Loud’ safety protocol. Upon arrival and throughout the event, each attendee can choose from a green, yellow, or red wristband. If you decide to wear a red wristband, it means that you prefer to have a solo experience without photos/videos, conversation, or touch. If you are wearing a yellow wristband, you prefer to be asked before any photos/videos, conversation, or touch occurs. If you choose a green wristband, you are open to all forms of connection through photos/videos, conversation, and appropriate, welcomed touch. This is just one portion of the ‘Spread Magic Say it Loud’ safety protocol we will implement at our event.

Intentions Behind the Experience Magic Festival

The purpose of the Experience Magic Festival is to create a sacred and enchanting space that cultivates the perfect atmosphere for a transformative journey to a higher state of collective consciousness. Through intentional psychedelic experiences, holistic and spiritual offerings, and communal celebration, we aim to awaken the magic within each attendee, inspiring them to live in harmony with themselves, each other, and the world around them.

We invite attendees to join us for a day full of big magic with diverse experiences including psychedelic integration workshops, yoga, sound bath experiences, guided meditations, ecstatic dance, and so much more. We will carry through into the night with various EDM DJs showcasing the many genres of the ever-evolving culture that is electronic dance music.

We hope that you will join us for our first Experience Magic festival and that this collective energy will carry forward into the future.


Bringing the Experience Magic Festival to Life

Mia Tollis, known as “Meha”, is the founder of Spread Magic and a psychedelic integration coach. Her and her team of holistic and spiritually minded women, (also known as the Spread Magic Mavens) have collectively spent the last year discussing what a safe and magical space would look like and feel like for everyone. From the beginning, she knew this mission had to be a team project and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

We believe that to create legit, safe spaces for others to expand their consciousness, it is necessary to dissect every idea and translate it to be harmonious and well-received. This has led us to discuss how important consent is and how it is apparent that while some may understand consent, others may need more education and awareness in this area.

Additionally, we feel that more resources need to be accessible in the areas of harm reduction, holistic and spiritual lifestyles, mental health, and alternative therapies. With this intention, we co-created and manifested the first Spread Magic event, the Experience Magic Bicycle Day festival.

We have collaborated with a few other like-minded organizations who have offered their time and knowledge to help us bring this event to fruition. We want to thank you, Ryan & friends, over at DeCrimCA, Magick Mike, founder of Flow Tribe Global, we cannot wait to receive your Blessing of Gratitude, and of course Michael, the owner of Sugar Bank for opening up your beautiful venue to us.

Holistic Offerings at Experience Magic Festival?

What Makes the Experience Magic Festival unique for Bicycle Day is it is not only a celebration of the wonders of Psychedelics with Dancing and music, but offering insightful and holistic experiences for attendees. People will be able to enjoy a variety of thought leadership speakers and learn more about the healing properties of psychedelics

Meha’s MAGIC Method

The MAGIC of psychedelic safety – a workshop that teaches intentionality in the psychedelic and life journey. The workshop covers The Magic Method, a protocol designed for psychedelic-assisted therapy, created by Psychedelic Integration Specialist Meha. This workshop is a customizable roadmap to a journey toward self-discovery. Also educating in harm reduction, the S’s of psychedelic safety, and ending with a test-kit demonstration. 

Liz aka Play Priestess: Play Circle  

This an invitation to BE SILLY, liberate your inner child, and enjoy an enthusiastic safe space to step outside your comfort zone. Participants should bring a journal and pen for constructive self-reflection. Liz will close with a sound bath meditation and continue the sound bath during the yoga flow as well.

Yoga with Samthebodyworker 

Integrate & Ground – Enjoy Sam’s relaxing heart and hip-opening, deep stretch yoga flow paired with breathwork. This workshop is intended to provide togetherness and facilitate the wellness of each individual’s mind, body, and soul. Participants should bring a yoga mat if interested in participating in this workshop. Sam is also a certified reiki master who will perform reiki during the flow on the participants who choose to place a provided bag of glitter on the edge of their mat. Anyone can receive the universal energy that is reiki, but consent is always needed from the receiver.

Customizing your Cannabis Experience with Entheogenic Emily

Immerse yourself in an enchanted environment where you will learn how to create your personalized herbal smoking blend and take your cannabis experience to new heights. Herbs will be provided, as well as CBD flowers grown in the Central Valley sun by Ranchera Familia who so graciously donated to our event.


Each workshop, DJ set, or other ongoings at the event will be met with an intermission where everyone can take a restroom break or enjoy a mindfulness-guided meditation, or be led through a few movements to recalibrate their mind, bodies, and souls for the next activity. Spread Magic will also feature a variety of vendors, such as The Shroom Spot, offering unique mushroom-themed gifts. There will also be unique food and drink options for guests to vibe and imbibe on while experiencing the magic. 

What Are the Musical Offerings at the Experience Magic Festival?




9:30 PM: DJ JTJ

10:30 PM: LUMMEN

11:30 PM: KOYA


Spreading Magic Event Details

The Spread Magic Experience Magic Festival will take place on Bicycle Day, April 19, 2023, from 2 pm to 12 am at SugarBank LA, located at 205 S. Western Ave in Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA 90004, USA. Sugar Bank is an adaptive Art Gallery, Film/Photo Location, and Event Venue situated in the heart of Los Angeles that can host various creative events. We are grateful to Sugar Bank for providing us with this beautiful and spacious venue to host our first event.  Join us to celebrate this special day in psychedelic history and co-create a magical experience that will forever be remembered as an important part of Spread Magic’s history. Tickets are available on the Spread Magic Eventbrite.


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