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Reality Sandwich is a free public education platform with over 5,000 pieces of content, serving up a full spread of psychedelic goodness. Here you’ll find a plethora of research, news, and culture to enhance your knowledge on this fascinating subject. 

The universal perspective of psychedelics is shifting, and with so much bogus information out there, it’s no wonder you’ve probably heard that you might turn into a glass of orange juice if you try LSD (not gonna happen – trust us). Reality Sandwich is here to break down the stigma of psychedelics by featuring user guides, interviews with experts in the field of psychedelic research, and cultural happenings that just might intrigue and inspire you to take a trip of your own. 

We’ve portioned this site into digestible bits, so take it one bite at a time (ok, maybe two!) and enjoy the journey.

New to psychedelics…

Fantastic! Welcome to Reality Sandwich, we’re so happy you’re here.

We’ve put together a crash course in psychedelics so you can discover what they are and what they do. We will also dish you information from experts in the field and research recommendations on using psychedelics in the safest way possible.

We understand that the notion of your first psychedelic experience can be a little intimidating, and we want you to have a most soul-expanding and pleasant journey should you decide to embark on this chosen path.

Our intro to Psychedelics chews on topics like:

  • What are psychedelics and what do we know about them?
  • How do you create a “set” and “setting” for your journey?
  • Which psychedelic medicine is right for you?
  • What is integration and how can you maximize your experience after the fact?

Expanding your consciousness begins with gaining more insight, and we are here to feed your brain. Knowledge is power, friends – time to feast!

Fun Fact: The etymology of the word ‘psychedelic’ is derived from two ancient Greek words, psyche meaning “mind” or “soul”, and delos meaning “to reveal or manifest”. Thus, psychedelic literally means “mind manifesting” or “soul manifesting”.

Feast on Psychedelic basics here!

highlighting national substance abuse prevention month

Highlighting National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

While we see the value and light-heartedness in the partaking of psychedelics, we also recognize that there is a difference between recreational use and harmful substance abuse. If you or someone you love are struggling with substance abuse, we list some important resources for you to use at the end of this article. What Is

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artists on spooky psychedelic art

Exploring Creepy Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic art typically refers to art that’s been inspired by the use of hallucinogens, and first came onto the art scene in the 60’s as a part of a counter-culture movement. Usually, these pieces feature a bright, strong color palette, kaleidoscopic swirls, intricate lettering and clear Art Nouveau inspirations. LSD was the common drug used

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young adults prefer hallucinogens over alcohol

More Young Adults Prefer Hallucinogens Over Alcohol

From college dorm parties with crushed White Claw cans and beer bongs to brunch with bottomless mimosas, alcohol and young adults is a part of everyday life for many. This has been illustrated in pop culture time and time again, as well as in real-life experiences — if there’s a social event among 20 and

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Curious about the various types of psychedelics and their use…

We’ve got you covered. Our substance guides are jam-packed with delicious nuggets of knowledge on a wide variety of psychedelics – from wild mushrooms, plants and cacti, to semi-synthetic and synthetic substances. Each type of medicine is explored and dissected, with the fullest intention of creating a non-biased and deeply informative report to nourish your brain.

Roll up your sleeves and explore answers to questions like:

  • What is the history behind psychedelics?
  • What are the various methods of consumption? 
  • What kind of physiological and psychological effects can be expected? 
  • How does each substance work within the body?
  • How do you safely experiment with each substance?
  • Where is it legal to consume psychedelics?

Discover the history of ayahuasca and what you might expect from this plant medicine ceremony, from the physical sensations to the long-term mental health benefits. 

Learn about the pharmacology of the more obscure designer drugs, like Methoxetamine (MXE), and how it was originally developed by an underground chemist in the UK as an allegedly safer alternative to ketamine.

Fun Fact: As the story goes, the Amanita muscaria mushroom played an important role in the origins of Santa Claus. In the arctic circle, Siberian shamans collected these bright red and white-spotted mushrooms, in an outfit that matched. Around the winter solstice, they consumed the mushrooms, along with the reindeer native to the region, and delivered it to tribesmen and women for healing purposes.

Snack on our Substance Guides here!

Interested in Microdosing….

We’ve written a few recipes for this simple and effective way to magnify your mind! Life is psychedelic so learn how to live psychedelically every day with substances such as psilocybin, ketamine, LSD, MDMA, and even DMT. Hors d’oeuvres-sized doses of psychedelics are becoming increasingly popular to treat depression, inspire creative endeavors, and uplevel spiritual pursuits.

Take a closer look at tidbits such as:

  • What is a microdose and how is it measured?
  • What do scientists tell us about microdosing?
  • How did microdosing come about?
  • What benefits are people reporting from microdosing?
  • How long does it take to kick in and how long will it last?

We’ll help you choose the right medicine and understand dosage so you don’t have any otherworldly experiences at work, or cry tears of wonder while staring at the magic of produce in the grocery store (Have you seen the genius creation that is romanesco?!). Knowing is half the battle, so we also give you deets on common effects, how each substance works within the body, and legality of use.

Fun Fact: The psychedelic community uses a 5 level tiered system to rank the different doses of psilocybin. Level 1 references a light dose that is just above the threshold, with a mild “stoning” effect, visual enhancements, and an altered perception of music that makes it sound wider in range. At Level 5, a common description is that the universe ceases to exist for a person, making it hard to put into words.

