Dreaming the Psychogenic Fugue

The fact that people can fall asleep to become a unicorn flying through the air, and then awaken to drive to work like nothing ever happened, is an accomplishment of composure that deserves recognition.

Get Creative: The Liminal State

Along with being a
vocation that is incredibly harsh the moment you get past the point where it is "cool" to say you're an artist,
being an artist can actually be incredibly dangerous. But there is no danger that can or should put you off
your goal.

Journey Through a Cosmic Portal: A Hypnogogic Experience

Like the mythical diving figure depicted on the Temple of the Descending God at the ancient ruins of Tulum, I found myself descending into a cosmic portal.  There's a worm hole, or serpent ladder at the core of the world, and at the brain's core, where the deepest and highest functions of our physiology involve union with the "afterlife," through the "other world." 

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