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Story: How Psilocybin Mushrooms Helped Me Overcome Depression

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LinkedIn has run a personal story submitted by Steve Male, a 49 businessman who found help to cure his depression through psilocybin mushrooms:

During the time I was sitting around in utter emptiness, I stumbled upon Joe Rogan’s podcast with Aubrey Marcus and they were discussing Aubrey’s journey with Ayahausca. I had experimented with mushrooms and LSD as a teen and into my early 20′s but not since then. I had one Ayahausca experience a few of years before this with a shaman who came to Canada from Peru. My friend was into it and took me along with her. I knew nothing of the medicine and frankly went into the experience thinking I was gonna get high. The experience was very mild and I had to be given 4 times what the others had taken in order to feel the medicine at all. Don’t ask me why but that was the case.

Anyway, as time went on I began looking into mushrooms as a treatment for depression and decided to try it on my own. I researched everything I could from Terrance McKenna and others before I did anything. The first time I did it I took around 3.5 grams and the experience was wonderful. I felt a small shift in my awareness afterward but was still prone to feeling somewhat overwhelmed and melancholy at times. Anxiety was a particularly difficult problem for me and at times still is. Around this time I also began attending Yiwipi Ceremonies with a Native Shaman from Manitoba who was holding these healing ceremonies in Vancouver. The experience of those ceremonies (there are no medicines involved in these ceremonies), combined with my use of the mushrooms on my own began to take it’s healing hold on me.

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