Get your dose of Microdosing here!

is microdosing psychedelics the new cbd 2

Is Microdosing Psychedelics the New CBD?

Microdosing psychedelics has quickly become the trendier, light-hearted option to macro or hero doses and longer trips. Rather than using hallucinogenic substances as a way to trip, learning to adequately microdose can be beneficial in ways easily applied to everyday life. More popularly, microdosing psilocybin has helped countless people amidst the recent pandemic take control

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Psychonaut and need more to nosh on...

You’ve come to the right place. Your appetite for psychedelic exploration has grown beyond nibbling and you are looking for a heroic dose of information to upgrade your next journey.

Read our detailed step-by-step guide to growing your own magic mushrooms should you wish to take on a new endeavor and elevate your personal health and wellness. 

Check out the articles about having sex while on MDMA and LSD, and hear what others have to say about their experiences, like this review from A$ap Rocky: “No lie, a rainbow shot out of my dick, and it had a sound with it.” That is some pretty compelling evidence for an all-around good time!

And don’t forget about those trippy morsels like visions of machine elves and other entities, a common recurrence reported in DMT trips across the globe. Find out what they might look like and what kind of benevolent mischief they might be up to.

Just a nibble from our Psychonaut Guides….

  • In 2012, Zendo (a harm-reduction organization) set up a space for people undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences at Burning Man. The volunteers at the Zendo sit with people who require their services for the duration of their trip, talking them through it and helping them to surrender to the experience and feel safe. 
  • “Ayahuasca loves to take prideful people and rub their nose in it. It can make you beg for mercy like nothing. You have to really approach it humbly.” – Terence McKenna
  • “For the first time, under LSD I had found pleasure in sex, rather than terror and pain.” – Constance Newland
  • ‘Time distortion’ is often reported as being the leading cause of anxiety during a psychedelic trip. Listening to music or even a podcast can help you keep track of time, and prevent you from feeling that your entire notion of time is being distorted.

Fun Fact: While many people experience vomiting or diarrhea as they “purge” during an ayahuasca ceremony, some people will purge by crying or shouting out loud. The shaman will often sing icaros to help move negative energy and carry you back into a better space.

Enjoy the shmorgishborg of Psychonaut Guides Here!

Wanting to learn more about the key people in psychedelics…

We’ll take you on a trip into the minds of some of the most famous – and the most unknown – psychedelic trailblazers.

Read about Terence McKenna and his fascinating life spent studying and promoting psychedelic voyages. This is a man who believed that DMT was the ultimate deification of existence, and spent his life’s work writing and educating on these subjects.

Following in Terence’s footsteps, his younger brother Dennis McKenna continues to promote psychedelic education and has helped to bring psychedelic research into many academic and private institutions.

And then there are the lesser known proponents of psychedelics consumption, like Cary Grant, the famous Hollywood actor who used LSD to treat depression. In his words, read about Grant’s revelations, and how he worked through personal trauma with the aid of LSD treatments in the late 1950’s.

Just a nibble from our Trailblazer Profiles…

  • April 19, known as “Bicycle Day”, commemorates the day Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered the full effects of LSD on his bewildering bike ride home from the lab.
  • Psychedelics are not suppressed because they are dangerous to users; they’re suppressed because they provoke unconventional thought, which threatens any number of elites and institutions that would rather do our thinking for us.” – Dennis McKenna, The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss
  • “After weeks of treatment came a day when I saw the light, when I broke through. I felt an immeasurably beneficial cleansing of so many needless fears and guilts. I lost all the tension that I’d been crippling myself with.” – Cary Grant, on his LSD sessions
  • When Aldous Huxley, famed philosopher and author of the Doors of Perception, was unable to speak due to the progression of laryngeal cancer later in life, he made a written request to his wife Laura to an LSD assisted death. Laura helped coach Huxley to the light. Nurses and doctors claim to have never seen such an effortlessly and seren pass over such as his.

Fun Fact: Before he became known for his groundbreaking studies on psychedelics, Terence McKenna traveled to Nepal to study shamanism and the use of visionary plants. He ended up studying the Tibetan language, as well as spending some time as a professional butterfly collector in Indonesia.

Dine with Psychedelic Trailblazers Here!

ifetayo harvey profile

Ifetayo Harvey Profile

Countless communities and families are victims of punitive drug policies around the world that criminalize substances and the people who use them. The stigmatization of drug use perpetuates policy that continues to disproportionately affect communities of color. As the psychedelic renaissance begins to unwind the knots of legislation and cultural messages that keep drugs and

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what does psychedelic mean

What Does Psychedelic Mean to You?

We want to hear your thoughts! Melt into a psychedelic mindset and share what the word means to you. Reality Sandwich is dedicated to normalizing psychedelic conversations, and we want to share your voice with our community. Perhaps it’s a feeling, a vision, or a world only entered in heightened states of consciousness. However it comes to you, we can’t wait to feast on your musings. All you need to do is fill out our form with your reflections, and we’ll feature your quote in our weekly newsletter.

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By joining our Contributor Network, you are no longer a part of the counterculture; you are nurturing the new wave of mindful evolution. One bite at a time.

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